• Adam and Blake started out with a handshake when introduced

• As soon as they sat down Blake started teasing Adam about an argument they got in yesterday (and still seemed annoyed about)

• Adam yelled at Blake “Sit down, Sasquatch”

• Adam and Blake were bickering and Adam blew him a kiss

• Blake went over to Adam’s chair multiple times and Adam went to his a couple times

• Adam called Blake dumb multiple times (mostly interrupting other commentaries and making it about Blake)

• Adam and Blake bickered… a lot

• Adam was fighting for a contestant but ended it by talking about how no matter what Blake would be by his side always

• Adam also talked about how Blake was his best friend no matter what

• Kelly told Adam we all knew about their love

• Kelly is a gift that must be cherished

• Adam singing and making Blake wheeze-laugh

• Adam talked about how Blake was a good coach

• Blake ran like a child backstage, calling Adam an idiot along the way

• Adam got political a little bit

• Adam seemed a little stressed out

All in all looking forward to season fourteen

Easy to knock down but never fragile Part II

You can find the part I here

“Hi, it’s Meredith.”

“Ohh, hi. Is something wrong?”

“Umm, actually… yeah.” She sighed. “It’s about Amelia.”


“She’s drinking and using again. We haven’t seen her for 5 days. No one knows where she is.”

A silence.


“Yes, sorry. I’m here.” Addison zoned back in. “She’s gone because she wants to be gone. I’m sure Amelia is hiding in some hotel room. How bad is the situation?”

“Well, she quit her job after Bailey said she’ll fire her if she won’t get help.”

“It’s bad then. Was she pissed and hurtful towards you?”

“Yeah, she was. I thought I’ve seen the worst of her but apparently not.”

“I’ll get the next flight there. You should check the hotels there. I’m sure she’s crashing in one.”

“Okay, let me know when you land. I’ll pick you up.”

“Okay, see you soon!”

“See you!”


Addison put her phone on her table. She rested her elbows on the table and let her head fall in her hands. She sighed heavily.

“Hey, you okay?” Sheldon asked.

“Come in and close the door.”

“Is everything okay?”

“With me yeah but…” Addison sighed again. “But with Amelia… I don’t know. I just got a call from Meredith and she said Amelia is using and drinking again.” A pause. “It’s bad, Sheldon.”

“How bad?”

“For what Meredith described to me, it’s as worse as when we had an intervention for her here.”

“Hey. Come on, guys. We’re all ready.” Charlotte opened the door and said. She felt a tension in the air. “What’s going on.” Charlotte’s cheerful voice had changed to a serious one.

“It’s Amelia. She relapsed.” Addison said.

“As a slip or like a serious relapse?” Charlotte got scared.

“It’s bad. From what Meredith told me she’s like she was back in here. No one has seen her in 5 days and she quit her job.”

“We have to go there!”

“I’m already on it. I’m catching the next flight to Seattle.”

“I’m coming too!” Charlotte said.

“Me too!” Sheldon said too.

“Okay, I’ll check the flights for us and you two, go inform others.”


“Hey, I heard.” Jake stepped in.

“Yeah.” Addison sighed. “The plane leaves at 7:05pm. Don’t you mind staying here and taking care of Henry?”

“No, it’s all good. I understand.” Jake kissed Addison’s head.

“I’ll let you know if I need you there, okay?”

“Okay.” Jake smiled sadly.


Charlotte and Sheldon both got a text from Addison.

I left the practice. I’ll meet you at the airport at 5:30pm. I sent the plane ticket to your email and the plane leaves at 7:05pm.


Addison called Meredith.


“Hey. We’ll land at 9:55pm.”


“Yes, Charlotte and Sheldon are joining me. I hope you don’t mind.”

“No, no, it’s all good. I’ll be waiting in the car at 10pm then.”

“Okay. Bye!”



“So?” Owen asked.

He was sitting with Meredith and Maggie at the cafeteria.

“I’ll pick her and her two friends up at 10pm tonight.” Meredith said.

“Any news about Shepherd?” Alex asked who joined the thrio with Arizona.

“No but Addison is coming.”

“It’s been awhile since I saw her.” Arizona said and sipped her drink through the straw.

“I’m sure they can help us. I remember when Derek got a call from Addison when she relapsed in LA.” Meredith said.

“How she was then?” Alex asked.

“I don’t know much but she disappeared for 12 days. Then they did an intervention but she walked out but something happened and she had called Addison and agreed to go to a rehab.”

“So we should make another intervention?” Maggie asked.

“There won’t be a point because we have nothing she would come back for or any reason. She went back after 12 days because she was still working at the practice. She quit her job, she doesn’t have anything here. Her purse or …” Owen didn’t finish his sentence but stood up and walked away.

“What was that?” Arizona asked.

Everyone shrugged their shoulders.


Owen went to Amelia’s office and looked for hidden drugs. He found nothing. Only one empty vodka bottle and empty drug baggies in the trash can.

