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Have some Shiro and Keith to brighten your Thursday. I had to take a break from clean comic lines, animated proportions and halftone and this sort of happened? Whew - nice to go back to my style comfort zone!

So - I finally finished Voltron season 2 - can you tell? Yeah - pretty sure I ship the hell out of this now. Keith’s character development was so awesome. I just need these precious space babies to have a happy ending T_T. 

If you haven’t seen Voltron yet - you should! You may not think it’s something you would normally enjoy, but trust me it will grab you. It’s done by the same team that did Avatar and Korra. So if you liked those it will blow your mind.

Also I need to know - who the hell was that Galra in the Weblum??

Yuri's future height

So I sort of checked the World Health Organisation growth charts and based on them and his height at 15, Yuri would probably end up the same height as Yuuri. If he was, you know, a real boy.

So now I can’t stop thinking about him borrowing Yuuri’s clothes. You know, like when he randomly sleeps over at Yuuri and Victor’s place and it’s cold out and he needs another jumper or something when he goes home the next morning.

And would Otabek be jealous? Or would he be all, “I’m secure enough in myself and my relationship that I’m not threatened by Yuri wearing another man’s clothes…”

These are the important questions while we wait for season 2…

In Case You Missed It - Masterpost

I’m not sure if you guys have noticed, but tumblr has been full of *stuff* lately. Everything keeps getting buried.  Because of that, I’ve decided to help everyone out with a list of a few fics/drabbles that you might have missed.  No, this isn’t me pimping out my own fic; this is fic that was either sent to me because I asked for people’s personal favorites, or fic that I’d noticed went unnoticed.  So, read all of this.  Now.  Because I said so. 

Things You Said You Loved About Me by @alittlemissfit –

*A beautiful prompt inspired drabble that takes place between IWTB and the Revival.  It offers us a little insight to Scully’s state of mind while on the run, and a peek into their world while living out of suitcases.  It’s beautiful.

Prompts 33 & 53 by @baronessblixen

*Oh man.  Drunk/high!Mulder is something we don’t get often enough, and this little diddy gives us that in all of it’s glory.  This was such an enjoyable read, and it may have produced a little giggle out of me (which is hard to do).

All the Little Things by @frangipanidownunder

*Are you a sucker for anything cancer arc? Yeah, me too.  This hurt my heart in all the right ways, and I loved every. freaking. second. of it. 

Ripper Weather by @sunflowerseedsandscience

*A casefile!  Written recently!  How the hell did we miss this??  Casefiles are so freaking rare these days, so you better run like motherfellas and get to reading this.  

Two Spooky Agents Get It On Over Some Redwood by @twospookyagents 

*HOO BOY this was fun!  If you need fun smut in your life, then this is the answer to your prayers.  Such a great read by some really awesome authors. Bonus:  There’s a part 2!

 The Things She Carries by @edierone

*Phew, I need a minute… *fans self*  You will need many cold showers after reading this series.  I just…wow.  Wow. 

Shear Bliss by @bohoartist – 

*This is the new holy grail for “On the Run” in character smut biscuits.  It has everything you could ask for, everything you could envision about their sexy times when the angst had to be at an all-time high.  

A Preponderance of the Evidence by @kateyes224

*This is quite possibly one of my favorite WIPs right now.  Did you ever wonder what happened after Never Again?  So did I, until this baby was written.  Now this is headcanon.  Part 2 is here!  And Part 3 is rumored to be coming soon.

The Only Choice by @scullys-right-eyebrow-txf

*An in-between-the-scenes for seasons 7 and 8???? HELL TO THE YES. The writing is spot. on. with this one, and good golly is it a good read.

In the Embers by @looking-for-life-elsewhere

*A beautifully written missing scene from Herrenvolk.  Simply wonderful.

Things You Said When I Was Crying by @puzzlingpeace

*A post ep for Orison, which needs alllllllll of the post ep fic, truthfully.  The angst is so real in this one, and just so utterly perfect.  

Late Night Steps by @cosmic-files-87

*This list doesn’t have nearly enough fluff, and this wonderful little fluff biscuit is the remedy for that.  There wasn’t nearly enough fluffy moments in the show (duh), so I read as much of it as possible.  Gimme all the fluff. Can I say fluff just one more time?  Fluff. 

Blame Me, I Meant No Harm by @chileananderson

*Do you ever want to message a writer telling them to screw off because their writing is just *THAT* beautiful?  That’s how I feel with this lady here.  This letter to Scully hits your right in the feels and stuns you with it’s beauty at the same time.  

