season 2 pictures

Eclipsa Queen of Mewni

to a Mewmen King was wed,

but took a monster for her love

and away from Mewni fled.

Uff! Antoher screenshot redraw very requested on youtube (the video is on progress lol took me almost 5 hours finish this).

It was fun altho the flowers are meh. This is my gift to my SVTFOE followers tho, hope you like it :D

 This time I didnt forget Glossaryck :v


so guys I’ve been asked by @jamesonworkman if we fans happen to be interested in some fly stuff from our fav show… what do you think?

here’s Dizzee’s bedroom from the set 

(i’ve added a pic from the show for reference)


Picture 1: Keith’s bed in Season 1 Episode 2.

Picture 2: Keith’s bed in Season 2 Episode 4.

You see the discrepancy?

Now, a person might (mostly likely accurately) say that this is a simple mistake by the animators and they flipped the image or forgot how they drew his room before or something. Or - OR! sometime between S1E2 and S2E4 Keith switched rooms. S2E4 also established that Keith and Lance’s rooms are right next to each other.

Now, I’m not saying that Keith changed rooms to be next to Lance…

…But maybe Keith changed rooms to be next to Lance. ;)


A few production pictures… (S2 spoilers)

1 & 2 - Some photo taken while working on the posings and references for episode 2.25 “Crowning Glory Part 1″ ;) 

3 -  This drawing was on the door of storyboard departement. It gently reminded everyone there was no hope of getting out of here alive. 

4 & 5 - A meeting where we discussed season 2 clips covers, and some draft made for / during this meeting (by Benedicte).  



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