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12x22: Dean Winchester is going to die

Well, when I was new, I wrote a whole post about this, about how early episodes but especially 12x11 foreshadowed that Performing!Dean was going to be deconstructed by the end of the season… Fans self.

The death of Performing!Dean in this episode was BEAUTIFUL. It was EXQUISITE. I couldn’t have asked for MORE! 

I literally grabbed and punched @amwritingmeta in the leg I don't know how many times as I paused it to point and shout.

1. The Grenade Launcher

So, the grenade launcher = performing!Dean metaphor. We had hoped and boy did they deliver! Did anyone else notice, while Dean was *ahem* knocking down the seemingly unpenetrable physical walls, that, maybe it was my weird link, but it seemed to me that the flashing ‘red’ lights in the MoL bunker were decidedly pinky-purpley in colour rather than standard alarm bells red and the flashlights glowed on the blue side of white… (the MoL HQ lights are also brightly pinky-purple to keep the theme going, I mean honestly what self respecting 1950s MoL guy chose this for the bunker instead of the usual red? Please!) Just saying. 

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“It wasn’t long ago I thought we had it made. We had Cas back, we had mom back. I mean it wasn’t perfect but still…”.  This is it. Dean’s facade has been coming down all season, but at this point now, he just doesn’t see the point in holding it up anymore.

And what does Sam do? HE OPENS UP TO DEAN. He tells Dean how he feels, the reasons why he followed the MoL - that it was “easier than leading”, that he made a mistake. This enables Dean to be truthful himself, in the end, now. Again, they have had many times to reflect on their own deaths but this is another time similar to 11x23 where he can really reflect on what he has lost, and now what is that? Cas and Mary.

Dean uses the grenade launcher, that he’s been dying to do since forever, blows down the impenetrable seeming wall, saves the day. How meta do we need to go? It’s BLATANT. The choice in the colour of the lights, the dialogue, his feelings… the walls are Dean’s facade and the grenade launcher is his way of breaking it down. YES. This has been building all season and much prior to this other meta writers have said that he grenade launcher is associated with Dean’s hidden side, his bisexuality, Destiel etc… this is meta gold, THIS is a meta aspect Dabb was talking about. Toni even then parallels the tearing down of Mary’s mental wall with Dean’s physical use of the grenade launcher, just moments after. It is so well put together :D

Also, I have long believed that the bunker had to go. It represents too much the MoL side of things and the whole ‘living below ground’ thing is way too underground / metaphorically bad. For me they need a real, healthy home which is in between Bobby’s hunter house and the MoL bunker. Hopefully they will find a nice modern MoL home with kit but that isn’t so hidden above ground somewhere next season to take over and make their own :D

2. Sam the MoL leader

“Real hunting isn’t just about killing, it’s about doing whats right… I want you to follow me”. We have wanted this for Sam all season, the MoL story fits his personal arc so well (so did Eileen, still bitter), this is Sam’s endgame. Sam said just moments earlier that he didn’t want to lead, but now he is, because it is necessary and because he is good at it. I believe he will now see that this is what he wants and will work towards this for his endgame.

This then leads to…

3. Dean and Sam - ending the brodependency and Dean as Sam’s parent

Dean lets Sam go, the dialogue is amazing. “You’re ready for this… you got this” paralleled with an actual mom/daughter conversation between Jody and Alex. 

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Dean literally talks to Sam like a parent letting their child go off to college and I had to pause this for a long long moment to process and scream “they’re actually going there!” not even knowing what was coming next… man…

Then comes the Mary / Dean scene.

4. Dean and Mary

This was always going to be what Mary led to for Dean’s arc. After Amara had started this addressing of Dean’s facade in season 11 and Mary is basically an extension of Amara this season re: Dean (in the same way that she still has to influence Sam’s arc re: Lucifer, that is for next season). I LOVED how BLATANT and textual they made this, the actual lack of subtext because it was all in the ACTUAL TEXT! 

Firstly, Dean considers letting Toni go, which I had expected, to show the difference between our boys (morality) and the MoL as monsters.

Then… “Dad was just a shell…I had to be a father and a mother to keep him safe, and that wasnt fair, and I couldnt do it, and you wanna know what that was like? They killed the girl that he loved, he got possessed by Lucifer, they tortured him in hell and he lost his soul…But I forgive you, for everything.” MY HEART!

