Once again: SPOILERS based on the sneak peek for season 3. 

While at breakfast:

Chat: Tom I love these croissants

Marinette: Please chat, I said I was sorry

Chat: I just love your coffee Sabine. I just love this family

Marinette: Please

Chat: I love-

Marinette: That’s it. I’m renouncing love and take back every-

Chat: you too

Marinette blushes

Chat: Beautiful Day just always gets stuck in my head and I still haven’t found what I’m looking for just makes me want to sing.


Adrien: So, heard you had a crush on chat noir?

Marinette: That’s….it’s a whole mess

Adrien: I’m sure he’s used to rejection, being led on, having his feelings played with

Marinette: Ladybug I don’t think ever gave him false hope

Adrien: You’re right. The cat must be used to being unloved.

Marinette: I love him, just not in that way right now. He’s like….a good friend

Adrien internally flinches realising what he’s been saying about Marinette this whole time.


Marinette: This whole day has just been a disaster!

Tikki: What do you mean? You just trusted a guy whose power is destruction with a baby, told the guy you loved him to hide your identity, had breakfast with him-

Marinette: I know, I know, the only way it could have been worse is if he was somehow akumatised

Tikki: Haha, as if that would happen

Tom bursts in: Marinette, I am the Heartbaker

Marinette: ok, this is worse. Remind me to never lie again

Tikki: Is that before or after you get upset at Lila for lying?

(based off episode plot theory I saw floating around as Tom prominent in the peak, with him getting screen time over showing the fight) 


Once everything has been vaguely explained Chat starts leaving Marinette Chat Noir merchandise and signed posters in her room as “she loves him so much” 

She finds a way to turn it all into Viperon and Lady Chat (or whatever chat!Marinette is called) merchandise. Except her favourites that are kept safely away so he’ll never know

Chat Noir starts every lady blog interview with a shout out to his biggest fan Marinette

They are on friendly terms so get the joke until Alya turns from shipping Ladynoir to Marichat regularly arguing it in class. They soon stop and take every opportunity to call each other “bro”, “sis”, “cuz”, or “friend”

Is salty or petty Chat Noir: Salt Noir? Petty Chat? Chat Salt? Salt cat?