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Paradoxical Labour (Part 1)

Summary: Y/N wanted her husband back and she didn’t care if she had cross through a million parallel universes, she’d find him but she nor he had any idea just what would happen when she would. (I haven’t gotten up to season 3, but I couldn’t wait to write something about Savitar, considering I spoiled it for myself, so if Savitar seems OOC, then I’m sorry and this is more AU than anything else.)

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Savitar x Reader (and slight Barry x Reader from Earth 1)

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Barry stared at the doppelganger of Y/N that had just entered through the breach, the heavily pregnant doppelganger of Y/N.

Her eyebrows knitted together in worry, lips pulled down as she cradled her tummy, the white material of her maternity dress stretched over tummy and the too-large cream cardigan scrunched as her arms curled over her pronounced belly. E/C eyes watching Barry and the Team Flash warily. He couldn’t help but notice her glow and just how radiant she was with a new life growing inside of her and he felt a stab in his chest: a stab of jealousy at who had helped create the unborn child in her tummy. 

He didn’t know why though; he had been with this Earth’s Y/N for quite a while but his unresolved feelings for Iris drove the two of them apart and the heartbroken Y/N ended up moving to Coast City to continue her practice as an Obstetrician, needing a break from Barry and his craziness while he lived out his childhood dream of being with Iris West.

Now here he was, eternally questioning ‘what if?’ in light of the current situation and every one of those internalised doubts, started with her name. “Y/N?” Barry asked, taking a step toward her to which she answered with a step back, fear colouring her gorgeous features. “Hey it’s alright, we’re not going to hurt you, I promise.”

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Unless she calls...

Frankly, I’m getting exhausted with trying to find a correct timeline for BBC Sherlock.

If we consider that Season 1 started in 2010, that Sherlock dies roughly between 2011 and 2012, then we’ve got two years where he fakes his death.

So, in other word, BBC Sherlock used to follow the real life timeline. Season 3 happened in 2014, both in real life and in the series.

And that’s where it starts getting pretty much annoying. Okay, 2016 was about TAB so that means that by the time of the end of TAB and beginning of TST, we are still in 2014. It is confirmed with Mary’s past and the coup in Georgia happening 6 years ago, so, at worst, if she ended her lifestyle after this (five years ago, she got her new identity in HLV, so six in TST), then, at worst, we are in TLD/TFP in early 2016. January 2016 in a worst case scenario.

And the Prime Minister at the time was David Cameron, a man.

In fact, Prime Minister Theresa May became PM the 13th of July 2016, in other word right when season 4 was being filmed, or, if we are trying to be more precise, on the last few days of setlock.

Now, it is perfectly fine that they decided on a whim to update the PM’s gender right after the nomination of Mrs May. But by doing that, they shattered their timeline because now we’re supposed to assume that we are somewhere between July 2016 and January 2017.

By TLD, we are at Christmas when Sherlock meets ‘Faith’, as we can see from the Christmas decoration outside, so unless we consider John saw his therapist at the end of the episode six months later, we’re screwed.

Unless she calls.

Either you consider they blundered their timeline, or you either consider that Sherlock actually believes in EMP that the PM is female or that EMP Lady Smallwood wasn’t actually talking about the PM.

honestly…2012-2014 were the best years to be a dylan stan like i feel really bad for anyone who jumped in after that, they fucking missed out tbh 


“We did good, didn’t we?”

Happy third anniversary House of Anubis!

[House of Secrets premiered January 1st, 2011 in the United States.]