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Technically speaking there is a 'man period' (it's a drop in testosterone instead of a change in estrogen) and since everything happens to Steve 4x as much, imagine his mood swings and crazy cravings at all hours... basically just want Manperiod!steve :D

All lanes of traffic were at a complete standstill and the only thing keeping Steve in his car was Bucky’s voice over the Bluetooth.

“Okay, what did Banner say exactly?”

He let out a frustrated sigh and scrubbed a hand over his face. “That it’s a drop in testosterone. He said that it’s completely normal, it happens to every guy, but cause of the serum I get it four times worse,” he explained, his voice trailing off into a wine. “Buck, everything hurts. I’m achy all over and everyone keeps-“ he cut off when the car next to him started hoking it’s horn. “What? What d’ya want?”

The man honked again and started cranking his wheel, doing his best to get himself in Steve’s lane.

“Why?!” Steve demanded, throwing his hands up. “We’re not going any faster, pal! What’s the point?!” he yelled.

The man responded by flipping him off and wedging himself in front of Steve’s car.

A spike of rage shot through Steve and he laid into his horn. “I see you, asshole! I see you with your Hitler mustache!”

“Hitler mustache? Stevie, calm down. Breathe.”

A gasp of a sob left him as anxiety replaced his rage. “I’m under attack, Buck,” he said, his voice going an octave higher. “There’s Nazis’ everywhere.”

“It’s alright. Just take a deep breath.”

Steve just sunk deeper in his seat. “I can’t!” he wailed. “I can’t breathe! I can’t think! I-I can’t remember anything!” he gasped out. “Buck? Buck, are you there?”

“I’m right here, Stevie. It’s okay.”

He sniffed and nodded. “Before I talked to Bruce, I went to get one of those brownies. You know I love those brownies. From that place.”

“Yes, you love those brownies.”

“But when I tried to order them, I couldn’t remember that brownies are called brownies,” he rushed out, his voice catching. “I called ‘em thin cakes! I called ‘em thin cakes, Buck!”

“Okay, maybe you should pull over. I don’t want you getting into an acci-“

“The hell are you doing?!” Steve exclaimed, watching with wide eyes as another car forced its way in front of him. “What are you doing?!”

Yet another driver chose to answer by flipping him off.

Steve physically jerked back. “What?! Oh you son of a bitch! You’re going on a watch list, buddy!”

“Steve, stop screaming.”


It was that moment that the car behind him decided that it was a good idea to not pay attention to traffic. The force of the Jeep hitting the back of Steve’s borrowed Audi shoved him forward into the car that had just cut him off.

“Steve? What happened?”

He sat there shocked for a moment before the tears returned and he slumped forward onto the steering wheel. “Buck, please save me.”

ID #67236

Name: Abby
Age: 18
Country: USA

Hello, my name is Abby and I’m looking for some penpals. I’m pretty good at immediately diving into deep conversations so if that’s something you want, look no further!
I’m from Ohio, and need someone who either understands/has mental illnesses/past abuse experiences/can deal with being told about past abuse experiences. Heavy stuff, but I’m looking for a penpal for life.

Interests: Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead (both game and show,) Steven Universe, Over the Garden Wall, Gravity Falls, Golden Girls, That 70’s Show, Gorillaz, Bojack Horseman, American Horror Story (season 1 through 5,) Shameless, Sherlock, The Office, Archer, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Friends, and more.

Preferences: Ages 18-23
Any gender
Snail Mail please

Who Will Win? (Part 1)

Prompt: Jefferson (Once Upon A Time) sees you on the sidewalk one day, his “dead” wife.

Word Count: 1745

Warning: Threats, language, angst, sadness

Notes: This will span from season 1 through 5, if you don’t want spoilers, maybe don’t read this, haha. Also, the reader’s Storybrooke name is Alice. Beta’d by the amazeballs @like-a-bag-of-potatoes and badgered @amarvelouswritings Thank you both! Could never get this done without you!