Ok, yeah, they did the thing, they brought Jess up 30 mins before killing the guy that Dean loves after not mentioning her for…. A DECADE? And paralleling one of the few scenes we ever saw her in with Dean/Cas too? After we already had the parallel with Dean seeing Cas when driving along, same as Sam did? So, only the scene of Sam and Jess in the bar and the scene where Dean actually meets her haven’t been paralleled now with Dean/Cas? I’M LIVING!

But seriously. The rest is exactly what we, the audience needed to understand Dean and to show casual viewers Dean’s inner angst in order to understand the facade coming down, this is exactly what Dean needed. He has come full circle, this is the start of the culmination of the end of Performing!Dean (which Jensen has no said at Jibcon will be furthered in season 13!).

Dean actually TELLS Mary in his mind that he hates her, but that he loves her. That he had to be Sam’s mother and father, and that it wasn’t FAIR. This is so important, that he didnt just say that it happend and that it sucked, but that it wasn’t FAIR and that he did not DESERVE IT.

This is Dean addressing not just his mother but how HE feels about it, how he feels about HIMSELF, that he is saying that he DESERVES MORE and has SELF WORTH. 

These are all the words I have been using since 12x01 re: Dean . I’m so happy!

5. Ketch kills Toni, Mary kills Ketch after Dean beats him to a pulp, PERFECT, Jody kills Hess, again perfect.

This had to happen to keep our boys on the ‘don’t kill humans unless they HAVE to’ side, especially after Dean considered letting Toni go. Thank you.

6. Winchester family reunion 

Sam’s forgiveness of Mary, Dean’s reaction to the happy family hug (it’s great but someone is missing…). “Who we are… we kick ass. We save the world” 

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SAM AND DEAN ARE ACCEPTING THEMSELVES THIS SEASON. In 12x09 Sam said it, now Dean says it. After all the angst this episode and for Dean all season…

This whole episode was for me the culmination of the deconstruction of Performing!Dean this season, which has been the main theme carried through on the character - driven side of things, it was beautiful.

In many ways I view this as the character - led season finale and 12x23 as the plot - led season finale (which I will post my thoughts on right up next).

I cannot WAIT to see the result of this episode come across next season. 

We have not only now Performing!Dean pretty much dead or on his way out, the Dean Winchester is going to die metaphor was fully used and was fantastic, but coupled with Cas being brutally taken away from Dean, the parallels with 2 key canon romantic couples (Sam/Jess and Cain/Colette) in this within SECONDS of each other, plus the Jibcon revelations that we will see more of Dean’s reaction to this in season 13, apparently crying (and Jared not even hiding Destiel jokes now) make me pretty much 100% convinced Destiel is really endgame now.

Aside from this we now have Dean accepting himself, his internal self acceptance arc coming to a close, Sam’s MoL arc coming up and I will touch on the other aspects of the story for Sam in the next post as they are relevant to Lucifer / Jack, and Cas’s arc too…

Season 13 is already set up for exactly the endgame I am wishing for!

Tink’s Endgame Wishlist :

- Mol! Sam (and Eileen, Chuck I’m still bitter about that though, I really hoped her death would turn out to be a misdirection). Pretty much CHECK.

- Hunter / Mol collaboration with Sam and Dean as leaders. Pretty much CHECK.

- End of the brodependency, Dean acknowledging he was Sam’s parent and letting him go. CHECK.

- End of Performing!Dean. Pretty much CHECK.

- Human!Cas and self worth and belonging for his arc. TBA probably next season, what happened this season makes no sense if not to lead to this.

- Destiel. Pretty much CHECK. (And now after seeing Jibcon and the boys just joking about it all the time? Yeah, I don’t think they have an issue with this!).


Lucifer is one of those shows you can enjoy for its hidden depths. Overall the show comes across with simplicity. Nothing too mind bending, but the actors provide a layer of depth that you never really expected out of a show like this, and that is what I signed up for.

There is something genuinely fun and lighthearted about the show that really draws you in. Yes, there is drama, but in the end - it’s a show that allows you step away from reality and just relax. And the cast, totally gets that.

