season 1 was such a good season

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RTTE season 5 Hicc-spressions post please? (They make me so happy!)


I’m contemplatively staring out at nothing face:

Dragons are crashing around my shop and that’s not okay face:

Serious science bros face:

My experiment is way too dangerous for my own good so I’m wearing this to protect my face but I’m still going to keep doing dangerous experiments face:

I’m wearing a legit awesome sword on my back so any expression I make automatically looks awesome face:

Wtf did I really just get A BONE FOOT? face

I love you so much face:

How can I be so hot when I’m intense and my mouth’s open? face

I’m legitimately touched by Dagur and proud of Snotlout face:

I’m such a smart calculating nerd face:

I’m cute and I have berries on my face face:

Checking me out in this great lighting face:

I’m so happy when I’m around my friend face:

WHOA Snotlout gives aggressive hugs face:

Seductive face:

I haven’t done enough contemplative staring into nothing so here’s me staring into nothing yet again face:

I feel so awkward and weird around Spitelout face:

Why am I friends with the twins I honestly have no idea I am so done with them I am so done with everything because the twins are the twins and yet they’re still here and I have to deal with them don’t I face:


The Whoops™ is REAL face:

Still Feeling The Whoops™ face: 

This hurts and I will comfort you face:

This is such a great Hiccupy expression face:


FitzSimmons Appreciation Week
  ↳ Day 4: AU of your choice - The Good Place! 

Written for @accio-the-force, who requested FS + Stay Over. Alright, so, technically, this is FS + Stay bc I could not for the life of me figure out another Stay Over drabble (I’ve got another one here). BUT, I feel like you’ll like this one anyway. :) 

This is a super short FS + The Good Place AU that will probably not make as much sense if you don’t watch the show, but I hope you still enjoy!  Basically, FS are in the afterlife together, and well, angst and feels happen. Also, spoilers (kinda?) for season 1 and early season 2 if you haven’t watched the show. Rated T for implied sexual content. 

This is also written to fulfill the Fanwork Friday Prompt “Trust”. Enjoy!


“They’re gonna find out eventually, right? That we cracked it?”

Fitz nodded his head slowly as he placed his hands on his hips. “I mean, that’s the way it’s always gone, apparently.”

In a matter of hours, what would normally be weeks’ worth of research had spread across nearly every surface of Jemma and Fitz’s shared living space. But it seemed only natural that it would take them such a short amount of time. As they’d lived the same lives over and over again, the details were much easier to pin down. And now they stood side by side staring at the mountain of evidence – this wasn’t the Good Place, the oasis they were promised in the afterlife. And they were in trouble.

Jemma slowly exhaled as she lowered her gaze to the floor. “And then?” she asked weakly.

“And then they’ll do what they always do: reboot the Good Place, or whatever bloody place this is, and wipe our memories. So, we’re back to square one.”

“I feel like I should be more surprised, but I guess we’ve figured this out, what, 274 times before?”

Fitz bent over to retrieve the last of his calculations, the moment where they determined exactly how many lives they’d lived before discovering the truth. He chuckled lightly. “That would be correct.”

Jemma managed a weak laugh even though she truly wanted to burst into tears. She didn’t want to think about all the memories lost, all that time just gone from existence. She shook her head in disbelief. “Now I just feel hopeless. Because after all this time, after every reboot, we can’t figure out how to fix this. You’d think by now we would have figured out a way to—to escape this place or something.”

Fitz pressed his lips into a firm line. “I know. It’s obviously not that easy.”

Sinking down onto the small step that led to their bedroom, Jemma dropped her chin to her chest and ran her fingers through her hair. As Fitz took the place next to her, Jemma noticed how he was suddenly hesitant to even touch her, which made her heart sink.

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Supernatural 13.07

y i k e s

look ive been super negative about this ep the whole time so lets name the good things

1 Cas

2 Cas

3 Still Cas

Deans “WOO”

ketch getting rEKTED

Sam protecting the girl even when shes a witch

Richards Directing

Cas again

idk look it’s ooc but Cas and Lucifers banter on the bar was something i wanted to see since s4

Cas still can’t lie to Dean

Dean realizing inmediatly if somethings of with Cas


eh thats it basically

there wasnt a lot of Sam which ://// ok and i am v tired of every single bad guy being unkillable or some shit but alright i hope next weeks better

PC Wallpaper - 2017 Formula 1 Season - Present - Kimi Raikkonen

And here they are: the last wallpapers of this 2017 F1 season, it’s been a pleasure design for all of you. I’m feeling grateful with the good acceptance of this blog, I hope that it will be the first of many years designing for the love of motorsport. Thank you very much :)

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Why do you call Peaky Blinders shit?

The thing is that Peaky Blinders used to be one of my favorite shows ever.  I really love season 1, easily one of the most solid seasons of TV I’ve watched–and season 2 was good, if not as good as season 1.  Even before they did the thing that made me start watching, season 3 felt like a different show. It brought in the Russians who honestly felt waaaay out of the world of the show. I know that Tommy’s moving up in the world, but he goes from fighting another Birmingham gangster in s1, then the IRA gets involved in s2, along with Tom Hardy’s Jewish gangster (who’s also supposed to be from England, not sure if it’s Birmingham) and there’s the specter of Campbell hanging over those first two seasons.  It also felt very compact, it kept the show from feeling totally out of the realm of realism.  S3′s villains honestly felt kinda James Bond-like to me.  And they skipped over all this time where Tommy apparently reached Vito Corleone levels where he’s got this palatial mansion, somehow is totally a part of fairly high society despite being a) a known gangster with 0 blue blood and it’s implied a Roma mother and b) a guy who literally kept his married mistress with him until her husband mysteriously died and married her like a year after their kid is born.  It just… It felt a lot like Tommy went from 0 to 60 very quickly and was just, like, a Bond-type character which isn’t what I saw in the first two seasons.

The Russians just never struck me as a part of it.  Aaaand now Tommy’s apparently fighting with the “Sicilian mafia” which a) I doubt will be portrayed accurately lmao and b) just doesn’t fit with the show I began watching.  I want to see more of *his* world.  Fuck, I wanted to see more of what was going on with the IRA.  And I don’t want to see any more of Polly’s weird spiritualism it just seemed so left-field in season 2.

But let’s be real, the reason why I stopped watching was when they fridged Grace.  Grace–an undercover agent who shot a man and got away, who decided of her own free will to become a gangster’s wife because she wanted to–suddenly became this little quiet figure who we’re supposed to dislike because she’s feminine and “fancy” unlike Polly and Esme and the rest. When in reality the woman I met in season 1 could have easily taken any of them on.  Having her killed off just to make Tommy sad (and leave him free to fuck other women) was just kind of offensive to me–as a fan, as a feminist, as a writer.  I also seriously don’t get why they did it that way; if Annabelle couldn’t do the show anymore, have Tommy marry May for her connections.  It would be in character.  Maybe have him meet his son by Grace later.  It seemed idiotic to bring her back just to fridge her… because…  I mean, I was invested in that relationship.  But beyond that I just felt condescended to as a viewer when that happened.

You know the season one finale of the OC where Ryan leaves and Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley is playing and Marissa is staring over the balcony and Seth is sailing away and Kirsten is sobbing into Ryan’s old sheets and Sandy comforts her and the sun is setting as the car gets further and further away paralleling how the metaphorical sun is setting on Ryan’s new life and he’s going back to the darkness of his old one and it’s tone is captured PERFECTLY with such a beautiful and sad song? Yeah they don’t make television like that anymore.