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Walking along the brisk morning, he spotted you. Your hair, your body, the way you moved. Your clothes might have changed, but you hadn’t. Not in the slightest. Even though he couldn’t see your face, he recognized you in an instant, he knew from the way his heart sped up, and how the butterflies soared through his entire body. No one in his life had ever made him feel like you did, and now his body reacted on its own accord, even if his brain was screaming at him that there was no way it could actually be you. You’d been dead for almost four decades now.

He jogged up to you, all other thoughts falling from his mind except he had to see you. He ran up and stood in front of you.

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Lapidot - Day Four Headcanons

Day 4 Prompt: Free Day. Since I’m working in a fanfiction for tomorrow day prompt of Lapidot week, then here are some headcanons of Lapidot using today prompt. There might be some Human AU headcanons. @lapidot-week


-Peridot and Lapis watching Camp Pining Heart through Season 1 to Season 5 and of course skipping Season 4 because Peridot didn’t like it at all while Lapis simply found it boring that particular season.

-Peridot and Lapis playing with Veggiehead and of course teaching their little baby pumpkin more words. As of now, Veggiehead can spell first letters of Clod which made Peridot very proud.

-When nighttime falls, Peridot would usually try to find more Fireflies to put in jars while Lapis simply snorts whenever Peridot trips trying to capture them.

-Lapis make water figures and plays with them alongside Peridot whenever Peridot is feeling sad or nostalgic about home.

-Peridot trying to put on new “shirts” whenever Lapis isn’t around, but without her knowledge, Lapis always watch her doing that and keeps it a secret. One time she was almost discovered because she giggled a lot when Peridot practice her jokes.


-(Human AU): Peridot being a huge nerd and otaku and always watches Dragon Ball Super. With Goku Black and Zamasu being her favorite characters and couple…as she would put.


-(Human AU): Lapis doing some meep morps when she has free time….it would usually be dark or kind of kinky. She won’t even let Peridot see that kind of art.


-(Human AU): Peridot would usually cuddle with Lapis whenever she has a nightmare about her traumatic past.


-(Human AU): Lapis being an amazing cooker and making sometimes a lunch for Peridot when she goes to work.


-Peridot and Lapis to accidentally fuse for the first time when they were cuddling each other while watching television and of course everything goes wild or unexpected to them making Peridot very worried that she may cause Lapis feel bad again, but in reality Lapis feels completely relieved and happy that she didn’t experience that same pain when she fused with Jasper and instead felt….warm and secure with Peridot.

I started to rewatch Will & Grace on Sunday after going back and forth because…nearly two HUNDRED episodes. But I’ve gone through more than 1.5 season so far and have no regrets. I fucking loved this show.

For republican christians my parents were pretty open with what we watched. Except the simpsons and Maury. Which my sister and I did anyways.

It’s just so gooooood!!

Maybe I haven’t given him [Damon] enough credit.
—  An actual quote, actually said by Caroline Forbes, written by actual misogynist Julie Plec, who thinks that the definition of feminism is telling someone that you aren’t going to say the sexist thing you were thinking about saying because you proclaim to be a ‘devout’ activist for women’s rights (see: The Originals, 2x04). Credit for what, pray tell? Credit for effectively stripping you of your own free will? Credit for, only mere episodes ago, casually referring to how he raped, abused, and fed on you as a regular, run-of-the-mill hook-up? Are we living in an alternate universe, where seasons 1 through 5 never happened and Caroline was never raped, and all this time it’s supposed to be passed off as Caroline just being bitchy? Are we supposed to condone having the victim of a rape apologizing for hating that person just because he did a couple nice things for her friend? This isn’t the Caroline we all know and love. This is a Caroline who has been watered down to serve the purposes of propping up Delena and being the lesser half of Steroline. And when Caroline says she deserves better, she doesn’t just mean she deserves for Stefan to be a better friend to her; she deserves to have a meaningful storyline that doesn’t revolve around anybody but herself, and she deserves to exist in a world where she is appreciated for her real value, not for conforming to serve others. #juliegetyourshittogether2k14