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gifset per episode | 2x02: The Stroke of a Chance Encounter!

“ I can see why you’re so taken with him.” 

Season 12: students face real issues such as depression, cutting, developing PTSD, suicide, feelings of desperation for how to pay for college, teen marriage and if it’s too early to get married, parent/child relationships, Adam beginning his hormones, dealing with a parent with dementia, parental abuse, moving out on your own, diabetes, sexual harassment at work, feelings about poverty and social class, etc.

Season 14: who can i fuck next

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I'm so confused, and envious I guess, as to how you're so sure destiel will become canon. Truth be told I've always been reminded by myself and others on how faithless I am and can be, but destiel is really important to me. It was everything I needed when I couldn't it in my life, whether that be at home or in friendships and of course love. Maybe I'm reflecting the pessimism for destiel off myself, but maybe I'm worried for the lengths I'm willing to go to for this ship to be all for nothing

Well, I’m not usually this adamant about stuff, I’m generally a “see the best in people” person it’s true but I’m not delusional, I’ve studied to higher education in one field only to end up going into another so the first was kinda pointless (apart from enjoyment) and have a highly responsible medical job where I often yell at people and get yelled at, so I know what it’s like to work your ass off and get no thanks or think something good will come from something and be let down, it happens in real life.

But I also love stories, I’m an only child and my childhood companions were books, I love to read and I love movies, tv… any kind of storytelling as long as it’s good!

The reason I am so positive about all of the endgame stuff I write about, of which Destiel is just a part of, is because I see it as being written into the show and therefore the choices have been made to put them there. It’s not real life where accidents happen, if there is a consistent narrative about Dean being bisexual and repressed then finding that he has to let it go, Sam feeling guilty and taking a backseat then finding that he has to step up and let it go, Cas wanting certain things and repressing them too (you know what I mean but I don’t want to bang on about it forever) then realising that he has to let his own past and issues go and accept who he is and develop, Destiel…. these things that come up EVERY SEASON and either are exposed by being shown exaggeratively as bad or get their own development, as most of them did in season 12…

It’s all there for a REASON.

Sure, TPTB could turn things around and they could literally introduce Big Bird as the bad guy for season 14 who then ends up being Dean’s ever-lasting love interest whilst Sam dies horribly and Dean is like oh, oops, my bad! oh well, move on! And Cas fucks off back to Heaven in the form of a clown fish… I mean anything could happen right?

It’s just that narratively, logically, looking at what they’ve written and chosen to give us so far, THESE THINGS are what I think make most SENSE in the end based on every other story I know and the way these things usually work out :)


“The very powerful and the very stupid have one thing in common. They don’t alter their views to fit the facts. They alter the facts to fit their views. Which can be uncomfortable if you happen to be one of the facts that needs altering.”

Doctor Who: Season 14.


Most psychology departments are filled with personality deficients. Dr. Bloom would be the exception.