season 2 please

Crying for Park Woojin

According to fansites and spoilers,it appears that Park Woojin has shingles… he was wearing an eyepatch, at the concerted, looked bloated in the face, and someone who went to get an x-ray claims to have seen Woojin at the doctor’s.

I blame it all on P101′s horrible system that builds up trainees’ skills while breaking them physically and mentally. The stress probably weakened his immune system and resulted in his getting the infection. Woojin has dreamed of becoming an idol since he was a little kid, as apparent in his childhood TV appearance as kid-T.O.P. and all his pre-P101 videos and photos of him dancing. He loves performing so much that even though he is exhausted and sick and in pain, he said that for those who support him, he will “clench his teeth” and stand on stage and show a better side of him. His determination and spirit is incredible, it brings me to tears.

It’s so unfortunate how this is happening when he’s so close to finishing this long race called Produce 101 Season 2. His fans are asking fans of other trainees to use one of their two votes for him is they can afford. All the comments on his official profile are so supportive, concerned, and loving. He should put his health as his top priority, but I don’t want to count him out of the game yet because clearly this guy does not consider himself so. I support him 100% of the way, and I hope he gets rest and treatment and get well as quickly as possible so he can stand on the stage again and blow us all away with his talents.


Cami recently said in an interview that TWITTER/fan opinion DOES in fact impact the storylines for season 2.

So PLEASE…if you have twitter, make sure to TWEET to the writers/creators/producers how much you love Bughead together. These people are on twitter DAILY. They are very active and do pay attention to fan opinion and views. 

So let’s be VOCAL. Below is a LIST of the main people we need to tweet to:

CREATOR: Roberto (main focus)


PRODUCERS: Sarah, Ross, Michael 




WRITERS: Brian, Britta, Tessa, James, General Writers Account






MY BIG RECOMMENDATION is mainly Roberto/Sarah/Ross/Michael and the TWO LEAD main writers Brian and Britta who are very active. 

It’s important. MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD. 


I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day… When it’s cold outside, I got the– OH MY GOD JAGGED FLAMING ROCKS ARE FALLING FROM THE SKY CORAN WE NEED TO SEEK SHELTER IMMEDIATELY