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Lapidot - Day Four Headcanons

Day 4 Prompt: Free Day. Since I’m working in a fanfiction for tomorrow day prompt of Lapidot week, then here are some headcanons of Lapidot using today prompt. There might be some Human AU headcanons. @lapidot-week


-Peridot and Lapis watching Camp Pining Heart through Season 1 to Season 5 and of course skipping Season 4 because Peridot didn’t like it at all while Lapis simply found it boring that particular season.

-Peridot and Lapis playing with Veggiehead and of course teaching their little baby pumpkin more words. As of now, Veggiehead can spell first letters of Clod which made Peridot very proud.

-When nighttime falls, Peridot would usually try to find more Fireflies to put in jars while Lapis simply snorts whenever Peridot trips trying to capture them.

-Lapis make water figures and plays with them alongside Peridot whenever Peridot is feeling sad or nostalgic about home.

-Peridot trying to put on new “shirts” whenever Lapis isn’t around, but without her knowledge, Lapis always watch her doing that and keeps it a secret. One time she was almost discovered because she giggled a lot when Peridot practice her jokes.


-(Human AU): Peridot being a huge nerd and otaku and always watches Dragon Ball Super. With Goku Black and Zamasu being her favorite characters and couple…as she would put.


-(Human AU): Lapis doing some meep morps when she has free time….it would usually be dark or kind of kinky. She won’t even let Peridot see that kind of art.


-(Human AU): Peridot would usually cuddle with Lapis whenever she has a nightmare about her traumatic past.


-(Human AU): Lapis being an amazing cooker and making sometimes a lunch for Peridot when she goes to work.


-Peridot and Lapis to accidentally fuse for the first time when they were cuddling each other while watching television and of course everything goes wild or unexpected to them making Peridot very worried that she may cause Lapis feel bad again, but in reality Lapis feels completely relieved and happy that she didn’t experience that same pain when she fused with Jasper and instead felt….warm and secure with Peridot.

parkerwitch  asked:

the liv & elena show -- i mean tvd i guess?

my all-time ultimate fave character  :   elena gilbert !! is anyone surprised.
a character I didn’t used to like but now do  :  there was … a minute in season four when i wasn’t ??? head over heels in love with hayley marshall ??? i was like 14 and it was hardly my biggest offense but that’s no excuse what the fuck ??? who was i ???? 
a character I used to like but now don’t  :  i have issues w/ caroline being used as a shipper mouthpiece and mischaracterized for kl*roline and tbh there was a lot about her being ~~the new elena~~ post season 6 where she supposedly was given some ~~elena like~~ traits which .. made me resent her a bit, but like, all in all, i adore caroline, especially season 1-3 care and everything through season 5 that wasn’t shipper babble. what’s a canon
a character I’m indifferent about  :  post 5x01 matt lmao? 
a character who deserved better  :  bonnie bennett always.  but also ELENA GILBERT !!!!! and /tyler lockwood/  tyler lockwood TYLER LOCKWOOD and LIV PARKERRRRRR and post season 4 katherine and generally … all the ladies and poc yikes. 
a ship I’ve never been able to get into  :  alaric/jo ? i didn’t not like them but they felt rushed and i was .. past the point of caring about alaric by then. jo is a babe tho & i could have cared if they’d been written right despite my alaric/jenna heart but … alas. 
a ship I’ve never been able to get over  :  damon / elena / stefan. i know. i know everything is garbage. i don’t care. i love ot3 multi-shipper hell.  they’re trash but they’re my trash.  i have a lot of strong unrelenting messy feelings about both pairings at all times and even more so about broken people in the dark trying to get along.  also : FORWOOD !! otp otp otp. i cry all the time.  ELENA GILBERT AND LIV PARKER AKA THE OTP THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN CANON (  i mean it is because only our canon matters but you understand where i’m coming from.  ) 
a cute, low-key ship  :  alaric/jenna. jeremy/bonnie. rebekah/matt. jeremy/anna i still cry. 
an unpopular ship but I still enjoyed it  :  damon/elena is about the least unpopular but indie tumblr doesn’t seem to care for it from what i can tell for easily understandable and righteous reasons but … whatever i dedicated entire years of my life to those kids.  tyler/liv !! i loved them a lot.  elijah and elena because i’m a mess and ship all the wrong things and power dynamics. rebekah/elena.  damon/katherine.  tylena. ya’ll i’m a mess and i ship everything on this fucking show*. 
a ship that was totally wrong and never should have happened  :  *except kl*aroline. that ship can choke. 
my favourite storyline/moment  :   wow i ?? totally can’t answer this question but. elena’s no humanity arc, the entire episode that is 4x06 in all of its elena glory. season 2 will always be the best season. i cry so much guys. i cry so much. i love elena learning how to live and laugh and love again in season one, i love elena mastering the game of chess and going after her own death with absurd tunnel vision in season two, i love elena growing up in season three and figuring it out on her own and loving ghosts as hard as she tries not to and finally glimpsing something resembling self-love at the end just to have it ripped away, i love my child learning the ins and outs of vampirism and everything about her no humanity arc, i love her dealing with the aftermath of that arc and learning to live her new vampire life and revel in what it means to have an eternity of choices … and then there’s season six.  anyways. i just. i really love this show ??? it’s definitely my favorite show of all time and probably always will be as terrible as it became so.  4x15 still rips out my heart. 
a storyline that never should have been written : kla*oline.  also i don’t have as much of a problem w/ the sirebond as most people though i hate the way it was written and that the show focused more on damon than they did elena when processing the consequences of it.  every bonnie bennett death.  a billion other things. 
my first thoughts on the show  :  when i was 11 or something i turned it on and i thought it was terrifying and didn’t revisit until quite awhile later. but once i did i fell so fast and loved that piece of shit show with my entire fucking heart. i’m still recovering. 
my thoughts now :  i miss this show. i miss it so much. but i’m so glad it’s dying a fucking miserable death for all it put me through. burn it all. 

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Whether Emison is endgame or not, they still ruined Emily as a character. She's still my favourite liar, but they turned her into a character so dependent on romantic relationships that she has really no individuality anymore. They didn't need to pair up Emily and Thalia in season 5, they didn't need to pair up Sara and Emily, or Sabrina and Emily, they just can't figure it how to write Emily on her own anymore. It's a shame. The writing of Emily as a character sucks after season 5.

I mean - you’re not wrong. Emily has had a lot of unnecessary love interests that went nowhere, but at this point the same is kind of true for all the girls? They don’t know how to write any of them on their own. It’s like they looked at Emily’s journey through seasons 1-5 and said, yes! This is what we want for all of them!

Terrible choice, but whatever. They only lost literally half their viewers. Lmao.

UPDATE as I’ve binge watched my way through seasons 1-5 of Star Trek ds9: I’m so INCREDIBLY ANGRY that after “our man bashir” I still had so many unanswered questions!!! Like why did garak make an entire tuxedo for himself?? WHH DID GARAK go into the holosuite in the first place???? HOW COME my space lizard son didn’t get to ride (ha) off into the sunset with Julian “actual cinnamon roll” Bashir after Julian roasted garak with his OWN WORDS????? honestly the eyefucking is reaching INTOLERABLE LEVELSsss


October 5 is also the 5th anniversary of Shibata Aya’s debut as part of SKE48′s 4th generation.

Congratulations on 5 years as a member of SKE48, Ayachan!