season 1 5

a warning

please tread cautiously, I’m seeing a lot of excitement about Bellarke in Episode 405 because it’s a “5″ episode, but I just want to make a quick note:

This is the first “5″ in 2 Seasons not written by Charlie Craig. Season 1′s “5″ (which did not have significant Bellarke movement save for a brief exchange about wishing on stars) was written by Bruce Miller, when you compare Season 1′s “5″ to Seasons 2 and 3 you can see what I mean in terms of “growth discrepancies”. 

So, although Episode 5 is big in the Bellarke fandom, it might be wise to remember that the writer’s still have a story to tell and apparently this episode has 3 separate story lines, which might make it hard to get real movement on Bellarke in. 

I actually expect 406 to be our 405 this year. 

I’m still hopeful for 405…just cautious.