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I really hope in How to train Your Dragon 3 we get some Hiccstrid moments. Suggestions and hopes such as:

a: not married and are still a dating couple so we still get those really cute moments like we did in HTTYD 2

b: They’re already married and Astrid is either pregnant or there’s already a baby Haddock running around. Wouldn’t that be just absolutely adorable?

c: We get to see Hiccup and Astrid marriage- and maybe get to see them dance at the celebration? (Yes please!)

d: I really want Astrid and Hiccup to have a small little argument where they disagree, and then have to apologize and make up. I’d love to see this because I think that when they both get riled up, they can get pretty stubborn. Who would win the argument or who would give in first? *_* 

e: We get to see Valka and Astrid talk about Hiccup with some mother/daughter bonding.

f: Hiccup gets hurt and Valka, Astrid, or both have to take care of him and dote over him. 

g: Valka or Astrid get hurt and Hiccup freaks out and tries to protect them, then later on taking care of them.

h: If they have a baby, Hiccup and Astrid defends their child when something/someone tries to threaten him/her.

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Voltron Theory: Lotor, Haggar and Zarkon are related

Alright so, after rewatching season one and season two of Voltron, I have a theory that connects back to the old Golion story way back in the 1980s. Now bear in mind that Dreamworks Voltron is its own beast, and a lot of what’s going on has no connection with the original Beast King Golion or the original Voltron tv series. However there are a number of clues that show that this series is taking from both of the series in their own way.

First I have to point out that in Voltron magic wasn’t directly addressed, however Golion did have this and we’ve seen that the Alteans use magic so first connection to Golion. Following this we have Shiro’s name, clearly named after Takashi Shiro from Golion as well. However Shiro himself seems to be taking more from Sven and Keith from the original Voltron. That being said as well we can then see other connections here and there: The lions possibly having spirits in them akin to Golion, while from Voltron we get more of the goofy characteristics of Lance as well as him being more of a flirt.

The new series really seems to like to play with both shows which brought me to wonder, now that they have Lotor coming in, exactly which story line would they give him? And the strange thing is, I think they’re going to merge aspects from both series into this.

Mind you this is just a theory, as we haven’t even seen Lotor, but I’m going based on what I’ve seen so far in the show, and I’m hoping I’m right on this. 

Alright so we’ve seen in the last episode Blackout that Haggar is worried about Zarkon, and seemingly has been for some time. Naturally a few people have suggested that she has feelings for him, but I don’t think it’s the case of romance. Bear in mind that in previous incarnations Zarkon was the son of Haggar and Zarkon’s father who pretty much used her as a concubine (though Haggar wasn’t an Altean in the series) and she gave birth to Zarkon who later pretty much, er…slept with Lotor’s mother who was a Altean captive of his (this was a pretty dark birth story line and later drove Lotor mad).

I do not think that the whole captive thing is going to come into play here, rather given the events that we’ve seen I highly suspect we’re going to get a rather tragic story of both love and obsession. There’s also the issue that in Golion there was a space angel, goddess of the the universe, who was the one that split apart the lions into five separate beings. In Voltron it was Haggar that did the splitting.

So, my guess based on the clues that we have, is that the whole family tree within the Golion story is going to be kind of twisty and full of turns. They wouldn’t have made Keith Galra without reason, and I suspect that a large part of it is going to come from the fact that there’s going to be connections between Keith, Zarkon, Lotor, Haggar and Allura.

I can only build the theories on the clues that have been hinted at and the two sources of the show, plus the Devils Due comic that came out several years ago. Like I said, most of this is based on the limited clues that seem to be dropped though out the two seasons.

So my theory goes something like this:

Years ago Haggar was one of a family related to Allura’s mother (who I’m guessing is going to be that Space Angel like Goddess –or she’s going to be the purple Lion again) and ended up being married to the Emperor of the Galra. During this time she had a child with the emperor who was Zarkon.

Clue’s that seem to indicate something connected to this as a possibility:

1. In the show Zarkon never calls Haggar by her name, he never addresses her as Witch Haggar, however he shows the utmost respect for her, and trusts her more than anyone else in the whole fleet. I find it odd that he doesn’t call her by her title either, not only that but she seems to be the only one that can talk to him in a less formal manner and that he will listen to.

2. In the original Haggar was Zarkon’s mother, but wasn’t able to tell him due to the way the Galra had set things up. So she could only protect her son from afar in a way.

3 In the new show we see Haggar worrying over Zarkon beyond just a loyal subject. She, at points, looks at him when he’s walking off with utter fear and worry, much like a mother would look at her child before he or she does something that they know the child will regret.

4. Zarkon and Haggar’s attitudes towards one another during the events that led up to Blackout. Zarkon’s voice sounds more like a child telling his mother that he knows what he’s doing and to but out. While Haggar seems to be operating from the shadows trying to find a way to stop Voltron before Zarkon makes a bad move.