Things You Said by @somekindofseizure

*An incredible MSR series written via anon prompts.  The writing is exceptional, as usual, and this series leaves me feeling inspired.  As does all of the work by this incredible author. 

Then the Bomb by @all-these-ghosts

*This pre/post col WIP series is seriously one of the most creatively written ones I’ve seen thus far.  The dynamics between the characters is perfection.  If you’re not reading this, then you’re failing our fandom. 

***More to be added soon****

i don’t know about you guys, but i was in total awe of oswald’s character development in the last episode. the fact that he went from being completely selfish, hellbent on his own survival, to being willing to DIE for ed is just amazing?? like, i’m still not over it. he was willing to be tortured rather than betray ed, even after EVERYTHING ed admitted to. not only did ed try to kill him (in a very violent, painful, way) but ed admitted to leaving elijah’s remains in a dumpster. (i mean, i think that’s not true, but we all know ed treats corpses badly, so who knows??)

even babs was stunned at oswald’s love for ed. she looks at him like she can’t believe it, and she even has to repeat it back to him. “so you’d rather die than give up the man who tried to kill you?” because this is such a huge deal for oswald, and babs knows that.

oswald was more than willing to let butch shoot ed for “betraying” him in episode 5 (when ed took the money back from the voters). but now? oswald would rather die than see ed hurt, even after everything. i am still so fucking shook over that. it’s such a beautiful thing.

ANYWAY. @colfernygma‘s gifset (here) made me realise something. in season 1, oswald says that love is weakness (“your greatest passion becomes your greatest weakness”) which is an obvious parallel to what ed says in season 2 (”but for you and i, it [love] will always be our most crippling weakness”).

but oswald is now at a point where he doesn’t see love as a weakness. it’s his strength. he was willing to put someone else before himself, and he is now more emotionally “mature” than ed. if you squint, every time oswald talks to ed in episode 14, he’s basically trying to help ed see the truth – that ed does love him, that they need each other, that ed didn’t really love isabella.

he even corrects ed, at one point. ed says “i’ve killed before, oswald,” and oswald says “not like this”. okay, oswald’s making the point that ed loves him, which ed claims to not be true, but COME ON. ed is so obviously conflicted about shooting oswald, it’s not even worth going into here. (but for a beautiful, in-depth analysis of ed’s feelings on the shooting, check out @edngyma’s meta here!) oswald is the more emotionally mature of the two of them, even though ed’s the one in a position of power.

oswald is playing the martyr card really hard in this scene. he’s desperately trying to enlighten ed, to make him see the Truth – that he does love and need oswald. but edward nygma is in so much denial it’s literally tragic. he doesn’t want to see past his anger at what oswald did. he doesn’t want to entertain the possibility that he loves oswald, because he’s too blinded by his own pain at oswald’s betrayal. (again, further proof that oswald is more emotionally mature than ed at this point. oswald was able to see past ed’s betrayal, because he loves him.)

ever since the first season, oswald has been steps ahead of ed, narratively. when ed was a nerdy smol, working at the g.c.p.d., oswald was murdering his way up the criminal ladder. oswald was on his Villain Journey way before ed. oswald really took up the moniker of the penguin at the end of season 1, and ed hasn’t even been called the riddler yet.

and then, in season 2, ed was fanboying over oswald and wanted him to be his murder senpai, because ed was still behind oswald, narratively. ed has always been following oswald’s lead. since getting out of arkham, ed has even dressed like oswald. he’s always been playing catch up.

people have already paralleled ed shooting oswald to oswald pushing fish off the roof in the season 1 finale, so i’m gonna bring that up now. oswald had to kill fish, to fully blossom into a beautiful criminal kingpin in season 2. it was a case of the student becoming the teacher (with a dash of homicide).

oswald has always been ed’s teacher. ed asked to be oswald’s student in season 2. (“i brought you here, in part, because i was hoping you could guide me on this new path.”) and then, after getting out of arkham, oswald gave ed suits, and a home, and a position of power. though ed had become a murderer all by himself, he was still subordinate to oswald. he still looked up to oswald. he even says it (“i continue to be in awe of you oswald”).