I believe the underlining layers of depth and story captivate unlike any other show. The writing is simply superb. The actors are brilliant in their performances. Not a single episode goes by where you aren’t dumbstruck with an outstanding performance from at least one cast member. The show is really under-rated when it comes to the acting skills of this cast.

And the best part? They understand when to take things seriously and when to let loose. There is genuine affection between all cast members, and they are gracious enough to share a little insight into their world. It only adds to the adorkable love we have for them.

I cannot wait until our May debut for the last portion of Season 2. They will no doubt leave us wanting more. So if you haven’t taken time out of your lives to watch this incredibly fun show. Do so. It will fill your heart with joy as much as it will leave you heartbroken in moments of time wondering of the future of these beautiful characters.

yuri on ice

i just really want to say something about this fandom. 

everyone in this fandom has brought to light all kinds of beautiful fan fiction, fan art and support for this show. you guys are all so talented and so passionate, it blows my mind when it comes up all over the internet and on different social media platforms. and, from this, something that really strikes me is how much we know and understand these characters. now, that may sound…cocky? i’m not really sure. but i see it. 

because, the fact is, i’ll read fan fiction and i can see the characters clearly. they could take canon moments and rewrite something new with it, they could be writing different plot lines with the same or similar foundation, different interpretations or view points, write about the past, write the future, fill in missing time from the series, write AU stories. fan art as well, the colors used, scenarios drawn, the reactions and emotion on their faces. with all of it one fact remains the same:

the fact that that is definitely 

Yuuri Katsuki, 

Viktor Nikiforov 

and Yuri Plisetsky.

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and the reason i am consistently impressed with this is because, yes, the show is romantic, hilarious and beautiful to watch and enjoy. but these actually are complex and deep characters with wonderful character development. (i am sticking to the main three since we saw the most of that with them in season 1…even though the other characters are beyond wonderful as well.) and in every fan contribution i have had the pleasure of reading or seeing has captured that perfectly. 

from Yuuri’s awakening to his skating ability and his ability to recognize love, by loving himself and loving Viktor, and working through his anxiety through all of that, leading him to rise up from the ashes, 

from Viktor’s general unhappiness, feeling uninspired and unmotivated to finding the true meaning of life and love outside of skating through Yuuri, hence, being able to find his love for skating again too 

and from Yurio finding compassion and understanding through the many interactions he has in his life, especially by extension of Yuuri and Viktor, and being able to incorporate that in his strength as a skater.

the fans have recognized that. have understood that and related to it. and, from it, breathed even more life and love into an already brilliant and beautiful series. 

we genuinely care for and love these characters. 

i cannot wait for season 2 and look forward to us breaking tumblr again when that announcement comes out. and, also, for the more inspiring fan art and writing to come as we delve deeper into this series that has, quite literally, 

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made history. 

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see you next level. 

I’m getting SO MANY IDEAS about a Grease/Crybaby combination when it comes to the direction Bughead is heading towards. With a combination of spitfire Betty and Dark Betty and Serpent Jughead. AND I’M LIVING FOR IT. Let’s be real, Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart are gonna be straight FIRE in Season 2. I cannot fucking wait!!!

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“Elements” Parts VII & VIII (Adventure Time)

Hero Heart

So after letting the Fire Kingdom’s rage get to Finn, LSP tries to change him back to normal before they start to attack the Candy Kingdom.

LSP gets upset from all of the violence and war and she ends up eating a part of Marceline as a marshmallow, which makes her calm down. LSP decides to give a part of PB to Finn to also calm him down, to make him remember the good times and happiness he’d share with PB and successfully returns back to normal.

PB then decides to fire more candy powers to convert everyone into obedient candy slaves, while LSP protects Finn from the power, from her lumps.

Finn ends up getting both PB and Flame Princess’ jewel and gives them to Betty, but ends up leaving him to stay in the Candy Kingdom.

This episode had a lot of fun bits and returns of some of the characters Lemongrab and Fern.

Their ice cream pie attack was quite humourous.

Marceline play fighting with Flame Princess was pretty cute.

I liked how this episode had Finn come back to terms with his anger and we got to see hints that Finn still deeply cares for PB and that he still likes her in platonic love. It was a very bittersweet moment to show how far Finn has come to understand love and friendships!

