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All Caryl interactions in Season 7 (indirect or direct) and what it means:

Season 7 Episode 1: The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be:
Daryl, injured and hopeless, kneeling, facing potential death, thinks of mostly Carol in his potentially last moments. He could be about to die any second here and he thinks of her, mostly. He remembers the Terminus hug (5x01) and he remembers when he gave her a shoulder massage (3x01). 

Now, let’s think: Why would he remember those specific moments out of any other? Terminus reunion was probably because that was the happiest he’s been. He lost Carol out of his own control (like he has with his mom and Merle), he, perhaps, even though she was dead. He thought he would never see her again. He missed her so much. 
But then, he sees her. She FOUND him. She SAVED them. There she was, in all her precious flesh, apprehensive, wondering how they would all react. The woman he loves is alive and she found them, in a hopeless world. She found them. Happiness can exist even in that world. As hopeless as it seems, in the misery of it all, they reunited. 
And he runs to her. He hugs her so tight, lifts her off the ground. Teary eyed. So happy. Nuzzles her. Just can’t get enough of her. 
‘’ You’re here. You found me. You’re here again. I’m never going to let you out of my sight, I love you. ‘’ (he didn’t say those words specifically, but with his actions, his facial expressions, says it all.)

Why did he remember Terminus? Because of everything I stated above.

Why did he remember giving her a shoulder massage? He was bringing her comfort. He was going out of his way to do something for somebody he loves (something he’s never done for anyone else, I may add). She looks at him with a huge smile and he stops. ‘’ We should get back… ‘’ he says.
‘’ Pretty romantic. Wanna screw around? ‘’ she asks. 
He scoffs. He looks back at her almost like ‘’ wait… is she serious? ‘’ and instead, they both laugh. 

Slow burn, people. Slow burn. 
Why did he remember the shoulder massage? Because it was physical affection. It was him bringing her comfort. His memories with Carol, his happiest one’s, are ones that include physical touch. He could have remembered literally anything else. But he didn’t. He remembered memories that include him initiating, all on his own, physical touch and affection. THOSE are Daryl’s happiest moments. 

Moving on. That was Caryl interaction in Season 7 Episode 1. It was indirect, but it was there. In his last thoughts (for all he knew), he thought of Carol.

Season 7 Episode 9: Rock In The Road:

Rick: Did you find Carol?
Morgan: I did, yeah.
Daryl: Where is she? Is she okay?
Morgan looking at Daryl: Well, she was here and then she left. 
*If you notice, Daryl stops in his tracks. No movement. None. You cannot even tell he’s breathing. 
Morgan: You know, she wasn’t too happy with me following her. She wanted to get away from us. From everyone.
*Daryl starts pacing side by side*
Morgan: But when I found her, she was shot.
*Daryl stops moving again*
Morgan: Just a graze, I got her back here, they got doctors. They good. 
Daryl: *angry, grunt voice, almost snarling* Was it them? 
Morgan: It was. 
Morgan: She had crossed with some of them and one of them followed her and tried to kill her.
*Shot of Daryl’s face, who swallows as he’s told someone tried to kill Carol. He looks very angry and upset.*
Morgan, who by the way is looking straight at Daryl, almost with an apologetic look, continues on saying:
I killed him. I had to. Carol was here. She got help. *looks at Daryl*
Morgan: Now she’s gone. 
Daryl: Looks sad and destroyed, confused. 
*Shot of Rick also looking at Daryl.

Now… this scene wasn’t for nothing. This was to show how close Daryl and Carol are and how others around them, even others who don’t know them that well (Morgan) know how close they are and how important Carol is to Daryl. This scene had Daryl pacing, frozen, swallowing, angry, concerned and sad. This? It wasn’t for nothing. This was yet another indirect Caryl scene that didn’t necessarily need to be there and wouldn’t have been there had they planned on erasing Caryl.

Moving on to one of our favorite episodes (yes?)

Season 7 Episode 10: New Best Friends: 

Scene 1: Daryl brings up Carol out of nowhere. (Necessary? No.)
It starts off with…
Daryl: Hey. Where’d you go in them trucks?
*Morgan walks over*
Daryl: You went to see them, right? 
Morgan: Yeah. 
Daryl: Part of your deal?
*Morgan looks away*
Daryl: What the hell is wrong with you?
Daryl: You’re bleeding. They did that to you. You know what they are.
Morgan: I do. 
Daryl: You know…if Carol were here, she saw all that, if she knew Abraham… and Glenn… she’d be leading us right to them, ready to kill them all.
*evaluate Daryl’s voice… his voice is low. Almost angry. Snarling. Almost mocking Morgan.
*Morgan is quite obviously a bit offended*
Morgan: She would. And that’s why she left, man.
*Daryl, looking at him with anger and walks away*

This scene, was it necessary? No. What did it show? That Daryl is thinking of Carol. He knows her. He knows how badass she is and how she takes no shit. He admires her. He’s PROUD of her. He knows this woman is fierce and he has no problems randomly letting Morgan know. Out of nowhere. Because he is thinking of her.

