season 1 episode 9

Things to continue after Thesis

1. Sherlock Season 4 Episode 1 onwards
2. Arrow Season 5 Episode 1 onwards
3. How To Get Away With Murder Season 3 Episode 9 onwards
4. Elementary Season 2 Episode 4 onwards
5. The Big Bang Theory Season 9 Episode 3 onwards
6. The Flash Season 3 Episode 10 onwards
7. Movies

Many people say they really love Blood Moon Ball.

I do, too. I mean, dang - it’s “just an episode” which proves that StarCo is real. They were chosen by the Blood Moon Ball, the moon of lovers and the moon which picks two souls, binding them together for eternity. StarCo is eternity - that’s one thing for sure.

But I’m gonna post this GIF to share with you guys another favorite episode of mine. Maybe some will think that ep 9′s somehow not really “like-y like-y” for the StarCo shippers out there because it just proves Marco’s insane crush for Jackie Lynn Thomas. But I have another thing going on with that episode.

Can we just forget about Jackie for a sec? Look, instead of immediately going to Jackie to share a nod, Marco agrees with Star to have fun while the time stops. They go on everywhere - just the freaking two of them. Won’t StarCo fans consider that as a date?

Even a friendly date, perhaps. *squeals*

And besides, it just proves they’re soulmates; every single human being and other beings are frozen except for the two. Huh? Huh?

Season 1, Episode 9 ||Freeze Day|| Is a date for StarCo. ♥ Lol. Don’t you want that to be a headcannon? Star keeps on thinking about that day because you know…


I put this together quickly because I was curious (and I’m sure it’s not 100% accurate*) but, as far as I can tell, this is the airing order of the Season 18 episodes so far:

1, 3, 4, 5, 8, 6, 12, 13, 9, 15, 14

Soooooo… this is what we’re dealing with. Continuity?

(*I’m sure the titles for eps 10 and 11 are out there somewhere on twitter, and I’m not confident I have the episode order for eps 5-through-8 competely right, but this should be roughly accurate. Please correct my mistakes if you can.)