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Okay guys, so think about it

I’ve been discussing with a friend about how we’d want Yuuri!!! on Ice’s 2nd season to go (if we ever get one, I’m hoping for it please lawd), and I just had a flurry of ideas that just had me all unnecessarily excited.

Okay, so Yuuri wins the Grand Prix Final, that’s obviously going to be the ending to this (or he finishes 2nd or 3rd, but still on the podium, but yeah he still gets a medal), so the Grand Prix series ends but we all know the figure skating season doesn’t end with just the Grand Prix Final.

Yuuri!!! on Ice Season 2 : Road to the Winter Olympics

  • Proposed length: 2-cour (25 eps) or more
  • Proposed airing time: Fall 2017

I actually wanted it to be the road to Worlds, but with the Winter Olympics happening in 2018, it’d be the perfect time for Yuuri!!! on Ice to hype us all up for the winter games!!

Okay, so the story picks up from after Yuuri wins the GPF, and hello, Viktor isn’t complacent because the Winter Olympics is coming up (Viktor is riding the momentum and would like Yuuri to reach even father by joining the Olympics) and he feels that Yuuri still needs to up his game. 

Since it’s a Road to the Winter Olympics, of course we’re going to have to witness how the selection goes, which means we’ll want to see two competitions in the season:

  • The Japan Figure Skating Championships (nationals a.k.a selection)
  • The Winter Olympics (obviously haha)

And some of the things that I really want to happen are:

  • Introduction of one or two other male Japanese skaters (because there are three spots for each discipline, right?)
  • Viktor getting pressured into going back to Russia (either to skate again or to be someone’s coach) because you know, patriotism, represent your country, Mother Russia is calling, blah blah blah…
  • Drama ensues
  • But Viktor stays
  • Yuuri earns a spot in the Olympic team
  • pre-Olympic happenings
  • gathering of all the beautiful skaters
  • OTABEK (this is for you @2458forever​)
  • we see a more mature Yurio
  • and he might just oust Yuuri this time
  • the stage is set for Yuuri vs Yuri part 4
  • more figure skating goodness (Olympics ver.)

the ending could either be Yuuri winning the Olympics, or just placing in the top 3. I don’t really mind as long as we get a 2nd season hahaha

OH, and IF Yuuri doesn’t win in the Olympics I’m pushing for (lol even if he does win the Olympics I’d still want this):

Yuuri!!! on Ice Season 3: World Championships

I’m just not letting the Worlds go, guys hahaha!

  • Proposed length: 1-cour (12 eps)
  • Proposed airing time: Winter 2018 (not plausible lol, but get it going already Studio MAPPA!) / Spring 2018

how I envision things can go in the 3rd season:

  • Yuuri doesn’t actually get picked for the Japan Team that goes to Worlds (only the Olympics)
  • so he thinks his season ends with the Olympics
  • but someone withdraws and he is selected to be the replacement
  • surprise, surprise
  • post-Olympics, another skater becomes Yuuri’s primary rival (sorry Yurio but you’ll still be in Worlds, you have to)
  • *insert name of your other fave skater/s who you want to be in a heated friendly rivalry (and more airtime lol) with Yuuri*
  • Otabek (I can already hear you saying it @2458forever​)
  • Yuuri is finally, finally confident about himself
  • and wants to skate the Worlds of his life
  • because he’s decided that despite all the good things that has happened, he thinks it’s time for him to retire
  • so he does skate like his life depended on it
  • and shares an emotional moment with Viktor who helped him through it all
  • and finally Yuuri wins the Worlds and retires on a good note

:’) beautiful, just beautiful

BUT!!! going with the notion that this is all Viktor’s ploy of building up Yuuri to make him a worthy opponent, Viktor goes back to Russia, he tells Yuuri it’s a brief vacation but really trains his beautiful ass off, then publicly calls out Yuuri (to his surprise) for a challenge (in the most flirty way that he could btw), which leads us to:

Yuuri!!! on Ice Season 4: Viktor’s Return

…lol no I’m just kidding. that probably won’t happen, lol

BUT!!!!!!! (hahaha) you know what’s more likely to happen??


precious, precious spin offs, and I’ve got the perfect spin-off material for this series, and they are as follows:

  • Viktor!!! on Ice – shows us Viktor’s glory days. we’ll see his rise to fame, his beautiful long hair, maybe know why he cut his hair, and just everything Viktor prior to watching that vid of Yuuri. smol Yuuri and Yurio could probably make cameos from time to time (like showing them going “uwaaah” at their idol).
  • Plisetsky!!! on Ice – it’s a must. I don’t even care if it’s all off-ice but we need a Yurio-centric spin-off. Maybe show the time when he got back to Russia from Japan? And his history with his family!!
  • Otabek!!! on Ice – this is for you, @2458forever
  • Phichit!!! on Ice – I know we all want this.
  • *insert your other fave skater/s name*!!! on Ice - *insert things you want to see from them*

OVAs will do, too. but hey, just more. give us MOAARRR!!!


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