Scene 2: Richard set up a plan to get Carol killed in the hopes to push Ezekiel to want to fight. Let’s skip that dialogue and get to what matters.

Richard: It’s just some loner he met 
Richard: Sometimes he brings food their way.
Daryl: Why don’t they live in The Kingdom?
Richard: I don’t know. She lives out there, she’ll die out there.
Daryl: … it’s a woman?
Richard: Does that matter? She’s got more balls then you and me. She’s gonna die either way.
*Notice the sounds, the music* 
Richard: When the saviors come and find their buddies dead, if they know their elbow from their asshole, they can follow an obvious spore. They are going to go to the weapons cash and into the cabin. They are going to attack this woman. 
Daryl: What’s her name?
Richard: Maybe they kill her, maybe they don’t. But it’s going to show Ezekiel what he needs to do. 
Daryl: Her name. What is it?
Richard: She’s tough. Maybe she’ll live.
Daryl: *raises his voice* Say her damn name!
Richard: … Carol. I hoped you didn’t know her. But I didn’t think you’d care. Cause you know what needs to happen.
Daryl: No.
Richard: Maybe she’ll live. Look this is how this can happen. This is how we can get rid of the saviors. This is how we all can have a future (A future for Daryl without Carol? NO. That’s what the show is saying).
Richard: She’s living out there alone just waiting to die.
Daryl: *raises voice again, walking away* NO.
Richard: If we don’t do anything, a hell of a lot more people are going to die, people who want to live.
Daryl: *immediately turns around and gets right up to Richard’s voice* 
You stay the hell away from Carol, you hear me? 

Saviors driving up, Richard still wants to go with his plan and Daryl, realizing that he’s going to do it, throws Richard to the ground, beating him up. 

After, Richard talks some more nonsense, prompting Daryl to say:
‘’ She gets hurt, she dies, she catches a fever… she gets taken out by a walker… she gets hit by lightening. Anything. Anything happens to her, I’ll kill you. ‘’

Was this scene necessary? No. This scene just showed us how much Daryl loves Carol and how she is the most important thing in the world to Daryl. That’s not for no reason. Nothing is wasted screen time. This is to remind us, after all this time, Daryl still loves Carol and will protect her by any means necessary, even if it means beating or killing someone. 

Scene 3: The Grand Reunion:

*We see Carol opening her door and is just looking annoyed. Ezekiel and his people are there. Carol says she only opened the door because they tripped her wire. Jerry gives her cobbler, she takes it and tells them to go.*

*She’s seen sitting down, picking up a romance novel called Denim Dreams, when she hears a knock on her door*

*She opens the door, ready to rip Zekeyboy a new asshole, when she loses her breath, realizing it’s Daryl* 
Who, by the way, is wearing denim and so is Carol.

Daryl is looking apprehensive. Sad. Carol is beginning to cry. She walks forward in his arms and he hugs her back with one arm (because crossbow on his arm), he sniffles and moves her arm gently to look at her. Because he needs to know. He needs to know why she left. 

Daryl: Jesus took us to The Kingdom. Morgan said you just left… I was out here. I saw you.
Daryl: *voice breaks* Why’d you go?
Carol: I had to.

This scene shows us how upset and devastated Daryl was finding out she left. 
This scene highlights to us, again, how important she is to him. How much she matters and how much he loves her. How much he doesn’t feel okay when she’s gone away.

Scene 4: 

Carol: I couldn’t lose any of them. I couldn’t lose you. 
* Daryl raises his head to look right at her*
Carol: I couldn’t kill them. I could. I would, if they hurt any of our people, anymore of them… that’s what I would do. And there wouldn’t be anything left of me after that.
Carol: The Saviors. Did they come?
Daryl: …. Yeah.
Carol: *crying* Did anyone get hurt? Is everybody okay? Did the saviors… is everybody back HOME okay?
Daryl: *hesitating* 
Carol: Daryl.
Daryl: They came. We got em all. Made a deal with the rest of them like Ezekiel. Everyone’s alright. *Carol here is starting to breathe more easy… and Daryl reassures her again… ‘’ Everyone’s alright ‘’ in such a comforting voice. 
Carol: *crying out of happiness with a huge smile*
Daryl: We gonna eat or, or I got to be a king or somethin’ to get food around here?
Carol: *laughs* softly responds ‘’ shut up ‘’.
She brings the food over and pours some in Daryl’s bowl. Looking at him. Smiling.
Daryl: Ezekiel. Is he okay?
Carol: Yeah, I think he is.
*Daryl starts eating, has wonderful table manners around Carol by the way and meanwhile, she’s smiling at him, barely taking her eyes off of him

