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Episode 2 Recap & Theories


Jon Snow choking TF out of LF. Just like Ned did way back in Season 1. I loved this. Jon’s face while Baelish was talking was literally like “dude don’t say it, don’t say it…he said it.” The worst part for me was LF standing in front of Ned’s tomb and saying he was “sorry when he died.” FUCK YOU LITTLEFINGER I AM STILL NOT OVER THE DEATH OF NED STARK. 

Can’t say this enough - Littlefinger will betray the Starks. (If he hasn’t already). He claims to “love” Sansa, but we all know his creepy oppressive brand of love, and Sansa keeps giving him the Coldest Shoulder. Not to mention her brother just choked him up and threatened his life. my personal theory is that Littlefinger is feeding info to Cersei (or will at some point). He likes to play all sides. He will likely use the fact that the lords in the North don’t trust Dany and won’t welcome an alliance. Remember, the North sided with Robert Baratheon against the Targaryens. They have not seen the white walkers or the Night’s King, but they do remember the Mad King.

Dany calling out Varys! I’m so glad she did this, and she doesn’t even know the whole story. Imagine if she knew how Varys had intentionally undermined her brother Rhaegar? But that’s a post for another time.

Mel admitting that she’s not that great at prophecies lol. And a shoutout to the gender neutral high Valyrian! This was a long time fan theory. Fun fact: dragons are also gender neutral.

Can I just say how much I love that Jon respects Tyrion, and Tyrion respects Jon, and then Sansa with that “he’s not like the other Lannisters” line just !!! I love this. Tyrion left Westeros with literally everyone thinking the worst of him and hating him so to have these two just totally vouch for him was so amazing, and on the other hand to hear Tyrion speak for Jon to Dany, “I like him. I trust him.” YES. If the dragon must have three heads I hope its Dany, Jon, and Tyrion tbh.

But speaking of dragons…Cersei’s dragon-killing crossbow. Prepare for tears you guys. At least one of the dragons will get the dire wolf treatment. It packs an emotional punch, will make Dany more vulnerable (right now she’s basically invincible) and is a great way to save cgi budget money.

And speaking of direwolves…Nymeria. The feels, you guys. The tears. At first, when Arya said “that’s not you,” I got super scared. Did someone warg into Nymeria? Or worse, is the dreaded Waif Theory true and she’s just realizing that this isn’t the dire wolf she thought it was? Luckily, the Inside the Episode confirmed that its just D&D’s attempt at good writing. The line was meant to be a callback to season 1 when Ned tells Arya about her future as a lady in a castle, married to some lord, and Arya says “that’s not me.” Now she wants her wolf to come home with her and live in a castle instead of in the wild with her pack, which she realizes “isn’t her.” This is also a good way to save cgi money on wolves. 

The Hot Pie reunion! Literally brought tears to my eyes. Her face when she finds out Jon is alive. That she can go home. Just. Omg. Bonus: Hot Pie mentions Brienne. Double bonus: Armor = knight. But why didn’t he mention Gendry? I kept waiting for him to bring up Gendry!

Now that she’s on her way North, I predict that Arya will meet up with the Hound & Brotherhood since they are also on their way north now. And seriously where tf is Gendry?

Show!Euron = Victarion. Jumping on deck cutting people down left and right with that badass axe? Literally taken from Victarion’s like first POV chapter. This is actually a good plan on the show’s part. Obviously they scrapped Victorian’s storyline so I like the subtle shout to his character and also it makes Euron seem less like a Regular Psycho and more like a Murderous Psycho Who Is Also A Badass Pirate. Makes sense. V good plan.

Theon’s PTSD. Heartbreakingly portrayed. Alfie Allen did a great job with this, you can see it all on his face when he’s witnessing the violence around him. I’m glad the show didn’t just make it so that Theon magically “recovered” from his time with Ramsay - you don’t just recover from trauma like that. I have seen a lot of Theon hate, calling him a coward and so on, but I don’t think that does justice to his character at all. Theon was tortured and mutilated, and suffered intense psychological abuse as well. He has severe PTSD (this is made really obvious in the books when you read his POV chapters, and you can really see how the torture has impacted his mind and the way he things). Its so much more realistic that he would be triggered by the violence he sees. 

So Theon jumps in the water when he (understandably) gets too triggered and can’t deal. Now he’s floating around. Who will rescue him? If only we knew someone who has been rowing a boat for three seasons and is due for a major comeback…

Meanwhile, back in King’s Landing, Lord Tarly comes off all self-righteous and badass hurling passive aggressive insults at Jaime (seriously, can Jaime get a break?) but we’ve seen from the trailers that Jaime will lead Tarly men (archers) into battle, so he clearly falls in line. Petition to save show!Jaime from the continued abuse of his character by D&D I just can not take it anymore. So far from book!Jaime’s arc that its basically ruined his character.

Casterly Rock. Loved the looks on all their faces like yessss this will satiate their thirst for revenge on the Lannisters. Super emotional re: Tyrion getting the Rock.  Tywin swore that Tyrion would never have Casterly Rock, but it is technically his by right (Jaime can’t be lord because he is a member of the kingsguard, the Lord Commander of the kingsguard, as a matter of fact, although the show doesn’t seem to gaf about this particular fact so ???). In the books there are large gold mines underneath the Casterly Rock, but in the show those mines now are empty so idk if that helps them at all, but it is said that Casterly Rock is immune to dragon fire so I love that it is Tyrion and his cunning that will take it. Here’s how I think it will go down: Tywin, as an insult, once put Tyrion in charge of all the sewers and drains in Casterly Rock (a plan that totally backfired because Tyrion, being Tyrion, had them in tip-top shape and they never ran so well) so Tyrion is very familiar with the sewage systems in Casterly Rock and I’m willing to bet this is how he devises a strategy to get the Unsullied in.

Speaking of the Unsullied…Grey Worm is gonna die, you guys. I hate this. I hate this. But whenever the show hypes up a romance and makes me feel things, it always ends badly. And that Grey Worm speech to Missandei fucked me up. So I expect this to end horribly. I expect to cry a lot. Foreshadowing her as his weakness. Ugh. Pain. Why???

Sam! Bless this cinnamon roll. I was in real tears when he told Jorah how he was with his father when he died. Rushing in to save him when no one else would try. I expect this procedure to work. But I expect it will have unforeseen consequences later on. I swear if Sam gets greyscale I will riot.

No ravens from Castle Black re: Bran Stark is still alive ???

The Season 2 song that everyone is shitting their pants over

They were joking about how the STORY of season 2 (because the song was a summary) included Lena and Kara being friends because 90% of the drama in this damn fandom is over supercorp. They were joking about the drama so Jermey stressed that they were just friends. That is not homophobic. I’m very gay and in no way was I offended by that. 2 canonly straight girls are just friends. They pointed that out. THATS NOT HOMOPHOBIC.
I’m a little sad that supergirl does not have more queer characters. If you are looking for a lesbian couple in supergirl, go for Sanvers. Don’t get all pissy when the cast doesn’t support your fictional ship. That’s your thing, it might not be theirs. They are not required to ship what you do, they are people just like you and me who have different opinions on different ships. Like Katie said, it’s an art form that people interpret in different ways. Them not supporting your ship is not homophobic.

i cant believe lance and keith looked at each other like this.. omg

How many hundreds of men do you think I’ve sent out to be eaten by titans? One arm isn’t nearly enough to make up for that. I hope I’ll be able to pay back the rest in hell
—  Erwin Smith (Ch. 51) which sadly skipped during the animation