in order to fully begin his riddler journey, ed needed to “kill” his mentor, as a symbolic way of letting him go and moving on without him. to edward, oswald has fulfilled his purpose as his teacher. ed has to assert his position as a Badass Villain (in the eyes of babs and tabs and butch) by killing his mentor. like oswald killing fish to show everyone that they shouldn’t mess him with, ed “killed” oswald to prove to the criminal underworld that he’s not someone to be trifled with.

to drag it back to my original point: oswald had already gone through a version of this arc. as with everything, it took ed longer to reach this narrative place. but now he has, and we all know he’s gonna go on to don the ridiculous green suit and bowler hat, and fully embrace the riddler aesthetic.

so, at some point, ed is going to have to come to realisation that love ISN’T a weakness, but a strength. in season 2, when he says “for you and i, it will always be our most crippling weakness”, he’s including oswald in that. “for BOTH OF US love is weakness”. but love is no longer a weakness for oswald. love is a strength.

now it’s ed’s turn to come to that realisation. oswald’s already TOLD him – “you need me, edward nygma. just as i need you. you cannot have one without the other.” oswald and ed are stronger as a team than they are apart. oswald knows this, but ed doesn’t. not yet, anyway.

it makes sense that oswald comes to the realisation that love is actually a strength before ed does. because oswald has always been ahead of ed. this is just a continuation of the pattern that ed and oswald always follow. oswald is, as always, steps ahead of ed.

HUNK IS FAT (a response to @uberdepressedtrashcan)

 okay people, let’s do this

as you can see, hunk is a big boi. HOWEVER. because of this, many people were hurt and offended by hunk’s treatment in season 2 of voltron, because 1) he didn’t get much development or attention and 2) there were fat jokes in every episode. now the treatment of fat characters like this is something we’ve been seeing for a long time. so it wasn’t surprising that this happened to hunk, but it was disappointing.

hunk is the only fat member of team voltron. shiro is muscular but not plus sized, keith and lance are stick-thin, and pidge is skinny and tiny. the other characters, coran and allura, are also not fat. this is why the fat jokes in season 2 of voltron were not acceptable. when the only fat character makes cracks about loving food and wanting to eat in every episode, it perpetuates the age-old stereotype that fat people only think about food, food, and more food. there are all kinds of reasons for a person to be fat, including just having that as their natural body type (this seem’s to be hunk’s case).

now yesterday i became aware of another problem: the fact that some people are saying that because hunk isn’t “overweight” (read: obese and flabby) he can’t ACTUALLY be fat.

this is not true.

recently, tumblr user @uberdepressedtrashcan made this mess of a post, in which they claim that because hunk’s weight is made up of “functional muscle” instead of squishy cellulite, this means he is NOT fat and therefore the season 2 fat jokes shouldn’t be hurtful. basically they spout a bunch of blatant fatphobia:

now. the word “fat” as referring to body type does not mean that you need to be obese or overweight. it also is not referring to your health, fat =/= unhealthy. the word is referring to your size. hunk is wide around the middle and the chest, larger than some of his fellow paladins. in fact his waist is twice as big as lance and keith’s, even though all three boys are the same age.

hunk is fat. this has nothing to do with his health, how often he exercises, or what he eats. in fact, hunk is most likely in fantastic shape, considering how hard the students of the garrison trained for their future careers, and how hard the paladins of voltron train each day for battle. hunk is a healthy, fit individual, and this last part may shock and awe you, so prepare yourselves: he is still fat.

one last thing: trying to say that hunk is not fat, despite the obvious evidence that he is, is fatphobic. it doesn’t matter if you mean to be fatphobic. it doesn’t matter if you think it’s fatphobic. it still is. as i’ve already said above, hunk is the only fat main character in voltron. claiming that he isn’t fat, just because he doesn’t fit your stereotyped view of what a fat person should look like? that’s taking away our only fat character. rather than address voltron’s fat representation and why it wasn’t done well, this person chose to try to remove the representation altogether. 

removing representation is never the way to go, whether the character is female, fat, nonwhite, LGBTPN, disabled, mentally ill, etc. instead, it’s important to look at the representation you do have and to think critically about how you could improve it.

TL:DR; hunk is still fat. thank you for your time

Quick Fic Recs

What’s up my guys after season 2 I went hunting for some fresh content and found some nice fics, ayo :3c Most of these are Klance because I’m basic and also the general Voltron ao3 tag is scarring on a good day so I don’t like going through it lmaoo.

Honestly you can probably find these fics just by hunting through the first couple of pages but.. whatever lmao

Gen fic:

Knowledge or Death (And Ignorance is Bliss) by squirenonny

Keith tells the rest of the team what he learned in the Trials of Marmora.

