Do you know how to RIDE M’lady?

This is just a crappy idea that popped into my head while watching Zombizou.

Yeah. I hate myself.

Jokes on you Chat, She can ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Oh shit

While I do love me a good angsty~ Tikki and Plagg backstory, I also love the idea that they only told Marinette and Adrien to keep their identities a secret for the drama of it all.

Like they knew based on past miraculous holders that they’d fall in love with each other, so they were just lowkey like “if you tell yours not to tell I’ll tell mine not to tell” just to see how it played out this time around.

And now both of them are just kind of like:


GLOW - Maniac | Season 2 Date Announcement [HD] | Netflix