I felt bad for how Finn got “Betty-trayed” and I was really disappointed she ended up doing so, but it’s understandable why, especially in the final episode, but it’s interesting that Finn was tricked to using the Enchiridion, similar to The Lich back in Season 4.

The ending scene with everyone in the Candy Kingdom singing “Let Me Call You Sweetheart” to Finn was one of the most disturbing scenes of the entire series.

It’d be creepy to see Finn succumb to be turned into candy and things didn’t look quite well for him to be stuck without Ice King and Betty.

I’m glad that Finn returned to normal, this episode, but it leaves on an unsettling note about what’s going to happen next!

Skyhooks II

So now that Betty has the Enchiridion, her plan is to go back in time before Simon became the Ice King and even possibly stop the Mushroom War and Ooo’s existence!

LSP ends up saving Finn from the Candy Kingdom, while PB is still converting everyone into candy, which makes Patience freeze herself once again.

Ice King isn’t exactly still sure as to what Betty is doing, as he breaks her machine, which causes Betty to disappear!

Finn tries to find out why LSP is immune to the elements, only to discover that she is the complete “anti-elemental”.

Ice King ends up giving Finn the Enchiridion, with the jewels and LSP is able to absorb the gems, which causes her to transform all of Ooo, back to normal!

We end up seeing where Betty ends up, being at Mars with Normal Man and Finn ends up reuniting with Jake, only to see that he changed into his shapeshifter parent!

Finn is surprised by the new look, but plans to help Jake in the future, as they hug it out.

Hoo, boy! This episode just raised a LOT of questions that will probably lead into the big series finale!

First off, how will Jake return to normal, seeing as we have around 21 episodes left of the show? I don’t think the change will be around for very long.

I loved their hug at the end!

What will happen with Simon and Betty’s relationship, seeing as how she’s now on Mars with Normal Man, which I didn’t expect to see, considering she really “donked up.”

We also see part of Sweet P’s horns grow back! Is the Lich going to come back for the finale?! I’m really scared.

One of Ice King’s jewels pops out of his crown, which seems to imply that the magic is wearing off and Simon could possibly return to normal.

I loved seeing all the characters gather around LSP, seeing how important she’s become to saving Ooo.

I notice that the message of this miniseries is to just be true to you, like Patience trying to force everyone to unlock their powers, but that completely backfires, as well as Betty trying to convert Simon back to normal, but that doesn’t work.

LSP decides to just be her lumpy, assertive and bossy self which is what causes her to save Ooo, which is great that she finally got to be the hero of this story.

So while some may be disappointed that this miniseries didn’t tie everything together or reveal a ton of backstory, I really loved how it leads to more story arcs and possibilities to what the last few episodes could be about!

This final miniseries was a fun ride and I cannot wait to see where everything will wrap up.

Although I still found Islands to be a better miniseries, this one left me more excited for the possibilities to come in the future.

Sad that Adventure Time’s ending is near in sight, but all good things must come to an end.

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Oh I didn't know there wouldn't be a time jump! Ok that's a lot more feasible then. And you're right, they're definitely going to use bughead sex scenes a huge draw to the show after how hot that scene was and the audience reactions to it. I mean they've even upstaged Varchie who are supposed to be the "sexy" ship element to the show whereas bughead is more about innocent, pure love! I can't even imagine how hot their actual first time will be and now I cannot wait!! Thank you <3

You’re welcome Nonnie! RAS did say that in one of the multiple interviews he gave after the finale, so you can rest assured that big moment for Bughead is definitely coming (pun intended) in Season 2. And Bughead managed to subvert all assumptions about them being sweet, innocent and pure with that absolutely sinful sex scene that was just so tastefully executed that it left me begging for more! That will have to help us tide through this hiatus until we have an even more sinful (hoping) sex scene to destroy us!

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I hope they don't wait til 2018 to air new episodes of Andi Mack... I cannot wait. The part that's driving me crazy is that Asher might already know which way Jonah is going! And I gotta wait for that tea...

There are new episodes coming this fall so we will get more Andi Mack this year! I don’t think the cast knows anything yet about the new season (except the premiere because that was already filmed) but they will know long before we do. I’m dying to find out what happens but all we can do is wait for season 2.

okay hear me out..

