season 2 ep. 21


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But even then Deku is still protecting his boy

Also……IT’S TIME!!!!!! OMG IT’S HERE!!!! You guys ready??????

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After seeing this scene again, I’ve noticed that it wasn’t mere small talk, it was a confession.

“If you heard this from the side, it’d probably sound like a terrible joke in passing. Ebina shoulders shook as she laughed.” (chap.9-2, vol. 7)

That’s what was written in the light novel, but in the anime adaptation, she didn’t just laugh, if you hear closely, you can hear a hint of laughter from what she said in response to Hikky’s “rejection.” [21:12 ep.2, season 2]

I think the best explanation as to why this happened is with the chapter’s title

But after this scene happened, they got back to where they were before the whole Tobe thing and just got on with their lives. But wouldn’t it have been interesting to see Hina joining the ranks of Iroha, Yui and Yukino? That’s just my opinion though.

Also, a disclaimer - this is just a theory and I might be incorrect.

Thanks for reading.

PDH Ep. 21: Gene was talking to Ein on the phone!

The conversation Gene was having on his phone in “An Omega Is Chosen” (ep. 21 PDH Season 2) caught my attention. He was talking to someone about “pictures” and “hair dye”, and I immediately thought of Ein…Gene has stated that he wants pictures of Aphmau, and it just so happens that in Mystreet: Emerald Secret (Ep. 13 “I will always love you”) Ein HAS pictures of Aphmau from high school at PDH. A LOT OF THEM.

Also, just listen to what Gene said in the conversation:
“Seriously, it’s been so long. These pictures you got better be good….Perfect! Then give them to me and then I’ll give you more of the dye. Fair trade, no?…Cool. Congratulations. I don’t care…Mhmm…Yeah, I’ll give you some more advice….Wait–gah! I don’t care about whatever you’re talking about! Just do what you said you’d do. Now, Bye!”

Now, if I were Ein at the end of the line in this conversation, then I can fill in how the whole conversation went…
Gene: “Seriously, it’s been so long. These pictures you got better be good.”
Ein: “They are. Trust me.”
Gene: “Perfect! Then give them to me and then I’ll give you more of the dye. Fair trade, no?”
Ein: “Yeah…Oh, did I tell you that I just got picked to be the new Male Alpha of the school?”
Gene: “Cool. Congratulations. I don’t care.”
Ein: “I wouldn’t have become the Alpha if it wasn’t for your advice. Having everyone walk all over me to get her to feel sorry for me actually worked.”
Gene: “Mhmm.”
Ein: “Do you mind if you could give me more advice?”
Gene: “Yeah, I’ll give you some more advice.”

That’s how I think the convo went if I’m right about Ein being the one Gene was talking to. It fits so well, especially after knowing what Ein did in Mystreet: Emerald Secret. Gene knows how to manipulate Aphmau since he used to do it all the time when he still went to PDH. I don’t know how Ein would know Gene personally, so this is just a theory that makes a lot of sense to me. 

anonymous asked:

ok i know SO MANY ppl ask but i was wondering if u could just make of a list of every (good?) thing seb's ever been in and where to watch them? lowkey starting an obsession and am v broke also i love ur blog so much :)

ok listen, u say everything good that he’s been in, but that’s legit just Cap, Political Animals and Kings… So I’ll give you more than that. 

Political Animals - This is my favourite thing he’s done other than Cap, but it’s so hard to find good quality versions, so I bought it, but you can watch it there for free. Also if ur american it’s on netflix

Kings - Up there with the best performance of his career

Hot Tub Time Machine - ok this isn’t a good film, but i love it??? So much??? And it gifted me my favourite gif of all time.

The Covenant - iconic. must watch. 

The Apparition - rlly not good, rlly rlly not good, but he gets like the most screen time so it’s worth it. 

The Architect - he sings like a rlly tiny amount of country roads and it makes the whole film worthwhile. Also, Viola Davis is in it. 

Once Upon a Time - he’s in Season 1, eps 17, 21 and 22, and Season 2, eps 2, 3 and 5. 

Gossip Girl - he’s in Season 1, eps 4 and 10, Season 2, eps 18, 19 and 25, Season 3, eps 1, 2, 3, 5, 6 and 18. 

Labyrinth - this is potentially the hardest to follow thing i have ever seen and i watched Inception, but he’s rlly soft in it so yh. Part 2 

Ricki and the Flash - he’s literally barely in this but he has the best facial expressions when he is 

Law and Order - this is the first screen job he ever did and he’s so tiny i love it 

idk if you want links to like the Cap films or The Martian bc they’re the recent stuff so i figured you’d have seen them already, but here you go, enjoy ♥

3/1/16-3/3/16 (total for this row, 11/28/15-3/3/16)

YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS YOU GUYS? IT IS DONE!!!! (apart from the whole framing or making it into a scroll or whatever I’m doing with it. ) BUT IT IS DONE!!!!!!!!!! *INCOHERENT SCREAMING* GOAL TO GET IT DONE BY SPRING BREAK ACHIEVED!

Full picture will come sometime next week after I’ve framed or made the scroll for it or whatever I’m doing for it, I still really don’t know yet, BUT I’M GOING TO JOANN’S SATURDAY ^.^ 

As for future projects. I haven’t really figured that out yet. Currently my only ideas are a Yona one that I’m still working on drawing and a Zero Escape one that requires full body color images of the participants from the third game (and we don’t even have all of them yet).

In total this took about 36 hours 24 minutes (realized i had been more exact in other posts and fixed this). Breakdown under the read more.


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