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I feel like a neat thing to do amongst the SD community would be to get more acquainted and possibly make friends through common interest rather than just SD stuff. Because let’s be honest. Sometimes when talking about Service dogs we all get a little too salty. 

For that reason, I am providing a list of this that interest me. If you share any of these, feel free to yell with me about said thing(s). I’d absolutely love it. These things are not listed in order. They’re just listed in whichever order they came to mind.

  • Fallout (Particularly New Vegas and Fallout 3. I haven’t played 4 yet due to system incompatibility.)
  • Post-Apocalyptic things
  • Chernobyl Disaster history
  • Supernatural (I’ve been watching it since I was very very young when it first came out 12 years ago and I will watch it until I die.)
  • I’m not caught up with it but a while ago I finished seasons 1-4 of Hetalia. I’m still secretly into it.
  • World History (while we’re on that topic, particularly World War history.)
  • Not caught up with it either but, Attack On Titan. (haven’t had the spoons to keep up with things that I need to use the internet to watch. It’s too expensive and the loading takes forever.)
  • Service dog stuff (obviously)
  • I’m pretty emotionally invested in Fast and the Furious. (anxiously awaiting the 8th one of the series)
  • Dog sports (I compete and have placed in Flyball and Disc but I’ll talk Agility and Barnhunt too.)
  • Ask me about AU’s and I’ll see if I trust you enough to tell you about my sins.

Feel free to scream with me through asks or PM.

Or at me.

Throw me your theories about said things. I’ll absorb them like grass absorbs water in a drought. Believe me.

anonymous asked:

For Hetalia's 19th season they've probably run out of ideas and come full circle. They introduce "Hetalia: Allied Forces"

no ok here’s how it goes. come back to me in 20 yrs bc this is 100% how it’ll have gone

  • seasons 1 and 2 - hetalia: axis powers (makes sense. some of the protags were the axis, after all)
  • seasons 3 and 4 - hetalia: world series (didn’t know this was about baseball but ok)
  • season 5 - hetalia: the beautiful world (fitting, due to the animation bump)
  • season 6 - hetalia: the world twinkle (alright.. keeping up the ‘world’ theme. gratuitous english captures the spirit of the series too)
  • season 7 - hetalia: world stars (homage to the manga, plus the ‘world’ theme is ongoing)
  • season 8 - hetalia: world cup (unintentionally titled the same as fifa’s event. they just thought it sounded cool, and it has the word ‘world’ in it)
  • season 9 - hetalia: world shining (ripping off their previous names reminiscent of a glittery earth)
  • season 10 - hetalia: glittery earth (well)
  • season 11 - hetalia: round earth (callback to the days of marukaite chikyuu)
  • season 12 - hetalia: world earth (it makes sense, somehow)
  • season 13 - hetalia: what in the world (this yr they hire someone competent in english. however, they have a penchant for puns)
  • season 14 - hetalia: werld (the english-competent person is let go, and no one remembers how to spell ‘world’)
  • season 15 - hetalia: it’s a small world (disney, tho long-time owner of aph, only now gets to name it)
  • season 16 - hetalia: new world order (the illuminati take hetalia from disney)
  • season 17 - hetalia: adjective world (they’re out of ideas)
  • season 18 - hetalia: world noun (they’re REALLY out of ideas)
  • season 19 - hetalia: fuck world (it’s all that’s left)