season 2 stills

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Other people: "YAAAY CHARAS BACK! EVERY THINGS GONNA BE OK! Me: … your gonna take our happy moment away from us while we're vulnerable aren't you? If I know artists who break they're followers hearts/gives them feels I know for a fact That you should never fully trust them. Cause they'll hit you with feels at your most vulnerable moment during the story.

Huh? Whyy???

No one is gonna die anon-chan

Thats the reason why theres still season 2

Were everyone is ALIVE lol ^-^

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i wanna watch iasip but when i first tried there was that terrible transphobic episode so i stopped, but now im seeing that mac came out as gay and i rly wanna try again so.. do they stop being bigoted and terrible? lol idk ur the only person ive seen reblog iasip stuff sooo is it worth another go? would any of ur followers know when to start so i can avoid shitty stuff? lmao anyway ily

yeah um the first season is……….bad and i highly recommend ppl skip “charlie gets cancer” (the extremely transphobic one)  i wish had a resource of some content warnings for the show cuz they do cover a lot of stuff, a big one being csa, so. like yeah it kind of gets better with lgbt stuff but there are still some problems with it, especially with race so i guess i just say to start at season 2 and if its still not your cup of tea, then that’s fine

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Jasper, season 2!

That’s Right by Cage the Elephant (x)- This song to me really captures Jasper’s mindset at the beginning of season 2- “Take all your problems, leave them far behind.” He just wants to escape and be happy.

Girl by Jukebox the Ghost (x)- in my mind, this will always be THE Jasper and Maya song.

My Generation by The Who (x)- In Season 2, we see Jasper become the leader of the Mt. Weather delinquents and this song gives off that vibe of pride in your community and particularly this teenage demographic supporting and loving each other. 

Youth by Daughter (x)- Man, all the lyrics in this song completely evoke the mindset of the delinquents. I especially like this song for a season 2 Jasper who still is in the mindset of “If you’re still bleeding, you’re the lucky ones- ‘cause most of our feelings, they are dead and they are gone.”

We Will Do Great Things by Sons of an Illustrious Father (x)- Again, this season sees Jasper emerging as a leader, but of course, being a leader also means having the weight of difficult decisions. This song’s melancholy tone reflects to me the hope and sadness that comes to light in season 2. (Also, it’s “I-do-weed-every-day” Jasper Jordan. I have to have a psychedelic rock-esque song in there somewhere).

Message me with a character and a season and I’ll make a playlist of music for them! (Gonna keep it down to 5 songs per playlist tho)


We may very well get 4 kisses next episode!

- Alec gives Magnus a present. KISS!

- Drinking wine on the terrace. KISS!

- Wine glasses are in the way. Let’s put them down and turn up the heat. KISS!

- Alec gets all hot and bothered in the loft and tries to herd Magnus off [to his bedroom] to “get it on.” KISS!

You better not interrupt any of these Jace, or so help me! You’ll be getting a real tongue lashing (and not the good kind.)

what i wanna know is why all the actors in skam look like they haven’t aged much through the seasons (because it’s only been about a year) 

but then Tarjei

just ages about 5 years

well… I just want to point out that in 2x01 we saw in this frame Magnus’ hand already holding Alec’s, but in this new kinda-BTS video we can see… yeah, you’re welcome!