season 2 cries

underrated skam scenes
  • isak singing mr. lonely after walking in on sexy times with jonas and eva
  • even’s movie 
  • literally every scene with girl chris
  • “I’m so hungover from the weekend” “It’s Wednesday
  • “cries in norwegian”
  • when mahdi found out the school sold waffles and fuckin ditched honestly same
  • Eva making out with Vilde and throwing up right afterward and Vilde looking lowkey offended about it
  • “Hei…. Answer after the beep… BEEP”
  • when sana through water in ingrid’s face and was like “WHAT BITCH. WHAT”
  • magnus hooking up with a chick with a cat tongue and then developing a cat fetish
  • when magnus asks who’s the boy and whos the girl during sex and isak fucking obliterates him by going “I was gonna ask you the same thing, then i remembered no one will fuck you” 
  • adding that magnus and isak scene again because that was honestly the most savage thing that has every come out of anyone’s mouth

Attack on Titan Cake

For my little brothers 13th birthday and also for the hype of season 2, I made an Attack On Titan themed cake.
Everything in the pictures are completely edible. (except for the candles duh lol)
The top part with the legion logos are sugar cookies. Following under that is a chocolate cake with chocolate ganache filling. And finally under that is a strawberry cheesecake pie. 
Eren and the colossal titan are made out of sugar and are edible as well. For the chains i used fondant.

Hope you guys like it! <3

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