I know JJ is this cocky arrogant asshole through out the show I mean his short program is about himself… it’s literally just a song about him winning and beating everyone because he thinks he’s better than everyone else.

and what’s worse is he knows he’s good

I mean honestly how much more self-centered can you POSSIBLY get? BUT! In episodes 11 and 12 we start to see a change in him. He begins to start off his free skate with the usual mentality thinking he’s going to have a perfect performance and win 

but then…

he makes a mistake which I think we can tell he obviously isn’t used to. After he screws up his first jump he makes ANOTHER mistake and at this point it’s very clear something is happening to him, he’s very obviously loosing it. At this point I was sitting on the edge of my seat and I knew this was going to be big

He’s letting the pressure get to him and we can safely assume he’s never had to deal with pressure like this before which is where his arrogance and cocky attitude comes from. With this new found pressure it’s destroying him, he doesn’t know how to deal with it and 



falls apart

he knows that he just failed and now he’s plummeting and sees his fellow competitors high above him looking down at him like he once did to them and he’s reaching out and knows he isn’t on the same level as them anymore

This is the guy who has himself on a fucking pedestal and we see him hit rock bottom, here we see him just give up, this right here is his lowest point and he’s accepted it.

but then…

he claws his way out of this hole and he decides that he is not going to give up 

he’s going to take risks and he’s going to mess up and that’s okay now because that’s what risk taking means

and yuri recognizes this. This is the challenge that JJ has taken on and he is choosing to fight with everything that he has left.

this poor boy has just had the most difficult performance of his entire career, it has taken everything out of him, he is exhausted. 

Like I said before, JJ probably hasn’t ever had to face a challenge, or anything like this before, he has no idea how to handle it, he can’t even begin to understand why or how this has happened, he’s never gotten this low of a score. Everything he knows has just been tossed out of the window.

He is absolutely crushed and defeated. Up until this scene I wanted to see JJ fail so badly, I just wanted to see him to make one mistake and then when it happened I was kinda just like oh shit no not like that.

once his score is announced, you hear a gasp from the audience but then they all start cheering for him

and he is so surprised and shocked, he cannot believe they still believe in him 

he thought he just failed terribly but here you have the entire crowd STILL cheering for him and shouting his name 

Hearing the crowd cheer for him after seeing him hit rock bottom motivates him to get back up because it’s all just apart of JJ style! He wants to show the audience that he’s gonna get back up and keep going because if they continue to believe in him then hes going to continue to believe in himself.

And now we move on to episode 12…

After completely bombing his SP he’s loosing this competition

He’s so out of it because of yesterdays disaster that he even misses his que to start the performance

He’s lost in his own mind right now and he’s making such simple stupid mistakes right off the bat

He’s drowning, everything has changed and he doesn’t know why. Things are different and he doesn’t know how to deal with it. He feels so exposed and weak because of this new and sudden pressure that he’s experiencing. 

Here we see him completely break down during practice. He’s so lost and confused because this has never happened before and he just doesn’t know how to handle it, he has no idea what to do. 

He’s completely falling apart and breaking right now and again these are all things he’s seemingly never dealt with before and he cannot cope. He’s loosing confidence in himself and he knows it. He’s experiencing all these new emotions for the very first time. 

JJ thrives off attention and the applause that he gets, he loves it . He loves how much everyone else loves him and his performances that until now have been flawless but now he’s making all these mistakes and still gets an applause but this time he doesn’t want it. He knows he’s messing up and he knows he doesn’t deserve this applause, he wants to earn it.

Here we see him recognize that he knows there no chance of him winning gold now and the only way that’ll happen is sheer luck and that’s not going to happen either. Him winning because of sheer luck isn’t like him at all because he (just like any other skater) has worked so hard to get to this point. He wants to work hard and earn his gold medal.

This part I think is essential to learning more about JJ’s character and how he got to where he is today. We see him trying to form his own sense of style for his skating and kinda see his coaches reject it.

Because of the previous scene we learn that “JJ style” is JJ being true to himself.JJ style” is JJ doing everything his way, which is the only way he knows. He wants to stay himself, he doesn’t want to change who he is as a skater. He is undeniably, authentically himself (even if that means being an asshole to others)

This is also an extremely important part because this is when JJ breaks through the barrier he’s been facing the past two episodes. This is when we start to see a new JJ. He’s now leaned that a plan is just a plan, nothing has to be perfect, plans change, he can mess up and take risks and that’s okay because that’s what makes a good skater.

