season 4 edit

Hello Briskeby: Mikael is getting a job


Elias: Now the boys are on the way to.. where are we going? HEY BOYS WHERE ARE WE GOING?
Elias: Expericon. That’s where Mikael is going to apply for a job
Mikael: yeah
Mutasim: You broke son of a bitch
Elias: He is a black son of a bitch. You’ll never get a job bro. They are afraid of terror. You’ll get zero jobs man.
Yousef: I’m gonna give him some tips anyway
Elias: Look! Look! Look at them
Adam: “I’m Yousef. I know everything about getting a job cause I work in a kindergarten. I only got the job cause my aunt used to work there and therefor I’m gonna give you all the tips on how to get work in a kinder… how to do well on a job interview. The most important thing to get a job is to not use your foreign name. Your name is not Boukhal today like. Today your name is Øverlie.
Elias: Look at that old man. He’s looking at them.
Adam: “Yeah boys we are crossing the street now”
Elias: Sid he give you any good tips?
*the boys are making fun of Mikael*
Mikael: Shut up. Non of you boys have jobs either. Since the one and only Mikael is going on a job interview, I think it’s wise to give you some advice
-how to get a job-
Elias: The first advice is before you leave, get a haircut, don’t have your hair as long as him here.
Mutasim: Remember, just lie. Lie all the time. Don’t be yourself.
Adam: Remember to always be full. Don’t put on your resume that you are a foreigner. Change your name or you will never get a job in Norway
Elias: Boys where the fuck are we? We’re just walking and walking and walking
Mikael: I think we’re on the right way
Elias: Sorry?! Do you know the way to Expericon??
(We found it)
Elias: Then we are only wishing the sweet sweet Mikel good luck on his interview
Everyone: Good luck
Elias: Group shake everyone. Put the camera down
Mutasim: This is so not serious
Adam: Now Mikael is on the job interview
Elias: Stop hitting it. There might be people sleeping
Adam: He’s been in the for so long now
Mutasim: Boys he’s coming!
Elias: Hurry! Hurry! In the camera. How did it go? What happened?
Adam: How did it go?
Elias: Talk man!
Mikael: I don’t think I’ll get it. Because I think it’s the wrong office building. I think its located in Drammen.
The boys: Huh??
Adam: Fy faen!
Elias: You were there for so long!
Mikael: I just went around looking. I was trying to look for the guy that was supposed to interview me
Adam: For half an hour???
Mikael: yes man
Elias: There you have it. An example of idiocy. That was all for today. What a day
Adam: Bye
Elias: Talk to you later