5. Both Zarkon and Haggar seem to have the ability to harness the Quintessence.  Something we know the Galra can’t do as most of their machines run on regular crystals and energy over the magic based system that Allura seems to be using.

As the son of the Emperor Zarkon eventually took control of the Empire and because of her connections to the Alteans Haggar made it so that Zarkon could befriend Alfor easily. Keith’s mom was probably a friend of Zarkon’s who was connected to him, or possibly related to Zarkon either though the royal blood line, or directly related as his sister through a different mother.

Anyway, during the time the comet crashed and Alfor came by to help, among those that were working with him was a young Altean woman who met Zarkon and the two fell in love. This eventually lead to a romance and Zarkon and this woman had Lotor. Not sure if they were married or not, that can be left in the air, but it’s reasonable to believe that Zarkon, given the way he’s seen by a lot of people, isn’t 100% a rotten person.

Clues to this come in the form of us mostly in the fact that Lotor in past incarnations has had a Altean mother and given the fact that Zarkon and Alfor worked closely, I don’t see it as such a surprise if Zarkon did meet and fall in love with a Altean scientist.

We also saw from the space mall episode that people are living mostly normal lives under his rule, which is conflicting with what Zarkon has been doing to others. There’s also the mall cop that seems to think that Zarkon is the best.

Somehow between the point that the first group of Voltron paladin’s came about and the new group came about, something large and dangerous attacked the Galra home world and probably killed a lot of people in the wake of its destruction.  Among those that died, more than likely Zarkon’s wife.

Clues to this could be seen in his obsession to get to Voltron and building a device that will destroy worlds. One of the key differences here in the case of Voltron Legendary defender and Voltron Defender of the universe and Golion was the fact that this is the first time that the Galra home world (also called planet Doom) was destroyed. This could mean that the need for Zarkon to overpower everything probably is not coming from the need to conquer everything for the sake of just having power, but rather to build up his army to take on something more powerful than he is.

If you’ve noticed there’s the point that everything he attacks is either for finding strong warriors, finding parts for something that he’s building or gathering the lions to him for use in some giant moment. We’ve seen that he’s willing to die to get those lions back, and there has to be a connection between the use of Voltron and Zarkon’s need to gather parts for war.

Now on to Lotor in this case. If I’m right about Haggar is his grandmother, then that means that there could be a case that like that of Prince Sincline where he doesn’t know about his blood line in regard to his father’s family. However we’ve already seen that the Stranger, if he is Lotor, seems to already be as tall as Keith meaning that he knows he’s probably part Altean. The question is how is he responding to it?

As I’ve said in earlier posts I’m suspecting we’re going to see a more science based Lotor, over the flirty and mostly jerkish version from the original Voltron and Golion show. My reasoning comes from a few places:

1. We saw him grab the scaultrite meaning he knew what he was looking for when he got trapped by the Weblum, and clearly he knew where to look for it as well.

2. Is the fact that he only took enough for one person to use, which to me at least indicates that he’s going to be testing something on a smaller scale first, which is what scientist do normally when they’re trying stuff.

3. We can devise from the fact that the Galra don’t have a wormhole device that they don’t possess the magic to activate something like the Telledove and move over the course of time and through the use of the Druids magic over their own abilities.

This makes me think that Lotor, if that is Lotor, is trying to find a way to make it so that the Galra can move more efficiently without the help of the Druids. This also tells me that he probably will not have as pleasant an interaction with Haggar, as she seemed not to happy to actually be calling him in. Meaning that, like the other Galra, he’s not someone who trusts Haggar and the Druids and finds them offensive. Which also means that he’s probably going to rely more on tech over something like Haggars spells.

If Haggar is his grandmother, and given her love of robeasts and the like, we will probably see new upgraded versions of these things, if Lotor sees reason to use them. I’m also suspecting we may eventually see the robot Iron Maiden, come out of this whole thing.

Of course this is just a theory right now.

Dan Aykroyd played a hilarious radio personality pretending to be two different DJs on Saturday Night Live: Season 2, Episode 3 back in 1976. In the skit Aykroyd plays a DJ hosting both the AM and FM sides of KLOG, one which is a mellow free-form FM station and the AM which is high-energy pop.  The two DJs he plays each have a different persona - the chipper Kip Casey and the dark and gloomy Kenneth Wardell:
       "Yeahhhh.. Black Sabbath. I guess all you folks who got out to the Dead concert last night at Wildcat Stadium kinda know where my head’s at today. But, hey, you know, I heard the City Council might cancel all rock concerts because of damage done to the astroturf. If you have to smoke cigarettes, put them in your beer can or carry an ashtray. If you smoke anything else, smoke it, then eat it. It won’t kill you, but cigarettes will. It’s a shame this kind of thing is still going on. I guess some of us didn’t learn anything from the 60’s. Hey, we’re coming up to news time right now with Bernie Phillips, let’s find out. I’m gonna take a little break and find out what’s happening in the news with Bernie Phillips at the KLOG News Center"

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Fuck it, youre making me give in, where can I watch lazy town?