Despite the mistakes he made he still comes up with a new high score because despite his obstacles he’s managed to stay true to himself. He has gone through so much in the past two episodes and it has benefited him as a character and a skater. 

Until episodes 11 and 12 I hated JJ, he was a cocky arrogant asshole and i couldn’t STAND him. But he went through some HUGE changes in the last two episodes and I cannot WAIT to see JJ’s character development continue into season 2. Everyone always focuses on all the other characters developments through out the show (which are also incredibly and equally important) but I haven’t seen anyone talk about JJ. I think he’s gone through just as much, if not more changes than the other characters (even if it took him the whole season) and I have gained so much more respect for him as a skater and as a character. I can’t wait to see how he continues to evolve next season. I really think this is the beginning of a different side of JJ that we’re going to see. I’m so proud of the persons he’s becoming. I truly believe in JJ and so should you.

Everyone’s all excited about the bee Kwami but I’m still obsessing about the Shanghai special. Like:

Marinette in a pink cheongsam?

Seeing Adrien practising his karate?

Reunion with Mari’s uncle?

The miraculous have freaking Chinese origins so maybe more about that

Master Fu comes along for the ride?

Chat accidentally speaking Chinese?!

LB training dragons again?



A Tribute to X-ray&Vav: A Pop Danthology

Note: Vimeo back-up since youtube has muted the entire audio for one measly song claim. So here it is for the time being.

Warning spoilers!!!!

Hey so wow this was a long work in progress for me that I had to sit back and show patience for. Basically I’ve had to wait to make this since early August. So once I finally had all the footage I needed I got straight to work and put many a tears, frustrations (and wondering why I ever thought an almost 8 min long am would be a good idea) and time (It took about 12-15 hours overall) to complete this monster of a video. I am really happy with how this turned out, like I love this so much and I hope you guys do as well.

2 things, though. One is I know people are gonna rage about a certain part in this video. my options were to not do anything for that part, cut it or just suck it up and do it. Since i thought it fit x-ray I went ahead and kept the part in. Lastly, even though I know it’ll be lost on people I found translated gingham style lyrics and matched video to those lyrics. So that part isn’t just random nonsense.
Honestly, I sincerely hope you enjoy this video because I put a lot of love and effort into it. Even though there really aren’t any super special effects I still think it is one of my best works. I have more videos coming soon and I cannot wait for season 3 of XRNV.

Song: Pop Danthology 2012
Artist: Daniel Kim

casuallycoldstudent  asked:

I watched Stranger Things and liked it very much. So, can you please recommend me book having this type of 'Things'??????

Yassss I loved Stranger Things, I cannot wait for season 2!! Here are some books to hold you over until the new season airs.

  1. A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness 
  2. The Girl with the Silver Eyes by Willo Davis Roberts 
  3. The Boy Who Drew Monsters by Keith Donohue 
  4. White Is for Witching by Helen Oyeyemi 
  5. Boy’s Life, by Robert McCammon 
  6. Watchers by Dean Koontz
  7. Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury
  8. Dangerous Laughter by Steven Millhauser 
  9. The Lost Estateby Alan-Fournier 
  10. Let the Right One In by John Ajvide Lindqvist 

I think fans of the show would really love books 1-6! Happy reading, watch for flickering lights! 

okay but i’m still super annoyed that karen didn’t find out about matt being daredevil because frank just kinda…mentioned it in passing??? like you cannot tell me frank “observant when it comes to people” castle didn’t realize this fact so quickly 

i’m absolutely cracking myself up thinking about this like he just kinda says something about it and karen is all “wait whAT” and frank is just 


he doesn’t even disguise his voice


A Tribute to X-ray&Vav: A Pop Danthology

EDIT READ: Youtube has muted the audio and since I am unsure how to progress with disputing a copyright claim I have reuploaded the video here on vimeo.

You can still watch and enjoy there.

Warning spoilers!!!!

Hey so wow this was a long work in progress for me that I had to sit back and show patience for. Basically I’ve had to wait to make this since early August. So once I finally had all the footage I needed I got straight to work and put many a tears, frustrations (and wondering why I ever thought an almost 8 min long am would be a good idea) and time (It took about 12-15 hours overall) to complete this monster of a video. I am really happy with how this turned out, like I love this so much and I hope you guys do as well.

