season 2 ep. 21

• bon voyage season 2
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+ ep.1 - aloha~ hawaii! (47'16")
+ ep.1 behind cam (9'34")
+ ep.2 - henna, turtle, keyring (54’)
+ ep.2 behind cam (10’)

• bts home party encore (18'24")

• bts 2016 memories (393’ / 6h33’)

PDH Ep. 21: Gene was talking to Ein on the phone!

The conversation Gene was having on his phone in “An Omega Is Chosen” (ep. 21 PDH Season 2) caught my attention. He was talking to someone about “pictures” and “hair dye”, and I immediately thought of Ein…Gene has stated that he wants pictures of Aphmau, and it just so happens that in Mystreet: Emerald Secret (Ep. 13 “I will always love you”) Ein HAS pictures of Aphmau from high school at PDH. A LOT OF THEM.

Also, just listen to what Gene said in the conversation:
“Seriously, it’s been so long. These pictures you got better be good….Perfect! Then give them to me and then I’ll give you more of the dye. Fair trade, no?…Cool. Congratulations. I don’t care…Mhmm…Yeah, I’ll give you some more advice….Wait–gah! I don’t care about whatever you’re talking about! Just do what you said you’d do. Now, Bye!”

Now, if I were Ein at the end of the line in this conversation, then I can fill in how the whole conversation went…
Gene: “Seriously, it’s been so long. These pictures you got better be good.”
Ein: “They are. Trust me.”
Gene: “Perfect! Then give them to me and then I’ll give you more of the dye. Fair trade, no?”
Ein: “Yeah…Oh, did I tell you that I just got picked to be the new Male Alpha of the school?”
Gene: “Cool. Congratulations. I don’t care.”
Ein: “I wouldn’t have become the Alpha if it wasn’t for your advice. Having everyone walk all over me to get her to feel sorry for me actually worked.”
Gene: “Mhmm.”
Ein: “Do you mind if you could give me more advice?”
Gene: “Yeah, I’ll give you some more advice.”

That’s how I think the convo went if I’m right about Ein being the one Gene was talking to. It fits so well, especially after knowing what Ein did in Mystreet: Emerald Secret. Gene knows how to manipulate Aphmau since he used to do it all the time when he still went to PDH. I don’t know how Ein would know Gene personally, so this is just a theory that makes a lot of sense to me. 

September 2017 anime - manga - books - movies

This is gonna be MUCH shorter than usual… two reasons: exams and a two-week school trip to Greece (it was awesome, if anyone wants to know… lots of old stones xD)

We just got back from that yesterday… or was it the day before? Whatever

Ok - let’s start with the walk of shame…


I didn’t read a single book.

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I’m afraid I’ll have to change my user name now … 


My Hero Academia Season 2 ep. 21 - 23

I can’t believe that this season is over and there was a third one announced AND I STILL HAVEN’T FINISHED IT

Nanbaka Season 2

I was at home sick feeling like shit and this cheered me up lots ^-^

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Naruto ep. 120 and 121

Should I skip the filler episodes that go from 136 (I think) to 220 and start with Shippuden when I get there?

One Piece ep. 64 - 71

Fairy Tail ep. 2

I FINALLY watched another episode *grins widely* Let’s ignore that it was only one episode and just celebrate my success

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Blue Spring Ride ep. 6 and 7


Haikyuu!! ch. 267 - 271

I can’t believe there’s so much chapters already!!

My Hero Academia ch. 151 - 154

Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic ch. 347 - 352

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I really miss Morgiana… and I wonder how they’re gonna fit all those loose ends into the last chapters? I read somewhere that it’s gonna finish by chapter 370… 

Nanbaka ch. 1 - 16

I was really surprised that Nanbaka’s manga is in colour and has such short chapters… but I love it!!!!!!


[ Inception ]

I re-watched it with my friends while on that Greece-trip…

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Fifty Shades of Grey

My best friends slept over the day before my birthday… and I told them about a conversation I had had with a family friend’s son that I’ve known since birth (he’s about a year younger than me)

So basically he told me that he watched Fifty Shades of Grey on the way to their family vacation and was totally creeped out by it. And as the idiots we are, we came up with the idea to watch it.

I’m not gonna say much about it since probably anyone on the internet knows at least something about that movie/book series/former fanfiction of twilight, but:

It was so boring OMG

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As someone who reads fanfiction frequently and has started to read some without looking at the tags beforehand (stupid, I know) I have seen some shit. And it wasn’t even THAT creepy (sure, the concept is disgusting, but who am I to judge?) So I just spent my time on tumblr while “watching” this movie…

TV Shows

Big Bang Theory ep. 1 - 3

Three words: I. LOVE. IT.

(since September ended a few days ago: we’re currently on episode 12)

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Strong Woman Do Bong Soon ep. 1 - 3

The history of reasons why we started this:

1. I started Hwarang because V from BTS was in it

2. I loved Hwarang and got one of my best friends into watching it

3. Both of us loved the King

4. We extended our love for the character on the actor: Park Hyung-Sik

5. I googled other dramas he starred in

6. We got our third friend and started watching Do Bong Soon

(When she wasn’t there we even started High Society but didn’t even finish the first episode so it’s not on here) 

(I finished all 16 episodes by now and I really, really, really liked it)

(The only reason why we only got to episode 3 was that the wifi sucked)

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