season 2 auditions

List of BNM Trainees: 

  • 임영민 (Im Youngmin) - 951225
  • 윤재희 (Yoon Jaehee) - 960705 *rumored
  • 정명훈 (Jung Myunghoon) - 970410 *rumored
  • 김동현 (Kim Donghyun) - 980917
  • 박우진 (Park Woojin) - 991102
  • 이대휘 (Lee Daehwi) -010129

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Things I want in Season 2 of PD101

  • an audition as iconic as “Something New” ( Jellyfish ), “Bang” (Pledis), “I Swear” ( Starship ), and Kim Juna’s “Who You Are” cover.
  • For nothing as bullshit like Pink Team beating Blue Team during “Into The New World” challenge. (literally that was THE most bullshit thing I saw last season).
  • An iconic 22 member performance as good as “Crush” during the finals 
  • BoA to actually have as much personality and effervescence as Jang Geun Suk ( or…to have a personality at all….sis…I’m worried )
  • For people to not be so goddamn rude and hate based on looks. 
  • For it to be less obvious who the MNet producers want to be in the final group, based on production bias ( a gay can dream ).
  • Something cute like “Yum Yum” (won’t happen i know)
  • People not being ugly and sexualizing the minors 
  • For the guys to be as mature (overall) as the girls, and keep drama on the show to a minimum. 
  • at least one cover of the girls’ version of “Pick Me”
  • For at least someone to acknowledge the double edged sword of having veteran idols competing with trainees and how it’s not fair to either group
Voices Wanted!

Hello everyone, 

 As the title above says, we need a few voice actors for season 2. So if you’re interested in playing a part, here are the characters we need to cast: 

Company Employee: 

  • A very grumpy and fed-up employee at Saffron and Peri’s company. We prefer a female voice for this one. Must be excellent at ranting 
  • Line to audition with: “Ugh, I haven’t had enough coffee, I barely got enough sleep, and my back is already killing me from sitting down too long.”


  • This voice can be male or female. This is a small part, but you have freedom to play with it as much as you like.
  • Line to audition: “yes, yes, quite so, quite so” or “If I may speak your honor” or whatever lines you want to ad lib. 

Sir Manfred the Manly

  • Despite the name, we actually would like a female voice for this one. It’s an Eowyn/Mulan kind of situation. We need a female actor who does most of her speaking in a fake male voice. 
  • Line to audition: *girl voice* He did *ahem*, *voice deepens* He did send you like 5 missed calls.
  • This is a recurring character, so if you’re interested, we need to know that you can be available when we need you in the future. 

So if you would like to audition, feel free to send a note or a message to our Saffron and Peri Gmail (the link is both on iTunes and Libsyn). You can upload your voice to dropbox, youtube, or whatever website you like.

We would like a clear audition if you can manage it, because we want to make sure you can send us a crisp recording with no reverb when it’s time for the real thing. You don’t need a professional microphone, but those things do help. The best advice we can give is to record in an environment with no reverb, like a blanket fort maybe.
Possible Elektra Auditions For Season 2 Of Netflix's Daredevil
Two audition videos for the second season of Netflix's Daredevil were posted today on Vimeo, then [...]


Thank you, blind ninja Jesus.


Elektra: Nice shoes, wingtips, good call. Tie them yourself?

Matt Murdock: How did you know?

Elektra: You don’t look like a tough read.

Matt Murdock: You never know I could surprise you.

Elektra: Doubt it.

Matt Murdock: Give it a try.

Elektra: Okay, you drink Macallan because you’re afraid beer would give you a frat boy vibe. You’ve never been inside a fraternity house. You weren’t even a boy scout. There is no club you would join because it would choke the air from your lungs. You’d suffocate. Shall I go on?

Matt Murdock: Please do.

Elektra: Now you think we’re flirting. Your mind’s racing. You’re wondering what piece of wit you can think of next. Know what your problem is? You’re pretty, but dumb. Too dumb to know the game is already over and you lost before you stepped to the plate.

Matt Murdock: You got that all from a pair of wingtips?

Elektra: Quick study.

Matt Murdock: You know what I think?

Elektra: Tell me.

Matt Murdock: You’re bored. Bored of the parties, the faculties, all of it.

Elektra: And I need just the right bad boy to take me away from all this. Is that it?

Matt Murdock: Basically.

Elektra: Know something, you’re right. (takes drink and drinks it) Let’s go.

And remember, that as long as you shall live, a friend is the truest thing that you have. It’s the companion of the greatest trip that you do … a friend is something that never dies
Together forever, no matter how long, from now, until the end of time we’ll be together and you can be sure. That forever and a day, that’s how long we’ll stay: together and forever more

xiumin’s jyp audition season 2