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Having fun with pictureamoebae’s Height of Summer custom lighting. These pics are with the AMBIENT_LIGHT set to 1 in GEMFX_SETTINGS.CFG. I still have Shimrod’s Lighting mod installed as well - I want to take that out next and see how things look.

(BTW, these were edited a bit - just a little sharpening and increase in saturation.)

Who hasn’t dreamed of visiting France? The two most popular tourist destinations in the country are Paris and Nice, on the French Riviera. But now they’ve both been hit by deadly attacks — three large-scale attacks in a year and a half.

Last Thursday’s truck rampage in Nice killed 84 people on a seaside promenade watching fireworks. It’s taken a serious toll on the French spirit – and has made some tourists reconsider a visit.

In Nice, Residents And Tourists Struggle To Adjust After Attack

Photo: Valery Hache/AFP/Getty Images
Bastille Day Truck Attack In Nice, France: What We Know
Authorities say 84 people were killed in Thursday's attack, when a truck drove through a crowd of celebrators. An ID found with the driver belongs to a Frenchman of Tunisian descent, the AP says.

At least 84 people are dead after a truck plowed through a large crowd of people in Nice, France, on Thursday; police say an ID found with the driver belongs to a French petty criminal of Tunisian descent, the Associated Press reports.

Two Americans were among the dead, the AP says, citing the State Department.

The truck accelerated as it approached the crowd, gathered on a seaside promenade to celebrate the national holiday Bastille Day. The driver continued forward as he hit scores of people.

Editor’s note: This is a breaking news story and it will be updated as details are confirmed.


Mortimer and Claire concluded their sibling bonding time by telling each other their hopes and dreams.

Mort: What I’d really like is to have my own exhibition at an art gallery. They’re building one right next door, you know. I just have to learn how to, uh, paint. 

Claire: I want to be a secret agent. They’re the epitome of cool. You get to be all sneaky-like. And I also want to know what on earth “woohoo” is and why there’s so much fuss about it!