seaside tao

exo as scented candles
  • [my mum never lets me get a scented candle bc she said i'll burn the house down]
  • Xiumin: fresh cookies
  • Luhan: vanilla cupcake
  • Kris: flannel
  • Chanyeol: cotton
  • Baekhyun: apple cinnamon
  • Chen: hot chocolate
  • Lay: peppermint
  • Suho: seaside
  • Kyungsoo: leaf
  • Tao: candy cane
  • Kai: gingerbread
  • Sehun: he's not scented candle he's that smell after you burn out the candl e

A little cute thing about Tao’s predebut life as a leafleteer. [x]

In 2009, my relative had to travel to Xiamen from Beijing, but due to the expensive plane ticket, he chose to go to Qingdao first then continue to go to Xiamen by car (or train, just not by plane). Once he was in Qingdao, he went to a coffee shop to take a rest, Tao offered him an English class leaflet, he said he is not a native, Tao smiled and said “no worries” then left. Later, my relative called him over, asked him if there’s any interesting places or nice food in Qingdao, Tao introduced some nice places, the beer and the seaside.. etc. Tao also gave my realtive his phone number, said that if he can’t find those places, he can call Tao. My relative bid goodbye then left. When my relative was going around, he was quite lost, he called Tao, and surprisingly, Tao was nearby, then both of them enjoyed the trip together for one day, then my relative left for Xiamen.. Until now, they’re still keeping in touch.. I post this because I feel like Tao is a very nice person, even if it was stranger, he still treated them very well.

Last time when Tao went back to Qingdao for CNY, Tao asked him out but he was busy, this time my relative had to go to Wuhan for his business, he decided to go meet Tao, Tao was really happy, they’re not only friends, but also good brothers. 

I only post what is related to Tao, nothing more, nothing less, thank you.

(the autograph was given by Tao when EXO was having concert in Wuhan, he wrote “our album collection, signed for you, hope you will be more and more successful, thank you gege”)