[Season Two spoilers! Set between “The Blade of Marmora” and “The Belly of the Weblum”]

So yeah, a nice no-relationships just feel-good-family-feels fic. I felt like the reactions were in-character and realistic, and the way you can see the Paladins adjust and accept Keith warms my heart. I especially enjoyed the platonic Keith and Lance and Keith and Pidge. Really, really nice!!!

Klance fics lmao:

Keep reading

Ok everyone in the Sweet/Vicious part of tumblr is freaking the fuck out, reasonably, bc it looks like MTV might cancel the show.

Which is not unfounded, seeing as they took it off the website and app.

However, if that does end up being the case, we can’t give up just bc it got cancelled! If this does happen, we needa redirect our attention towards Netflix and Hulu and other channels that might pick it up. We needa be smart about this.

So continue going on twitter and writing @mtv to #RenewSweetVicious as well as to @netflix and @hulu and whatever you can think of.

Let’s try and plan a date too, to try and get a hashtag trending. I’ve never tried organizing anything like that before so I might need some help on that front.

EDIT: Date is now Sunday the 23rd if anyone is interested in getting this shit trending!!!

The S/V community may be small, but if we can get a season 2, it’s gonna grow. Trust me, it will. We just gotta get that far.

Bojack Horseman’s one ‘fuck’ a season rule

“You know what it was like for me? I had nobody. Everybody left. I knew all those showbiz phonies would turn on me. Sure. But you? I don’t care about the job! I did fine. I had a good life. But what I needed then was a friend, and you abandoned me. And I will never forgive you for that. Now, get the fuck out of my house.”
- Herb Kazzaz, Season 1 Episode 8

“Don’t. Don’t you dare. If you are not out of my driveway in thirty minutes, I will call the police. And if you ever try to contact me or my family again, I will fucking kill you.”
- Charlotte Moore, Season 2 Episode 11 

“You can’t keep doing this! You can’t keep doing shitty things, and then feel bad about yourself, like that makes it okay! You need to be better! You are all the things that are wrong with you. It’s not the alcohol, or the drugs, or any of the shitty things that happened to you during your career, or when you were a kid. It’s you. All right? It’s you. Fuck, man. What else is there to say?”
- Todd Chavez, Season 3 Episode 10

I think that Matt said in an interview one time that Malec was going to end season 2A in the honeymoon stage, so hopefully what ever they fight about in 2x09, it will be resolved by the end of 2x10. I mean, Matt and Harry have both been pretty honest about Malec this season. Also, I hope that all of this fandom discourse can be resolved in the space of time between 2x10 and 2x11 because remember, this is still the same lovely cast we were introduced to back in the spring of 2015 who made us laugh during interviews, comic con, and all the on set antics. You know as well as I do that even though some of you are mad at some of the cast right now, you don’t want to see the cast leave, and you don’t want the show to end. I’m sure Emeraude didn’t mean to offend anyone, and Matt and Harry have no control over how the episodes are written or edited. We’ve gone on such a big journey with this cast. I’m sorry that this post was kind of long and sappy, but this is how I feel about this, and this fandom discourse needs to stop.

Semblances have more than one trait...

Edit: to put commas and have stuff make more sense…

I feel like this has been confirmed in the most recent season. But there is still a bunch of people having arguments about it so Imma put my 2 cents. YES a semblances is one thing. You can only have one semblance… but like a bunch of shit it can come with side effects. Just like you have a cold… You got runny nose a fever and then some. Now I need to go back and look at the other characters that have shown semblances to see what their side effect is but this is what I have for now….  Let me get into it.

RUBY: Can burst into rose petals and move faster than most. The side affect is her being able to use her speed without bursting into rose petals. But when she does ((become rose petals)) that is the true form of her semblance and when she is fastest.

WEISS/WINTER: The glyphs. Their main glyphs give them speed when the glyphs interact with dust the properties change. Their summoning glyph is Their main semblance and what their other glyphs work up too. 

YANG: Without activating her semblance, it lets her take the hits and she can start dealing them back with more force. When it is activated is when all the damage that was done manifests into adrenaline letting her deal the damage twice as hard.

NORA: Her semblance truly becomes active after an electrical charge. But as a side effect she has better control over muscle commands giving her superhuman strength on the regular.

QROW: He can turn into a crow that’s main part of the semblance a side effect is his ability to be a bad luck charm. 

