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A deleted scene featuring Rowena and Gavin from the Supernatural Season 12 DVD set. All rights belong to the CW (and potentially others, I’m not sure).

Part of me wishes they’d kept this scene in, as not only is it showing Rowena and Gavin bonding a bit, but we also see a bit more of how she actually feels. Towards the end, though, after hearing that Crowley’s been seeing Gavin and that he never told her about him, you can see her mind starting to work through things. I think Ruth even said something along the lines that Rowena was working out how she could use Gavin to her advantage when she found out she had a grandson (I don’t have a direct quote, though). That implication makes it a little less heartfelt. I still enjoy the scene, though. Wonderful acting from Ruth Connell and Theo Devaney.

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Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 DELETED SCENE - 12x24: Callie, Owen, Arizona & April

No, I’m not watching the Supernatural season 12 gag reel on loop. Why would you ask such a thing?

   2 of the deleted Cassie x Cole scenes from the 12 monkeys season 2 DVD. 


Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 DVD - All Deleted scenes

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So I accidentally started watching Mythbusters the other day and now I can’t freaking stop. Like who would’ve thought watching a bunch of people bust myths would be so interesting? Not me, that’s for sure. I’m seriously thinking about buying all 12 seasons on DVD, just in case because Netflix is shady as fuck and they’d probably get rid of ‘em before I got caught up.