Owen got another idea. He took his phone and called Meredith.

“Hey, where did you go?”

“Can I go to your house after my shift ends in an hour?”

“Yeah, sure but…”

“Thanks, I’ll let you know later.”

“Owen, wait. Can you take the kids with you? Maggie will go home in 5 hours and I need to pick up Addison after I’m done here.”

“Yes, sure. No problem.”

“Thank you.” Meredith was grateful.

“See you tonight.”



Owen played and cooked dinner for the kids and him. Ellis had drifted off right after dinner and Zola and Bailey were now playing.

Owen started his mission. He went to the kitchen and started looking from everywhere. He opened all the cabinets and behind the things but he found nothing.

When Maggie came home at 8pm Owen had searched all the downstairs but still nothing.

“Hey, Mer told me you’ll be here.” Maggie said.

“Hey, dinner is still kinda warm if you want some. The kids decided.” Owen sat on the couch.

“Okay.” Maggie laughed.

“What are you doing here anyway?”

“I’m looking for her drugs. If she hides some here too. Maybe she’ll come after them soon.”


“There’s nothing downstairs. Maybe she hid them in her room.”

“Okay.” Maggie said from kitchen when she took some dinner and went back to the living room. She sat on the couch and held her plate with one hand while eating.

“I should get them ready for bed. Ellis fell asleep an hour ago.” Owen stood up and started walking towards the playroom.

“You know.” Maggie said and Owen turned around to face her. “Amelia is really lucky to have you.”

Owen smiled sadly. “I hope so too, Maggie.”

“Ohh please. You didn’t even have to take the kids or stay with them till we get home. I hope Amelia knows how good parents you will be.”

“Yeah.” Owen sighed. “She doesn’t want a kid like she told me. I’m actually pretty sure she’s just too afraid to try again.”

“So you guys started trying?” Maggie felt happy about it.

“Well, it’s not what I really meant but yes we started trying. So I guess you remember how she thought she might be pregnant and after the test was negative it all changed. Maybe she told you something?”

“Me? Oh no, she didn’t talk to us but Alex told Mer once that Amelia talks to him now. I’m sure he knows more than I do.”

“Okay.” Owen sighed again and rubbed his face with one hand.

“Owen.” A pause. “She’ll come back.”

“I know.” Owen said without any emotions and went to get the kids ready for bed.


Meredith’s fingers were strumming on the wheel while she waited for Addison and her friends to arrive. It was 10:12pm when Addison opened the passenger’s door.

“Hey!” Addison greeted her.

“Hi! If you have any bags put them in the back.”

Charlotte and Sheldon sat behind and Addison next to Meredith.

“I’m Charlotte. Amelia’s best friend. I’m sure your husband worked with Amelia on one woman who was the mother of my step-son.” Charlotte shook Meredith’s hand.

“Ohh, I think I remember seeing you around once.” Meredith smiled.

“Sheldon Wallace. Also a good friend of Amelia’s.” They shook hands too.

Meredith started the car and drove towards her house.

“Amelia hasn’t really talked about any of you.” Meredith stopped the silence.

“I’m not surprised. She left all of us behind. Just a phone call that she’s not coming back and that was it.” Addison said. Meredith could sense a disappointment in her voice.

“Yeah, she kinda did that with Owen too.” Meredith said.

“What do you mean?” Sheldon asked.

“Well, we had a false baby alarm and since that she went crazy.” Meredith answered.

The car fell into a death silence.

“What?” Meredith was confused.

“You don’t know.” Charlotte said sadly.

“Don’t know what?” Meredith asked.

“It’s not our place to say anything.” Addison defended Amelia’s plan to keep it as a secret and looked into Charlotte’s and Sheldon’s eyes.

No one talked during rest of the car ride.

‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Kim Raver To Make A Return In Season 14 | Deadline
By Nellie Andreeva

EXCLUSIVE: An old Grey’s Anatomy favorite is coming back for a visit. Kim Raver, who was a series regular on the ABC medical drama in Seasons 6-8, is set to return to the show for a guest arc on the upcoming 14th season. She will reprise her role as Dr. Teddy Altman, the former head of Cardiothoracic Surgery at the Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital.

The last time we saw Teddy, she was dramatically fired from Seattle Grace by old friend and one-time crush Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) in the Season 8 finale, written by Grey’s Anatomy creator/executive producer Shonda Rhimes, so she would take her dream Chief job at MEDCOM.

Ir’s a busy time for 24 alumna Raver who also just signed on for a recurring role on the upcoming fifth season of Showtime’s Ray Donovan where she also will be playing a surgeon.


[The parallels] 11x14 & 14x02

— “By sending death running like a crying bitch. By telling death to screw himself. That is the battle, and it is the only battle worth fighting. You should be on a high right now. And you should be chasing that high for the rest of your life. You defeated death. Mere mortals cannot do that. Only we can.”
“Only superheros.”
“Only freakin’ superheroes.”

— we cannot lose another shepherd :(