This scene. All of this here, is important. This is Daryl lying to Carol because he loves her. Sounds weird, right? Hear me out.
This is Daryl, who just finished hearing that the woman he loves couldn’t kill anymore because she was afraid there would be nothing left of her after that. 
Daryl lies because he wants to keep her safe. Protected. Away from this war. He lies because he loves her, and like Norman said ‘’ He doesn’t want her to get hurt and fuck her up basically. ‘’. 
This is a selfless act. This was for her. Him and Team Family could benefit from having Carol fight alongside them. Hell, Daryl even brought up Carol’s badassery to Morgan. He knows she could help them win. He knows she’d be a huge benefit and asset. But he doesn’t care. 
Not at her expense. He needs her. He needs her alive and healthy. If this means potentially sacrificing everyone else’s life, so be it. They can find another way. They can find another way that doesn’t involve the woman he loves. For her.

Scene 5: 

Daryl is walking out of the house when he suddenly turns around and looks at Carol for a second. She looks awkward, putting her hands in a pocket. Daryl doesn’t want to leave. But he knows he has to. So, he walks to her and gives her a hug. She grabs his hair and he puts his face down in her shoulder. We see Carol, her face, clearly shows she doesn’t want Daryl to leave. 
She nuzzles his shoulder and breathes him in. You can hear her. This is incredibly intimate. Neither of them want to let go, but Daryl knows he has to. Every moment that he lingers is tempting him to stay more and more. He knows he has to go. So he raises his hand up her back and moves away, looking right in her eyes… ‘’ Watch out for yourself, alright? ‘’ he says, in a very quiet voice. 
He walks away, without turning around. Because he knows he can’t stay. Not yet. 
Carol, however, is about to go back inside before she turns around. She’s struggling. She wants to go after him. She wants him to stay. (Melissa McBride confirmed that Carol was obviously struggling with Daryl leaving) 
But she goes inside anyway. 
(May I add that the music, to me, was pretty romantic? I loved the sounds. So calm, gentle and loving.)

Scene 6:

Morgan confirms that Daryl is holding onto Carol. Daryl is holding onto Carol because he loves her. 

Moving along to…

Season 7 Episode 12: Say Yes: 
(This is more a parallel)
Rick says to Michonne: ‘’ I can’t lose you. We say that to the one’s we love. ‘’
Carol just got done telling Daryl that she couldn’t lose him in Episode 10. 
Because she loves Daryl. Daryl’s actions prove that he can’t lose Carol. Because he loves her.

Season 7 Episode 13: Bury Me Here:

Carol knows something wasn’t right. Why did Jesus bring the group to The Kingdom… what happened? She can’t sleep. She goes to find Morgan.

Carol: Why did Jesus bring Daryl and everyone else at The Kingdom? 
Morgan: They, um… They wanted to see if we could all start working together on things. 
*Carol getting teary eyed* The saviors are still here. They are not fighting with The Kingdom. Daryl said they beat em back at Alexandria… Is that true? That they made a deal with em? Is everyone okay? Just tell me if it’s true.
Morgan: You need to talk to Daryl about that… You wanted me to keep the whole story about you from everybody. Told me not to say where you were and I did what you asked. Daryl didn’t find you because of me. And what was said between you and him was said between you and him. I will go with you to Alexandria if you want to make the trip. If you want to talk to them. 
You shouldn’t go alone. 
You found what you wanted, right? You got away from everyone. Is it what you wanted? Or was it just too late to get away?
*Carol is crying at this point*

This scene is also important because it shows that no, Carol didn’t really want to be away from everyone. Especially not Daryl. This conversation was mostly about Daryl here and Morgan understands what’s going on. She already loved Daryl. She already loves him. It was confirmed Carol was running away from love. Carol was running away from Daryl. That’s what was happening in Season 6. 

It was also confirmed by Melissa McBride, that when Morgan does tell Carol what happened at the end of the episode, Carol was thinking of Daryl and how she’s sorry that he felt he couldn’t tell her.

