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Supergirl Shared Screen Time

Some people have been curious about who people on Supergirl spend their time with. This post only includes how much time each character spends with Kara throughout the season. (Don’t worry! There will be more posts to come. this one just got really long.) The charts below include a) the total time throughout the season that the character spends with Kara, b) the mean time they spend with Kara in the episodes they appear in, c) the % of Kara’s total time they appear, d) the % of Kara’s time in the episodes they appear in, and e) the % of the character’s total time they spend with Kara. 

Season 1:

For the most part, the amount of time a character spends with Kara lines up pretty well with who had the most screen time. The exception to this rule, is J’onn, who falls just under James in total screen time, as opposed to here, where he is beat by both Cat and Winn.

J’onn, it turns out, is the most independent character in the show, most likely because we rarely see him outside of the DEO. While he is helping Kara from the DEO, giving instructions, or making plans, he isn’t actually in her company or on screen with her. The few times his character is given extra screen time (in the White Martian Episode and the one where they interrogate him) he doesn’t actually spend most of that extra screen time with Kara. (I have a hypothesis that he actually spends more time with Alex than with Kara but I need to test that before I actually say it.)

Winn, on the other hand, is the least independent character in Season 1, spending 76.3% of his screen time with Kara. Even James, who is there as a love interest is given a little more of his own screen time. 

Season 2: 

In Season 2, once again, screen time with Kara lines up pretty well with overall screen time, with the exception of Mon-El. In total screen time he has less than Alex, but in Season 2, he actually spends more time on screen with Kara than Alex does. This is despite the fact that the % of Kara’s time that Alex takes up went up by 2% from Season 1. He actually uses up Kara’s time by more than 10% compared to James last season. He spends more than 77% of his time with Kara. 

J’onn spends more of his time with Kara than last season by a wide margin and falls just behind Alex in most screen time spent with her. Winn and James, on the other hand, both fall in the standings. James in particular goes from spending 69% of his time with Kara to a meager 38% and the percent of Kara’s time he spends with her is cut to nearly a third of season 1′s. 

Alex’s total screen time in season 2 is about the same as in season 1 and the amount of time she spends with Kara is also about the same. What changes is actually Kara’s screen time which is about an hour less in season 2 than in season 1 (despite season 2 being two episodes longer). Because of this, the percent of Kara’s time that Alex spends with her goes up while the percent of Alex’s time she spends with Kara goes down. 

I will be doing another post soon in which I look at other relationships on the show. I am already planning on doing Alex and Astra, Alex and Maggie, J’onn and Alex, J’onn and M’gann, and James and Lucy. If there are any other relationships (romantic or otherwise) that you’d like me to look at, feel free to shoot me an ask or a message and I’ll be sure to include it. And, as always, feel free to ask me anything!!


Felicity Smoak in Every Episode: 1x18: I’ve never seen anybody die.

  • Jax: *looks through the window* Oh, look, there's Sara and Snart. Hey, you guys! Hey! *Leonard starts taking off Sara's shirt* Ahhhh! AHHHH! Sara and Snart! SARA AND SNART!
  • Kendra: *running back in* Oh my God.
  • Jax: AHHHH!
  • Kendra: Oooooooh my God.....
  • Jax: Oh, my eyes! MY EYES!! *turns away*
  • Kendra: Jax, it's okay! It's okay!
  • Jax: NO! *points to the window without looking* THEY'RE DOING IT!
  • Kendra: I know!
  • Jax: They're doing--
  • Kendra: I KNOW! I know!
  • Jax: You know?!
  • Kendra: Yes, I know and Mick knows but Rip doesn't know so you have to stop screaming!

I redrew my favorite depressed salt child. Max is honestly the best and no one can tell me otherwise