season 3 ct

To hell with “light and casual”. I don’t want to be light and casual with you. I don’t want to pretend like what I feel about you is some stupid, frothy thing that doesn’t matter, because it is like the axis that my world turns on. And yeah, we can talk ourselves out of it because this is scary, and hard and, and maybe the world is about to end. But. If it is, then I want us to have something good to hold on to. I love you. Why shouldn’t that be something good?
—  Laura Hollis murdering everything that I am.
Mostly, I’m sorry I treated you like wanting things to be nice was small. Because I know that’s what it’s like in there. It’s this thing in your head telling you that you’re weak. That you’re small. But don’t believe it. Okay? Thats, that’s just the story it tells you. Tell yourself a different story. Cause you’re not small. Okay? You’re the biggest thing in my world.
—  Lafontaine bringing me to tears

Bc of the picture Carmilla posted on her tumblr, I’m emo again. Like talk about how this is the one person she cares about and she just told her she loves her and now she’s gone, but think about how that settles in. It hasn’t just been like… an hour. I could picture Carmilla pulling her hair out for an hour looking for a way to get Laura back. But after a day or two… you can’t stay in that frenzy state and just obsess over it. Maybe she does, but for over a week of pulling her hair out and deciphering Laura’s tweets, she’s going to start feeling hopeless. To really start to miss her. Think about it. She’s spent every day with just Laura and lafontaine and sometimes others. Every. Day. Everyday for months spent with the person she’s hopelessly in love with, and she finally gets her back, and loses her. And now it’s been two weeks. That may seem like not a lot to the fandom–we have our daily lives and things to do and whatever else. But Carmilla has been sitting there for almost two weeks going insane looking for a way to get Laura back. And whenever I think about this it just makes me so emotional and I can’t wait for the satisfaction of that hug when she finally finds her.

Okay creampuffs, I just finished the third and final act of Carmilla season 3 and let me just tell you why I am so damn emotional. I first heard about Carmilla wayyyy back in 2014 when episode 21 had just come out. It was making it’s rounds around Tumblr and it intrigued me. I got the gist that it was about a vampire who seemed pretty gay, so I was immediately interested. I still remember Laura x Carmilla being referred to as “Stars and Candles” before Natasha stepped in and dubbed it Hollstein. I remember everyone being devastated after believing that Carmilla was dead for a few episodes and then everyone literally sobbing when she came back to life and they finally freaking kissed. I remember the fandoms “Save Carmilla” campaign when we thought we wouldn’t get a season 2. I remember the christmas special and what a treat it was for all of us. I remember the tampon confetti when the cast announced our efforts had prevailed and season 2 was coming. I remember when they started filiming and we were getting behind the scenes videos and the promo pictures and we all lost our shit. I remember when season 2 started and I just about lost my damn mind every week after cliff hangers and hollstein being adorably canon. I remember it all. And I’ve been there since the very beginning. I have grown up with Carmilla for 2 years. And yeah I know we’re getting the movie, believe me I know how spoiled we are. But this really is the end of an era. And holy shit I’m so emotional about it. Thank you Carmilla. For everything, because you’ve filled this tiny gay heart with endless love and adoration for all the cast and crew. Thank You 💓 and Goodnight Carmilla.

The peeps behind Carmilla probably:
  • S1: okay let's make the watchers hooked throughout the season even though the protagonists don't kiss 'til the end. let's save the kiss for last, that'll do the trick.
  • S2: lol how 'bout we make the protagonists kiss on the pilot episode? it will take them completely by surprise, they'll surely love it.