And now… here we are, rolling into Episode 16 and her running away? It’s done. The ‘’ One Way ‘’ sign was pointing backwards, away from The Kingdom. She calls Alexandria her ‘’ home ‘’… but there’s someone there specifically. Daryl. 

The best is coming. Her and Morgan’s arc is officially closing. Carol is fighting alongside them. She will reunite with Team Family in Season 8. She will reunite with Daryl in Season 8. It’s been set up for us to see them have a conversation about this. Season 8 is a NEW chapter. Caryl is coming, slowly. But it’s coming. 
Also, we have a great reputation with season premieres for Caryl. ;) 

Stay strong, guys. Season 7 DID show us that Daryl loves Carol and Carol loves Daryl. 


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Reader is an actress in Teen Wolf and is basically Stiles’s best friend besides Scott. Reader’s character has a crush on Stiles and in the next episode they will have some kissing scenes and Morgan (the host) is asking questions etc.

(Y/N) = your name

(Y/N) (Y/L/N) = your last name

(Y/C/N) = yor character name

(Y/BF/N) = your best friends name


“Hello everyone, it’s your host Morgan here. Today I have two special guests from Teen Wolf, (Y/N) (Y/L/N) and Dylan O'Brien!” he yelled and the audience cheered a lot. “So, (Y/N), how does your character feel about Stiles being in love with Lydia?” Morgan asked.

“Um, it’s kind of similar situation to what Stiles and Lydia had in season 1. It’s obvious to everyone that my character likes Stiles and everyone else knows about it but I guess that Stiles is blind and doesn’t see it, but something happens in next episode,” you said smirking. Morgan laughed.

“What about your character, Dylan? How can he not see (Y/C/N)’s crush on you?”

“I don’t know, I think Stiles and (Y/C/N) are so close together and being cute best friends so he hasn’t thought about (Y/C/N) loving him in that way,” Dylan said glancing at you. “But who knows what’s gonna happen!” he said and the audience cheered again.

“So you’re telling us that there will be something between your characters?” Morgan asked with an excitement in his voice tone. You and Dylan looked at each other mysteriously.

“Maybe, maybe not” you said laughing. “Okay yeah, we have some kissing scenes. But I can’t tell you more, Jeff would kill me if I spoiled too much.”

The audience went wild, everyone cheered and clapped. Dylan just smiled and throwed his hand over your shoulder and made them cheer even more.

“Okay, next we’re gonna reveal some secrets! I’ve been calling for your friends and family asking some stuff about you that none of your fans know. Let’s start with you, (Y/N).” Morgan said and rubbed his hands together.

“Is that correct that you became an actress just a while ago?”

“Yeah, Teen Wolf is my third project”, you said nodding.

“And before becaming famous, you were hardcore fangirl? Is it true?” he asked and audience whistled.

“Um, yeah, it is,” you knew where this was coming for.

“I called your best friend, (Y/BF/N), and asked something about you. She said that you were a huge Dylan O'Brien fan!” he said and screened a picture of you, wearing a hoodie which said ‘lol ur not dylan o'brien’ standing in front of your wall, covered posters and pictures of Dylan.

“Oh my god,” you laughed and buried your head in your hands. Dylan laughed so hard that he almost fell on the floor.

“You got to kiss your idol in the show, not every fangirl get to exprience that! How does it felt?”

“Well, it was kind of a dream come true,” you said and felt a bit embarrassed. “But since I’m an actress now I try not to fangirl over it, my manager said that I have to act like a professional.”

“Stop laughing at me,” you said and slapped Dylan in the arm.


The interview was over and you two walked back to your trailers. You still had some episodes to shoot.

“So, hardcore fangirl, huh?” Dylan asked.

“Oh please, like you never fangirled over someone”, you said cheeks turning red.

“Don’t be embarrassed! I think that’s cute.”

“Me fangirling over you is cute? I almost started to cry when I watched videos about you”, you laughed.

“Do you still have that hoodie? We could take picture of you wearing it, standing next to me,” he suggested.

“Of course I have it! That’s a good idea, good thinking, O'Brien.”

You walked to your trailer started to look for it. And there it was, at the bottom of your closet. You put it on and Dylan laughed when you came out of your trailer.

“It looks so big on you.”

“It’s soft and comfortable, don’t judge me”, you said and tried to find someone who could take the photo but there was no one in sight.

“Let’s ask Tyler”, Dylan said and grabbed your hand and lead you to Tyler’s trailer. He knocked and soon Tyler opened the door.

“What are you wearing?” he asked you and bursted into laughter.