REN: I call it peace of mind. It calms down the emotions and renders whoever is affected by his semblance invisible to the grimm; Only makes the people affected invisible to grimm not to other people. The side effect can be seen in Ren when he is outside of a battle it calms the emotions on the regular. 

EMERALD: Illusions. She is able to manipulate the vision and hearing parts of the mind to give whoever is under her control a realistic image… Side effect… Emotional state. She is able to throw of their mental stability by causing panic rage, or with Amber and the people she steals from a sense of trust or happiness. 

((edit to add more))FLYNT: I like to call his the echo. His clones are tangible but they don’t have minds of their own they merely echo what Flynt does, the downside/side effect is it has to keep his full attention or it doesn’t work but that is also a bonus considering that he has the ability to hyper focus enough to make his echos deadly

PYRRHA: polarity magnets!!! Yay! He side affect is not only controlling it but sensing the metal and adjusting herself to deflect without her semblance. Most prominent in her fight against CRDN.

BLAKE: Shadow has she calls it leaves a solid mimic of herself but idk if anyone else sees it but when she drops a shadow she goes invisible and becomes fast enough, when in close range, you can almost say homegirl is teleporting. She gets a hella speed boost when a shadow is dropped that and she can infuse a shadow with dust.

SUN: I call his outlines. They can be soild but it looks like they aren’t soild until contact with a target. I haven’t gotten to see a side effect but the fact that the outlines don’t stay soild the whole time sun can make more and that’s just cool so this is just me gushing about my ab boy.

((HOW DID I FORGET MY BAE)) GOODWITCH: Telepathy! Not just Telepathy homegirl has mastered her semblance so nasty that she can make items turn back time to their original form/state with little use of her aura! Obviously it can take a toll shown by her trying to rebuild beacon but my boo GOODWITCH IS THE SHIT

Most of the fandom, I have no idea why, think that semblance is a completely different thing that does not draw from Aura. I have seen too many videos and post questioning “Why don’t they use it more?” “The battle could have ended quickly!” “Why wasn’t Qrow’s active all these other times?!”

AURA! Semblances draw the power from Aura. Qrow’s aura was focused on the poison running through him ((another reason I think homie stays drunk to try to nullify the bad luck, even though it doesn’t work too well)) REN couldn’t use it in battle cause 1. his hand would have had to stay on the ground the whole time taking him out of the battle and 2. it takes a lot of Aura and we have seen that he runs out pretty quick.

now if you’ll excuse me… Imma go look at the other characters I haven’t mentioned so I can add more to my worthless post lol

does this count as a ramble…. Imma tag it as a ramble



So reblog (or like, I don’t really have a preference) if your blog has (doesn’t have to have all of these btw, but they do need to be voltron related. It’s also OK if you post other stuff to your blog)



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-overall just a nice blog


-I’m a sucker for klangst, langst, but also fluff. So, if your blog is all of them I’ll be very interested.

I’ll check out your blog and hopefully follow it <3

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VLD Season 2 in a Nutshell
  • Haggar: My lord, you're killing the druids with this overtime.
  • Zarkon: Well, maybe I wouldn't have to if you'd just do your jobs right and make Shiro give me my lion back!
  • Haggar: Sir, we can DRAIN Voltron's LIFE FORCE. You don't need the lion.
  • Zarkon: Now look what you've done, I'm resorting to punching my own soldiers into walls because you're all so useless.
  • Haggar: My lord, Commander Thace is a spy! Are...are you even listening?!
  • Zarkon: I can't hear you over the sound of me calling the Black Lion!
  • Haggar: You literally broke up ten thousand years ago, move on already.
What if Hannah's alive? (Theory for Season 2)

So everyone has been talking about Netflix’s new original series Thirteen Reasons Why based off of Jay Asher’s bestselling book of the same name. Now a lot of people are coming out with their own theories on how the series could continue since we are left with an open ending with Clay and Tony driving off after skipping class with Skye and Tony’s boyfriend, Brad. 

There have been several theories circulating around like how the lawsuit will play out, Jessica’s rape going to trial, etc. But questions still remain like: who got shot, why does Justin need all that money AND a gun? Is Tyler going to become outcast turned school shooter? This show basically covers a lot of social conversations that need to be addressed, from bullying to mental illness, domestic violence, rape, gun control, gun violence, the list goes on people. 

