season 2 bluray

What am I going to do for the next year and a half (or more)??

Here are some of the R&M things on MY list:

  • read the comics
  • play the game again
  • buy season 1 on bluray
  • read the One True Morty comic that comes with that
  • practice Mortyism
  • once season 2 comes out on bluray, buy that shit too
  • cry
  • work on your own dimension where Rick and Morty never got separated and focus on that universe
  • pray that Roiland was BSing us and we’re getting our grampappy back sooner
  • sacrifice your own flesh and blood so the show comes back sooner
Blacklist S2 Blu-Ray Spoilers

Okay so if you do not want to know anything about the special features on the Blacklist Season 2 Bluray DO NOT read on…..

-The deleted scenes aren’t really worth watching, with the possible exception of a scene with Red and Berlin’s daughter where he’s telling her one of his stories.

-Ellie was originally supposed to be the back-up doctor who operated on Red, but the actress was doing a play, so they came up with Nick instead.

-Ellie is apparently a med student paying her bills by substitute teaching AND selling real estate. No I’m not kidding.

-The Jons liked Nick and they want to bring him back in S3.

-Dembe is the moral center of the show. (We all knew.)

-Mr. Kaplan is named after George Kaplan, the imaginary spy in North By Northwest.

-Originally they’d planed to have Vargas show up at Nick’s house at the end of the episode and kill him, but the actor was unavailable because he was shooting his new movie. THANK GOD because apparently neither of the Jons realized that that made no sense, given Vargas’ distaste for blood, that Red would have no reason to kill Nick, and it would go counter to his moral code. Disaster averted, thank you Pee Wee Herman!

-Liz’s and Red’s Relationship is refereed to once again as Father/Daughter and Ressler is described as having become “like her big brother.”

-James likes the fact that Red has a cat.

-Mr. Kaplan takes care of Red’s cat.

-Spader used to repeatedly ask why Red wouldn’t just kill Tom, to have it explained that Liz’s love for Tom protects him from Red. Now he is apparently on board with it.

-The Jons did not like the SS tats on Jacob’s neck, but were talked into them, and they ended up driving them crazy because they were bringing him back for “a love story”.

-They describe the love making scene as one in which Liz and Jacob are “taking each other back.”