“She’s a fangirl don’t tease her”, Dylan said trying not to laugh.

“Can you just take a photo of us?” you asked.

“Yeah, of course mrs. O'Brien”, he joked.

“If you don’t shut up, I will punch you,” you threatened him.

You stood next to Dylan pointing the text of your hoodie smiling widely. Dylan rested his hand on your shoulder, side-hugging you looking like he’s gonna laugh. Tyler took couple of photos and gave your phone back to you.

“Where did you buy that hoodie? I want one”, Tyler asked you.

“Are you still making fun of me or are you serious?”

“I’m serious, that’s cool,” Tyler said. “We could fangirl over Dylan together!”

You just shooked your head and went to your trailer.

You picked up the best photo of you two and tweeted it with a text saying “once again one of my dreams came true, thanks @dylanobrien <3”


Later that night you scrolled through your twitter and saw Dylan’s tweet. It was the same photo you tweeted, with a text “I found out that my adorable co-worker is a fangirl and @tylergposey is jealous of her hoodie”.

That tweet made your inner fangirl come alive, because Dylan doesn’t tweet much and now he tweeted that.

You knew the whole Teen Wolf cast would tease you about this whole thing, especially Tyler, but it didn’t matter; you were too happy to let it bother you.

It's Okay (Spencer Reid x reader)

A/N: This fic features sentence starters 74 (“I can’t take the loneliness anymore.”), 77 (“Maybe I’m meant to be alone.”), and 79 (“I’ve been alone for so long..”) from a post I reblogged not too long ago!! This is set in season 1 so Spencer is 23-24. The reason why the reader is insecure are my own actual insecurities (except I’m not 22) and I’ve been coping with them and I figured writing may help so here it is! Again, feel free to message me if you ever need to talk@dontshootmespence @criminallyyoursdrreid @reidbyers

Friday night with the BAU. You were all sat in a circle at JJ’s playing truth or dare. “Y/N- truth or dare?” Morgan asked. “Truth.” you responded, not quite feeling comfortable with dares yet. You were 22, just a little younger than Spencer, your best friend. “Dirtiest thing you’ve done?” He asked, wiggling his eyebrows. “Uh, nothing.” you responded, blushing. “No way, I don’t believe that. No first kiss, no boyfriend, no sex, really?” He laughed. You blushed, frowning. “Really. It’s um, getting late. I’m gonna get going.” You rushed out, getting up and heading towards the door. “Thanks for having me, JJ. See you all Monday.” You called out, running to your car and starting the engine, driving home.

“What was that about?” Morgan asked, receiving shrugs from everyone. “I’ll go check up on her.” Spencer said, worriedly rushing to his own car to drive to your apartment. Once he got to your apartment complex, he ran up to your apartment and starting banging on your door. “Y/N! Open up! Please!” He yelled. You opened the door, the sight of you breaking Spencer’s heart.

“Spencer? What are you doing here?” You sniffled, holding the door open. Spencer walked in, his body brushing across yours. “I wanted to check on you. What’s wrong?” He asked. “Nothing’s wrong. I’m fine.” You said, just wanting to be left alone so you could cry. “Please tell me. I just want to help.” He pleaded. “Fine. I can’t take the loneliness anymore, Spence! I’m 22 and I’ve never been kissed, never had a boyfriend, never had sex! What’s wrong with me?” You sobbed. Spencer stood in shock, trying to think of the words to comfort you.

“Maybe I’m meant to be alone.” You cried, sitting on your couch and curling up into a ball. You cried into your knees, before you felt Spencer sit down beside you and hesitantly pull you closer to his body. “Listen to me Y/N. You are perfect the way you are. It’s okay that you haven’t had those experiences yet. That’s perfectly normal. It’s perfectly okay.” He soothed, rubbing your back. “I’ve been alone for so long, Spencer. What if I meet someone and I don’t know what to do and they leave? God, Spencer. I’m probably unloveable at this point.” you cried, getting more worked up.

"Hey hey. Everyone has these experiences at different points in their lives. You are able to be loved and you are wanted. You are a beautiful girl, Y/N.” “Have you had any of those experiences?” You asked him, looking up at him with desperation in your eyes. He hesitated, before nodding and keeping your body close to his. “That doesn’t mean anything, Y/N.” He whispered. You continued crying, suddenly feeling tired from your crying and the ongoing war in your body and mind.