2 things, though. One is I know people are gonna rage about a certain part in this video. my options were to not do anything for that part, cut it or just suck it up and do it. Since i thought it fit x-ray I went ahead and kept the part in. Lastly, even though I know it’ll be lost on people I found translated gingham style lyrics and matched video to those lyrics. So that part isn’t just random nonsense.

Honestly, I sincerely hope you enjoy this video because I put a lot of love and effort into it. Even though there really aren’t any super special effects I still think it is one of my best works. I have more videos coming soon and I cannot wait for season 3 of XRNV.

Song: Pop Danthology 2012

Artist: Daniel Kim

calli’s fic picks - 10/19/16

We’re on the back side of October already! Where does the time go! How is the fandom doing? Last week was such a good episode, I know a lot of you are cautiously optimistic about what’s to come. I know this is a roller coaster, there’ll be ups and downs, but we’re always headed towards the destination and the ride is the whole point. Let’s enjoy it!

Part of enjoying it is reading fanfic. At least for me. 😉 Fic is what gets me through. Lifts me up, makes me think, gives me hope and soothes the ills. Without further ado, here are my fic picks for the week. 

The Predator by @supersillyanddorky06 - Matty is back! And with her came updates for this amazing fic. Don’t ever leave us again because this is exactly the sort of fic we all need right now. The motorcycle ride in the last chapter (a longtime wish of mine for the show, btw) alone is worth the read. Plus there’s mystery? And did I mention the sizzling sexual chemistry! 

Treading Water by ekbelfield - This is an older fic, but OH MY CHEEZITS. GUYS. This is amazing. In it, Tommy and Oliver own a resort/rafting adventure/wilderness adventure place and Felicity is there on a company retreat. Ray is creepy, Oliver is amazing, the flirting is real and it’s just… everything. I never knew I wanted this fic till I read it and now I wish it was 100 chapters long so I could keep reading it. 

The Jerk by LEYTON_NALEY - She posted the last chapter of this story this last week and the ending was just as amazing (moreso, even!) than I’d hoped. This is about Playboy!Oliver, being a jerk and getting stuck by the thunderbolt of love when he meets Felicity. So much sex. So much awesome. 

Picture Perfect by @thebookjumper - This one is killing me softly, folks. I think I’m as excited for new pics (and updates) as Oliver is. This story is an AU of season 2, where Felicity is anonymously sending Oliver faceless sexy pics of herself. But it’s also so much MORE than that. Because she’s already caught feelings and he’s realizing he caught feelings and he wants these pics to be Felicity… there’s a reveal coming and I CANNOT WAIT. 

The Edge of Hope by @thatmasquedgirl - I love the movie Pacific Rim. Seriously adore it. And this is the best Pacific Rim AU I’ve read. She really gets into what drifting is like, what it takes to be a compatible team and the logistics of operating a Jager. Oh and Oliver and Felicity are AMAZINGLY compatible and the partnership and friendship and respect and growing affection and LOVE is just… right on. There’s one more chapter left and I’m hoping she doesn’t break my heart but so far? LOVE THIS ONE. 

Hauntings of the Future by @geniewithwifi - This was an amazing one shot, a heartbreaking glimpse into Oliver when he’s feeling his worst and how Felicity gives him hope. It’s achingly beautiful. If you haven’t read this one yet, please give it a try. It’s truly amazing. 

Recipe for Romance by Weareallstoriesintheend - You would not believe the noises I made when I read this. In this AU, Oliver owns a farm and has a crush on Felicity, whom he meets at the Farmer’s Market. He thinks she has a boyfriend. Thea and Dig and Tommy all give Oliver a hard time about this. Everything is so sweet I just want to die when I think about it. This will put a smile on your face. I promise. 

