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Oliver & Felicity | a shippy look at s3 Olicity

“You know how I feel about her….”
Not gonna lie, folks, season 3 has been rough for Olicity fans.  But I’m here to share the GOOD NEWS.  What is that good news, you’re asking?  Well, it’s that s3 hasn’t been ALL BAD.  That’s right!  There have been plenty of shippy, adorable, fluffy, sweet and feels-provoking scenes between our faves so far this season.  Watch this video and you’ll see I’m right!

Further work in progress of my Doctor Who circle blanket before I head to my mom’s house for a week. I decided after the season 12 version of Tom Baker’s scarf, I would do a patch of 30 in the Royal blue, then do the reverse of season 13. My goal is to maybe do all versions (minus season 12.5 because it wasn’t THAT different) of the scarves to make a cuddly blanket. So that would mean 1 scarf down, six to go.

But now I don’t know if I should buy new yarn for the Season 15 “Alternate” scarf. I would need 4 other colours and it would just be for that scarf, but I haven’t gone through my stash because I might have 3 of the 4 colours but I don’t know if I have enough.

If I wasn’t afraid of running out of yarn and having to drive for an hour there and an hour back to drive to a Michaels, I would bring this project with me.

Damn, this blanket looks cool.