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I hate you. I hate you, and I love you. ‘Cause I can’t-I can’t help it, you’re my Mom. And I understand. Because I have made deals to save the ones I love, more than once. I forgive you. I forgive you. For all of it. Everything. On the other side of this, we can start over, okay? You, me, Sam. We can get it right this time. But I need you to fight, right now. I need you to fight. I need-I need you to look at me, I need you to really look at me and see me. Mom, I need you to see me. Please.

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I don't get why people are so upset. I mean Crowley's character has been stagnant for a while and though I loved him (and Mark more so) where else could his chara go? While Luci ( and his arc) has been wildly OOC and awful, most the eps of 12 have been better than 9-11, and an AU world to explore has SO MANY possibilities! Yeah Cas died, but we all know he's not staying dead. I've not been excited for a premier since 1-5 and I can honestly say I am looking forward to 13

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Some people are excited about S13 and some people are devastated. Both are valid and we can agree to disagree as long as it is done respectfully. That said, your post struck a chord because we are seeing “Yeah Cas died, but” and “SO MANY possibilities [in S13]”, going hand-in-hand with the idea that being negative about S12/13 is somehow wrong or misguided and must be corrected. 

The DFF mods are with the OP and many other Cas fans who have strong negative feelings about the S12 finale. Those feelings are valid. The list of reasons to not trust SPN writers to skillfully deal with the fallout of the S12 finale is as long, if not longer than the list of all the positive possibilities. We know, we’ve kept receipts.  And so we shared OP’s ask, empathized (“Friend, we feel ya”), and provided some links to feel good posts.

We are aware that there are folks like yourself excited about S12/13 and that’s cool. Be Free to Squee on your blog!!! But what we are also seeing in some corners of fandom that is not cool is dismissing the feelings of those who don’t agree with them or schooling them on how they should feel. Through the years Cas fans have had to deal with their feelings and love for this character being dismissed, disregarded and belittled by different fractions of SPN fandom. So when Castiel Angel of Thursday, with the crack in his chassis and too much heart gets stabbed in the back and is left lying in the dirt in the final moments of the finale, listing all the reasons to be happy really doesn’t help. 

Remember, a little compassion goes a long way. 

But since you also said “ Yeah Cas died, but we all know he’s not staying dead.” here’s a short list of some other times when fandom said “Cas/Misha will be fine!” and TPTB answered with “What show are you watching?” 

Heavy spoilers for seasons 7-12 and season 13 speculation under the cut

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Dear Castiel,

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Every moment you’ve been here…

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Every laughable moment…

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Every melting moment…

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Every adorable moment…

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Has taken hold of everyone here.

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Even though we’ve lost you so many times…

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You always found a way back…

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We never thought…

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You would go out…

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Like this…

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But still we count the days for your return…

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Even if they never come…

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Because we know in our hearts…

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You will always find a way home

Why the SPN mixtape scene from 12x19 is screenwriting gold, and should be taught to the next generations of screenwriters everywhere - analysis

20 seconds. Two lines of dialogue, three gestures, a couple more camera angles. Episode 19, season 12 of a genre TV show “Supernatural”. A single strike of screenwriting and cinematic genius. The mixtape scene.

Robert Berens and Meredith Glynn, I bow before you.

This scene should be used as an example for future screenwriters how you can put maximum of meaning into minimal time and dialogue. Should be analyzed and taught at universities everywhere, how to achieve the most using the least. How to write for TV, where you only have less than an hour to built something spectacular.


Let’s just peel off all the layers of these 20 seconds of footage and these 13 words. 13 WORDS.

(Cas knocks, Dean doesn’t say anything. Cas opens the door, apologizes for disturbing Dean in his room, and then takes a cassette tape out of his left inside coat pocket, and puts it on the desk, while tapping the label on it that says “Deans (sic!) top 13 Zepp traxx”.)

Cas: Um, I just wanted to return this.

Dean: It’s a gift. You keep those.

13 tracks. 13 words. The future. So number thirteen is important for the future. I mean, are you trying to tell us something here, writers?

(Dean takes the tape, oustreches his arm, and gives it back to Cas. We see Cas’ hand grabbing the tape, and taking it back.)

That tiny scene is ENORMOUS from the perspective of the narrative and the characterization. Let’s see what we can get out of it. (Prepare yourself: it’s gonna be long. Damn, how much meta can you write based on 20 seconds of television and two lines of dialogue?) (Hint: A lot.)

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