Something I feel some people may have missed: since we’re preoccupied with the ending cause holy shit there’s a lot of guns suddenly in this show and someone got shot! I feel this distracts us from something that may lead to a great storyline for a (possible) season 2. 

Now for those of you familiar with the original novel, you know that at the end of 2016 going into 2017 Jay Asher released the Special Edition: 10th Anniversary version of Thirteen Reasons Why. Not just some marketing ploy but at the end of the book it includes the original ending Asher thought. 2017 version begins where we left off: Clay at school the day after sending the tapes. As seen throughout the series, Clay stares at Hannah’s locker. In this case,Clay is  standing in front of Hannah’s memoriam of a locker when he’s told Hannah actually survived and is recovering in the hospital in a psychiatric unit where she’s getting the help she needs.

Now the major difference in the book vs. the series (besides a more intense and in depth storyline between Hannah and Clay) they changed how Hannah would die. Hannah instead of OD-ing on pills (which since her parents own a pharmacy I feel that would’ve worked the same but whatever), she slits her wrist. 

Okay so I’m a nursing/pre-med student so I’m like a stickler for medical accuracy. Generally it takes a person to bleed out from a major artery (e.g. carotid artery in your neck). Hannah having slit her wrists (i.e. the radial artery) it actually takes longer when you factor in certain details, like blood pressure, depth of cut, temperature of her environment. Now you see Hannah later slumped over in the tub presumably dead and the water has overflowed the tub that the water spills into the hall. Standard bath tubs hold 30-50 gallons of water and takes about 10-15 to reach maximum capacity to which it begins overflowing. Because of the chemical structure of water, water tends to retain it’s surface area so let’s estimate Hannah was in the bathtub approx. 30-60 minutes. Now here’s the catch: unless you bleed out from a major artery, your body is amazing since it’s goal is to maintain homeostasis (balance of internal mechanisms like body temperature and heart rate), it literally does anything to keep you alive. Before the body gives up (i.e. brain death), your body will keep you alive for as long as possible as it goes into what I’d call “panic mode”: your body goes into shock and you become unconscious to ensure the body doesn’t exert all it’s energy. Think of it as your natural survival mechanism is acting on energy saver mode. And even in the event of brain death or complete exsanguination, there have been cases of medical miracles where people are revived and survive. These cases range from major car accidents to suicide.

How this ties in: Hannah’s mom, Olivia finds Hannah slumped over in the tub, this could mean either: (a) Hannah is dead or (b) Hannah is just unconscious barely holding onto life. The lawsuit the Bakers are filing (since you can make a lawsuit for literally anything these days–note: reasons why we can’t have nice things) could be neglect and extreme emotional distressed caused by Hannah’s (attempted(?)) suicide; if Hannah is alive, this means they could sue the school to cover medical expenses for Hannah’s hospital stay. Since the series doesn’t give us a definitive answer of whether or not Hannah is dead, it’s just hinted (i.e. there’s no funeral service for Hannah); which means Hannah may or may not be dead. Hannah is basically Schrödinger’s cat: she could be alive, she could be dead, this is all dependent on how the producers plan on making season 2, so stay tuned!

Why it’s important: I love this book, this series, and I’m just a sucker for happy endings. Now in the new revised 2017 edition with the original ending, no one knows until last minute that Hannah is still alive– not even Tony. The Bakers kept it a big secret, and if you incorporate this into the series plot line, it would make sense why: to build a better case. The only reason Clay finds out is through news from Courtney Crimsen tells him (*this could be edited to Jessica tells him in the beginning of season 2). Many people like the original ending, it creates conversation about teenage suicide and noticing the warning signs and how bullying often contributes to a person’s suicide. But I think having Hannah survive sends an even bigger message. It shows recovery, redemption, renewal, rebirth. Hannah would get a second chance, Clay can love Hannah. Season 2 (and/or 3) could follow how Hannah is adjusting to surviving her suicide and how she can help others with her story.

Scream Fans at the end of season 2
  • Emrey Shippers: It's almost cannon
  • Critics: Kieran's Acting Though
  • Nostavo Shippers: Well at least they had SOME scenes but IT WILL HAPPEN!IT WILL
  • Mitzgerald Shippers: *cry in corner*
  • Zoe and Jake Fans: This show is still Racist!
  • Scream Theorists: All those theories for Nothing, it was sooo obvious
  • Horror Fans: AH the references
  • Half the Fandom: BEX I LOVE YOU!
  • The Whole Fandom: Haley died for a dick
  • Me: Still mourning Rachel and Riley