“Spencer? Can you stay here tonight?” You whispered, half asleep on his chest. “Sure, Y/N. Sweet dreams. Remember, you are loved and wanted.” He whispered, kissing your forehead. You sighed, drifting off to sleep and hoping he was right.

anonymous asked:

How did you interpret the last exchange between Morgan and Daryl in NBF? When Morgan says he and Daryl are the same and that he knows Daryl because Daryl didn't tell Carol what happened. "See? We're all holding onto something." How do you interpret that line? What do you think he is suggesting Daryl is holding onto?

Hello, again Nonny :)

I think Morgan is referring to Daryl holding on to the best parts of himself and not giving in to the rage we saw as he killed Fat Joey.  Daryl is holding to the better man he has become in the ZA- which includes his feelings for Carol. Carol has helped him transform from the Merle-like man he was earlier in life, to the good man we have seen him be since season 1.

Daryl is holding on to Carol, holding on to the good man, the better man, the ZA helped him become.   By holding on to that good man and to Carol, Daryl has a future better than any other he would have by letting go of that good man and Carol.

We saw Daryl with the Claimers in 4-B, briefly having let go of the good man inside him and spiraling down to that brutal level of existence which lacked a future.  The only road fro Daryl, had he continued with the Claimers would be to become just like them, with no future, no love, and no family.  He would eventually die, like them, in some stupid way or been set up to die by Joe.  He fell back into the Merle-like patterns with Joe, because it was safe, familiar and better than being alone after B3th disappeared.

Rick, Michonne and Carl saved Daryl then because he stood with them and was willing to die for them, to spare them.  Daryl has grown a lot since season 4-B though and now he has a future, a better future than ever before.  He has examined his feelings, grown a bit and has opened up more with Carol and Rick’s group, even voluntarily hugging people and being more open with his feelings.  All good and necessary growth IMO.

Daryl’s not falling in with Negan and The Saviors, his resisting that familiar soulless existence of becoming like them, is such a watershed moment and change for him.  Daryl has a future now, is healing, is learning to tame and purge the rage I think although we have not seen much of that yet I think,

Morgan was reminding Daryl that he has that future, can still get back to being that better man, can have more than he has ever had before.  That includes Carol and Caryl I think and hope.  It would be a wonderful bit of development for Daryl, necessary even.  

Daryl’s decision to hold firm despite Easy Street, the torture, the allure of an easy yet brutal life- that is huge as a step in his growth and journey.  We’ve seen Eugene being seduced by fear and the chance of personal power and being valued by Negan.  

Rick’s group had not valued Eugene in the same way since his lie was admitted in season 5. So Eugene and Daryl are two sides of the same coin, one refusing the other seduced by Negan and power.

Daryl refused because he chooses to be that better, man, that good man with a future that will include a healthy love relationship I believe.  Yes, he has rage and impulses still- who would not after the captivity, torture, and witnessing Glenn and Abraham die, particular the Glenn death since Negan used Daryl’s line-breaking and punching to kill Glenn.   

Morgan reminded Daryl that he has quite a lot of great things to hold on to right now and not lose sight of or squander through foolish actions. That bright future includes Carol and Caryl IMO.

Thanks for the ask, Nonny. 


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Hey I love you.. um question has anyone done a breakdown of Rick/Michonne's flashbacks of each other for episode 701?? I just noticed that in Rick's flashback while he was on top of the Van it had the scene after she finished brushing her teeth and on the tracks with Carl... so my question what does that mean?? Like i know everyone says he didnt realize his love for her until 6x10 but why would he see those moments & be so cherry?? Did he love her then too and just didnt recognize it?? Thoughts

Hey I love u more

As for ur question: Buddy, pal, friend, my guy: Rick and Michonne have been in love for the longest.

Let me direct u to this post created by the beautiful @siancore that discusses Rick’s flashback to one of the few times Michonne has ever fully smiled at him in all of her toothy glory, bc how could that wondrous memory of her not stick out in his scared and panicked mind?? (Oh, and just btw, aside from her smiling at his clean-shaven face, Rick’s flashbacks also included that scene with Chonne and Carl messing around on the traintracks, that time when Michonne showed up at their doorstep after killing the Governor and getting separated from Rick and Carl, and Rick and Michonne cuddling in their bed.)

Now, it’s been clear (pun intended) that Rick and Michonne have been feeling some type of way towards each other for the past five seasons [if you don’t believe me, just rewatch Clear because a) it’s a perfect episode in every way and b) LOOK AT THEM FLIRT, CAN U FEEL THAT SEXUAL TENSION, GEEZ LOUISE I NEEDED TO TAKE A SHOWER RIGHT AFTERWARDS].

And if you don’t believe me, just ask Robert Kirkman.