I hope everyone enjoys the show tonight! I feel like I know NOTHING about what’s going to happen, outside of Cody Rhodes guest starring. 😂 And that’s a good thing! I love not knowing! See you on the other side, fam! 

anonymous asked:

What is your opinion about the Bee Miraculous, do you think that it will be Cloe or will it be a new character??? And what do you think about her weapon, the spinning top, I think its pretty cool!!! Thanks dor answering!! :) :) :)

In my opinion, it is currently looking like Chloe is going to get it (the various hints about the new Miraculous Holder) and I hope they do so in a smooth and well thought out way. I personally like the idea of a redemption arc for Chloe in which she gets the Bee Miraculous! I also really like the spinning top idea and I cannot wait to see how they are going to use all of the new pun material (the bee’s knees, did you hear the new buzz, etc.)(I mean there is just so much pun-tential!) and all of the other excitement that looks like it is coming in season 2!!

“I rely on you” : Olicity in 2x10

I flipping love the 2x08-2x10 arc. Along with the adorkable puppy Barry Allen, we received such a hefty dose of Jealous!Oliver and beautiful Olicity sparks like we’d never seen before. We got our first hug. But we also got quieter moments filled with meaningful dialogue and intense staring (re: “I’ll come back.” – “Promise me.”).

I still cherish the classic Olicity reconciliation scene of 2x10, which kind of instilled the Olicity fight formula we became very familiar with in season 3. Here, Oliver genuinely apologizes to Felicity with zero prompting from anyone, other than his own guilt and nagging desire to restore their kindred rapport. 

Stephen Amell does such a splendid job showing how uncomfortable Oliver is this entire time. He fidgets. He moves his head a lot. He shuffles on his feet. His hand incessantly twitches. Still, he presses on. He doesn’t let discomfort stop him, because he knows this is important. He knows she needs to hear it as much as he needs to say it. 

He apologizes not once but twice. And the second time, his voice changes. It’s softer. It’s more like his Felicity voice.

One thing I appreciate about this scene is that Oliver doesn’t offer any excuses to try to justify his behavior. He doesn’t say, “I’m sorry, but…” He just says, “I’m sorry.” And that’s all Felicity needs to hear. It’s Felicity who in turn tells him she understands his head isn’t exactly in the game either as of late. 

Instead of just accepting the easy excuse, however, Oliver tells her the truth, in his own very Oliver way. 

He needs her here.

He needs her with him.

Truly, what I love most about this scene is Oliver’s beautiful account of how important Diggle and Felicity are to him. 2x10 marks the first time Oliver clearly states how much he needs his team. In 1x14, Felicity asked Diggle, “Why [did he] come to me?” And Diggle’s reply was this: “As hard as it is for him to admit, even Oliver needs help sometimes.” 

It’s still hard, but now Oliver is finally admitting this very point which first brought them together. It’s something that Oliver needed to acknowledge, as a kind of validation of Original Team Arrow, only to reiterate it more assuredly in 2x21 with, “This started with the three of us.” 

You know what else I love about this admission? The way Oliver says it.

Notice the body language. The way he pauses. The little sigh. And yep, the very slight, so minuscule you’ll miss it, headshake. It’s Oliver’s classic tell for when he’s speaking a truth so profound it almost takes him by surprise. This parallels rather nicely with another revelation that happens 13 episodes later, doesn’t it? 

I rely on you.

I love you.

The wording is so close. Both statements are important steps for Oliver and Felicity’s growing relationship. And in both cases, Oliver wears the Arrow suit with the hood down, a visual reinforcement of his most vulnerable state. He embodies his truest self wearing that suit while showing his face.

Oliver says he relies on her. And Felicity responds with, “Does that mean I have a shot…?”

I will always appreciate Emily’s reading of this line. The tentative pause that she puts here is so critical. 

Ignoring the unintended pun, this millisecond break after shot adds a double meaning behind her words. In 2x09, Slade’s VO proclaimed that he would “corrupt those Oliver loves,” meanwhile the camera focused on Felicity. And then, coming off winter hiatus, the show uses this moment to subtly remind us that the whole “corrupt those he loves” thing was very much intentional. 

So with both Felicity’s line and Slade’s line, one question remains: Does Felicity have a shot at being the one Oliver loves? We know the answer to that now. But at the time, this line was just one more hint, one more clue, one more piece of hope for us to cling to during the coming episodes. 

There’s obviously much more to say about this wonderful scene, but this concludes my rant of adoration for now. Season 2 was such a masterpiece. Thanks for reading, friends. I also personally cannot wait to see what Season 4 brings us next week.

Bonus: Queen of Denial lingering-on-her-when-she-isn’t-looking eye flutter.

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