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ok so ive been watching camp camp (again) and i dont know if anyone else has pointed this out, but in season 1, episode 2 david has written on his clip board “max + positivity = success”. in the begining of season 2, we see he still has that paper, tapped to his wall. we also see he still has the half of the staff, from the season finale, hung up.

I Think I’m Better Than You  [Through 9 layers of google translate]

Languages:  Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, French, Icelandic, Filipino, Hawaiian, Afrikaans (can’t remember the order I used.

David: I hope this does not seem nasty,
Or, get out.
While the original owner,
but I think better than you!
Keep this in mind,
it is my personal opinion.
To receive glory, and to be honest, intelligent-
This present love will be called!
Her shoes, and your spirit leaves.
But I will be me to say that I think I can be better than you, you, and you!

Daniel:  Although you are indeed impressed by what he had to, he could not find credible.
To sing my glory to yourself. I think he says.
But I ka-very thin, but basically you’ll know I’m number one.
I know you can be hard to swallow.
Have weapons like me!
Although the song sings, I only see one!

David: Good friend, I know what to say
Daniel:  Try to start his work.

David: Mandate - by the end of Le!
Daniel:  I make a plan!

David:  You’re even better, tell me. Tired passive!
Daniel:  Lost in anger. Now that I have won it.
David:  Toboggan break.
Daniel: But it was fun.
David:  In the end, I start Laki,
Daneil:  and I can rectify ….

David:  I think I can do it on you!
Daniel:  Well, I saw naan better than you!
David:  For this fact, I hated!
Daniel:  I’m going to try!
David:  I saw well ….
Daniel:  Therefore, I, I see how you see ….
David:  The best …

Daniel:  How to Keep Your Charade Mustache Drinking Kool-Aid Drink!
Scrape-it! Oh, wait!

Alternate Episode Titles for Season 1 of Camp Camp

Episode 1: Gravity Falls Vibes

Episode 2: Platypuses Never Used to Scare Me

Episode 3: Holy Shit Is That Zuko

Episode 4: Great Googly Moogly It’s All Gone to Shit

Episode 5: I Knew It Was a Sex Dungeon

Episode 6: One Too Many Holocaust Jokes

Episode 7: I Wasn’t Aware That Looking Up “What Do Boobies Look Like” Was a Federal Offence

Episode 8: David the Axe Murderer

Episode 9: Affordable Health Care

Episode 10: Neil Loses His Fucking Mind

Episode 11: Never Work Together

Episode 12: Who Put These Tears in My Eyes

Bad Harrison Bad.

Y'all remember that one episode of camp camp (season 1 episode 10)Yeah the one with the Harry Potter reference and the Neil x Harrison shipping fuel? Why does nobody every talk about what happened to Max in that episode? I understand that it was Neil’s episode but like throwing all of that up HAD TO BE HELLA PAINFUL.I mean at first I thought the whole episode would be a prank on Neil that the whole Camp was in in and Max would be okay but no he is so sick through out that episode that we barely see him make sarcastic remarks. So basically what I’m trying to say is……. What the fuck Harrison? Even tho I love Magic Boi that was just wrong