How about some season 10 Dean?

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Excitable Chap

To be honest I woke up in the middle of the night, wondered if I should read on twitter what happened in the last episode or not…Actually, I’ve read a lot of tweets and thought “ WTF is going on in this episode ?!” And indeed, this episode is probably the most WTF of the entire history of Murdoch Mysteries

This is just happened in “Murdoch Mysteries”…

. Bracks is back . 

{Happy Dance !! } We can say what we want, if the four main characters are not in an episode together, it’s not totally Murdoch Mysteries. I’m glad he is back. But I find him quite different… And what a different man he is!! 

. Pendrick is back . 

Ohhh Sexy James too? 

. Mrs B is back. 

Her too?? Add Meyers and we have a super combo ! Arf yes he is still in Bornéo . Good to see Margaret, what a scream !! 

 . A new friendship is born.

So James and Tommy became friends…That’s awkward, really…Poor William! He already doesn’t have a lot of friends, does he really have to lose James? Sorry, no, James means to be William’s fiend! I riot!!! (Hug Willi) 

. Pendrick and the women . 

I’ve stop to count. Another assistant ? Not Svetlana anymore? I liked her! And am I the only one that noticed he still have her ex-wife, Sally, nude painting in his office/laboratory? You know the Lawrence tableland and its “pyramid”?  Sure William noticed it, he saw the “ real” landscape too. 

. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. 

Ooooh that’s the reference ! Ah ok. Honestly I prefere the Orgill’s one ( season 2 ) that was the mix between Jekyll/Hyde and Jack the Ripper. He was a way less ridiculous! Let face it, this episode was!! 

.  Casanova George. 

I admit he is a way better than William with women. But can we just see him happy FOR ONCE DAMNIT!!!!! I’m getting tired of this, honestly. 

. Julia has a good point. 

Of course, it’s never James the culprit. 

. Was the Lurker a reference to Zorro ? .

I find this close, very close. Except that Zorro only kissed Anna Maria and wasn’t a man of hundred poor innocents women. But we were close to Paddy Glynn too… 



Glad to know you had knew better Julia (hopefully with your husband but we don’t doubt about this ), still you enjoyed it, don’t you??I have the feeling she did.  But I imagined more Meyers acted this way towards her… 

. Pendrick is innocent. 

Of course he is, he always is! Don’t you never listen to Julia? And us all, Happy Dafties?

. George and James have a common point. 

They are truly unlucky in love… There is a time when they should consider to stay single!  But considering George I believe he is perfect for Nina, and I must admit I felt sad for Miss Cherry. 

. Brackenreid is leaving… again… .

 NO ! 

To be honest, I think that James Pendrick didn’t deserve to be so ridiculous. I don’t really laughted in this episode except the part with Julia when she said she has”(had) knew better “ Maybe it was “ too much” I don’t know.  Perhaps as the last episode was a funny and a lighter one, this one should has been more serious or mysterious to balance the dynamic of the show,  because I found it too “out of topic”. I don’t really enjoyed it, sorry, not that it’s a bad one, just not in my favourite. But all came from Pendrick I believe, perhaps if he was more like the Pendrick we know…. I hope this is not the end of Brackenreid, even if I can understand why and how  it could be. But again, they are a team, and I would be really sad to see him leave.

Next episode is the Christmas Special, from what I heard and see, I should like this one. 

To watch the episode go on ;) 

See you next week for a special review for a Special Murdoch Mysteries two hours episode !!!!