HAHA YES. It’s such a great show, honestly.

I think they’re all available on YouTube now but if you want the fandom’s backup, here’s all the seasons on Google Drive:

Season 1 Pt. 1

Season 1 Pt. 2

Season 2 Pt. 1

Season 2 Pt. 2

Season 3

Season 4

and of course, Robbie’s Dream Team.

I can’t remember who’s responsible for putting these all together when Bädo Innos was pulled randomly for copyright infringement at the end of December, but that superhero is somewhere out there and they have my eternal gratitude <3

My problem with certain ships

Dear beloved show,

I understand loving a “ship.”  I get it.  It’s great   I’m a Rumbelle fan.  But if the entire show was just Rumple and Belle making Googly eyes at each other while Rumple insisted he’s a hero over and over, practically directly to the audience, I’d get bored with that too.

I don’t understand how anyone is entertained with everything constantly revolving around Emma and Hook staring at each other like love-sick puppies.   It’s boring.

Please blow up something, fight something, rescue someone, travel, rescue a character other than your significant other, talk about characters other than your significant other, defuse a  magical-bomb  ….  SOMETHING!

Just stop staring at each other with longing and do something and please stop repeating the “Emma needs to learn to let people in.”  Emma: “Gosh, you’re right.  I keep closing myself off even though this was supposed to have been resolved back in season 2 or 3.”

It’s as bad as claiming Rumplestiltskin has never chosen love over power (ignoring almost all of season 3…)   Please stop repeating yourself and fixating on who is in love with who.   it’s getting boring.   Let the couples be couples but give them something to do besides stare at each other (or in the case of Rumple and belle) randomly fight for very forced and contrived reasons.

I miss the thing called plot…

When we say we want things to be more character driven and less plot based we don’t mean shipper fluff or unnecessary angst for fights that really shouldn’t even be happening because it forced out of character behavior for the sake of it.

What we mean is we want to explore other aspects of the characters, such as the emotions and motivations for things besides romance.  i.e. Rumplestiltskin’s year caged by Zelena after he failed to save his son who died to revive him, or Belle coming to terms with her long term captivity at the ends of Regina, or addressing that Regina had her heart, or Emma discussing the fact that Neal is in Heaven, or finding out for sure if Robin’s soul is in tact and at peace or the unresolved issue of Lily’s father, or finding a way to make it where Maleficent can leave the town without turning to dust (which makes no sense since Charming was saved from poison via magick and Dr. Whale got his arm re-attached via magick yet no one says they’ll die or suddenly be maimed if they leave the town), or maybe even Dorothy finding a way to save Auntie Emm and the other lost souls from The Acheron (River of lost Souls).

so I’ve finally started watching Hannibal approximately 50 years after everyone else (I have terrible anxiety and was worried the psychological and gore aspects would trigger some stuff, which it kind of has but w/e) and holy shit. what a show. WHAT A SHOW. 

to put things into perspective, I started this a couple of days ago and am now on episode 3 of season 2. I cannot stop watching it, despite Netflix’s best attempts at sabotage (really, fam? only one season? 2 years after it finished?) 

the humour is perfectly measured, the cinematography is sublime, the acting is [mcpoyle voice] top notch, the soundtrack is both fantastically eerie (the plink plonks! the low rumbling that seems to reverberate inside my head and could so easily be overbearing but isn’t) and joyously bombastic (beethoven! bach! stravinsky!), the meticulously crafted dishes that have inspired me to start cooking again (though admittedly with a slightly tweaked list of ingredients), the fascinating and peculiar relationship dynamics, the desaturated colour palette, the fact that there aren’t any unnecessarily lingering shots of naked women’s mutilated bodies (I’m looking at you, GoT), hugh dancy’s sad little face, the anachronistic bespoke suits, the dogs, the CHEEKBONES. just. all of it.

I cannot wait to discover how all of this unfolds and how the characters develop and I’m already dreading its inevitable, unjust end. 

so let’s just finish this with a gif of my favourite part from the previous episode

oh hannibal, you cheeky fucker! rocking up in your vinyl kill suit to appreciate a nice new avant-garde installation, like a shoreditch hipster version of patrick bateman! I love you.

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She by Dodie Clark
“Come on Petunia” by The Blow
Girls Like Girls by Hayley kiyoko
Heaven Is A Place On Earth by Belinda Carlisle
Season 2 Episode 3 by Glass Animals
Noorgard by The Vaccines
Dreaming Of You by The Coral
Girlfriend In A Coma by The Smiths
Breezeblocks by Alt J
Jenny by Studio Killers


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