“We did something different in the show, but [Richonne] was something that Scott started talking about, I believe, in season 4. There were a lot of … I don’t remember the episode number, because I’m old, but the episode - oh, it’s ‘Clear’ [season 3, episode 12] when Michonne and Rick and Carl encounter Morgan. We were discussing that kind of stuff all the way back there and there were seeds planted in that episode that you so brilliantly wrote.”

Or Gimple.

“In [season 4 episode 1] I wasn’t in charge of the show. During that time there were a lot of little things I did where I was like almost like doing fanfiction or telling stories to myself because I absolutely respected [the fact that] it was other people’s decisions at that point.” (He!!! literally!!! used!!! the!!! term!!! fanfiction!!! He did that!!!)

Or Andy.

“It was just natural… And Michonne has been a mother figure and best friend to Carl for so long. And she saved Rick’s life and Carl’s life on countless occasions. There’s something rather moving about these two warriors getting together. […] I kept thinking, 'Of course — it’s been right in front of me all the time.’“ (and tbh I feel like Rick realized his feelings for Michonne way before she realized hers for him, and so Ricky G was just careful not to act on them in a classic case of “I don’t want to risk ruining our friendship” until eventually he could not push his feelings away any longer and literally used mints as an excuse to make his move. MINTS!!)

Or Danai.

“Deanna asked her in episode 8 ‘what do you want?’ And at her core she was definitely cutting herself off from her heart. I think [laughs] she’s probably been in love with Rick for a while.”

And now we’re here. Almost to episode 12. Almost to the sex scene which was written by a professional screenwriter/showrunner who has been shipping Richonne ever since they first met and lowkey dropping little bits of fanfiction into the script because he so badly wanted them to become canon.

Yeah. We get to see what THAT GUY has planned for his first 5-years-in-the-making OTP sex scene.

Guys. Guys.

Imma die.


(The 100 episode posters - 1-4 Best Rated Episodes of Season 3 (so far according to imdb)


Rick/Beth/Morgan Parallels & Shovels

Okay so I am home sick with the flu for the weekend (too much eggnog) so I figure let me take some DayQuil and re-watch TWD, specifically Season 1 to maybe find some more clues regarding Team Delusional and Beth’s survival. This may be me grasping at straws, hell it could even be the cough medicine speaking, but we have seen time and time again on this show that everything is done for a reason. (And let’s be real here, I think speculation is the best part of watching this show!) We have been paralleling Rick/Beth both waking up in Grady, confused and disoriented as to the conditions they wake up in (The clock, strange environment, separation from their family). But I’m thinking maybe that we should focus on them both waking up from the comas instead of just solely their location (Because we know Beth is in a coma not dead). And why bring back a character that everyone thought was written off the show, not once, but twice? (Morgan) Here is why I personally think that is. Let me start with the Pilot episode of TWD. 

-PS: If any of this has ever been said before, please don’t hesitate to point it out to me! I have a very busy schedule so as much time as I spend on here on my mobile, I have not read everyone’s metas and theories!!


Rick wakes up in a coma at Grady, visibly dehydrated, malnourished, and with a fever that we find out later from Morgan. However he still manages to get himself up and out of the hospital, and takes to the streets. This is the body’s fight or flight response. The human body has incredible mechanisms in staying alive. I plan on doing more research and a meta on this at a later time. Stay tuned! 

Okay so Rick is in bad shape when he comes across Morgan. I think we can all agree if he didn’t receive some kind of medical attention or rest, he would’ve died. He would’ve pushed himself to the limit trying to find his family. If Morgan didn’t take him in when he did, we would not be on the 5th season of TWD. Morgan is important. He brings down his fever, redresses his gunshot wound, feeds him, gives him a place to rest and regroup. But how does he get inside Morgan’s place? Oh yeah, his son smacks him with a shovel. 

Ignore the weird dialogue bubble I don’t even think that is from the show or comics LOL but it’s the only picture I could find. You get my point. Now I am probably totally over-analyzing this but c’mon man, shovels and “digging” seem to be a thing of importance this season. And we’re supposed to parallel Rick and Beth right? RIGHT?

Okay so moving onto Beth. If our theories are accurate, then she will wake up from her coma somewhere. We don’t know where yet but “she’s definitely somewhere.“ Whether they actually bury her, or lay her to rest in a coffin at the funeral home like in my head canon, or WHATEVER. She’s "dead” somewhere. We associate a shovel with a grave. Whether it is below ground or not, it’s her final resting place. Plus we see a shovel in the promo. Although I am not entirely convinced that they are burying her. 

