season 2 teaser trailer


Here it is. The Official Season 2 Teaser Trailer for Couple-ish Season 2.

A full length trailer will be out closer to the premiere date.

Which is in 46 days.

Making of Sense8 season 1 360 campaign.

Idk how many of you remember the advertising for season 1, but it was way better than for season 2. We got a trailer, teasers, 8 character trailers and these great concept trailers. Of course there has to be more advertising for a brand new show than an established show, but I think we all agree that the campaign for season 2 was pretty “underwhelming”…


Preacher Season 2 teaser trailer!


Watch the Trailer for Flashpoint

Flashpoint, the fifth and penultimate episode of Living World Season 3, arrives on May 2! Watch the teaser trailer below, and see the truth reflected.



so, about this new shadowhunters trailer

like i was saying, malec is going to be fine. there were spoilers about big malec moments in 2x18. and this scene from teaser is like between 11 and 15 episodes. so magnus and alec will work things out.

i was really confused about rizzy. my guess that this scene is from 2x11 because of izzy’s neckless. also what are they arguing about? please don’t tell me that raphael feels something for izzy. i really want this addiction thing to end and i want my sizzy babes to rise.

and simon. so we’re getting clace kiss and what are your bets on climon? i think that they will break up in episode 15 or 16. and they will work things out and become best friends again in finale. well, i hope so.

sebastian is like OMG. when everyone are fighting he is being the sanest person. and i really enjoyed his ‘now take that pain and use it’. will is amazing. i can’t wait to see his interaction with everyone.

and do you have any thoughts after watching that new teaser?