Beth’s Coma VS. Rick’s Coma: Assuming our theories are plausible

  • She wakes up disoriented, dehydrated, malnourished, wounded, and lost. 
  • Like Rick, Beth is going to get up and stumble out of where ever TF leaves her. 
  • Comes across Morgan in almost the exact same condition. 
  • First words from Morgan to Rick: “What’s your wound?”
  • Perhaps he’ll ask Beth the same question?
  • Morgan helps her recover, gives her food, water, maybe he even has a first aid kit on him. He seemed pretty well set up in that neighborhood boobytrap. 
  • They set out on the road, much like Rick did in season 1, off to find his family. 

Morgan & Beth

Okay I think it is very note worthy to point out that Beth and Morgan are very similar in their nature. They are polite, hospitable, instinctually caring, and most importantly, religious. When Morgan takes in Rick off the street, without much regard for his son’s and his own safety, he serves dinner for the 3 of them. He blesses the food before they eat. Now we know Beth embodies everything religious we’ve seen up until this point. Is this a coincidence? Maybe. Many people are religious. But, how far fetched and crazy is it really to say that their paths could be crossing for this reason as well? They are very similar. Internally, and now externally. They are both alone. 

Everything would come full circle if these two meet up with Rick and everyone at the ASZ. This would be a REAL parallel to Rick and surviving his coma. We put too much emphasis on the fact that they both wake up at Grady, but I think we should be focusing on the fact they’re both coma survivors. And MORGAN. He is so so important to this story. Why else bring him back? Why else have him be behind Rick? He is meant to find something, impact the story, twist the fate. This will be the biggest plot twist/paralleling/foreshadowing/full circle story ever told if this is how it plays out. 

I will give the writers, actors, show runners, a standing motha-f*cking ovation if this plays on my TV screen during 5B. It’s brilliant. I believe we have read all the signs, they are there. We have read them and interpreted them. Now we just need to wait. 

And if I’m wrong, we are wrong, then well fuck. Guess we’re just smarter than they are. And I can live with that.

What I learned from the season finale of The 100

1) Erica Cerra is a great actress. A.L.I.E and Becca are two totally different people, but not at the same time. Kudos.
2) Bellamy Blake is still an idiot.
3) John Murphy is one of the best developed characters on the show.
4) Raven Reyes is still a smol cinnamon roll that is to be protected at all costs.
5) Octavia Blake is hella pissed about Lincoln still (and rightfully so).
6) And poor Clarke just needs a break.

‘The Mindy Project’ Season 3 Premiere: 5 Teasers from 'We’re A Couple Now, Haters’

You guys, YOU GUYS…this episode is genius and hilarious and perfect and everything I wanted it to be as a follow up to the amazing season two finale. I laughed so hard I started crying. BEST.

1. So you might have heard…Danny and Mindy are a couple now (!!!!) and Mindy mentions something personal to just about everyone in the office and Danny doesn’t handle it well.

2. But Mindy’s not the only one who can’t keep things to herself. Danny learns something about one of their coworkers and shares the gossip with Mindy.

3. Morgan’s cousin comes to work at the office and he’s got his eye on one of the ladies. Like Morgan, the cousin has spent some time in jail and might not be quite as reformed.

4. Tamra makes it her mission to document an interaction between Peter and Jeremy. Let’s just say neither man is thrilled with the extra attention.

5. I really want to put a song title here and leave it at that, but sometimes music from screeners change so I’m just going to say that Danny has some interesting music choices in the episode.

(And let’s all take a moment to remember that Chris Messina is a national treasure and Mindy Kaling is the absolute best).


Saddest episodes of Supernatural #1 : 

Season finale of S2

I cried my eyes out when John appeared , i was already crying but when his soul came , it doubled !

I always loved John , and at the opposite of what some spn fans think , i believe he was a great dad .

He loved his sons so much , more than his own life ( He sold his own soul for Dean ) , he trained them to be strong , he tried his best . He was not perfect but he tried .

I miss John on the show to be honest , i wish he could come back

johnfogs  asked:

About the walker picking up the doll, or Morgan's wife turning the knob, or the walkers smashing windows with rocks... Frank Darabont was the showrunner for season 1 and these were his ideas. But he quit/was fired after season 1, so for season 2 they decided to abandon those ideas and have the walkers be more mindless. Extra tidbit: Jeffrey DeMunn, who played Dale, was upset that Darabont (his best friend in real life) left, so he asked to be written off the show by the end of season 2.

Ahhh yes, Frank Darabont’s departure is also a big reason for the differences between s1 and s2.