seaside heights new jersey


Snowy Boardwalk by Charles Polaski
Via Flickr:
View of a light snow storm on the Seaside Heights boardwalk in New Jersey. It’s technically not winter yet, but what’s a few days?
List of objects dropped on New Year's Eve - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

oh my god this article is a gem though. I mean. my god. this is the most american thing I’ve seen this year.

highlights include:

  • A paper-mache Bermuda onion covered in Christmas lights” (St. George’s, Bermuda.)
  • “giant illuminated pelican” (pensacola FL. nothing more needs to be said here.)
  • “a ruby slipper with drag queen Gary "Sushi” Marion“ (a gay bar in Key West, FL. "sushi”???)
  • “a stuffed possum named Spencer” (Tallapoosa, GA. okay georgia.)
  • A beach ball covered in Christmas lights has been thrown off the top of a local restaurant since 2005” (Bangor, ME. this is so fucking Maine I swear.)
  • “An eight-foot long, five-foot high wood-and-plastic foam lit duck” (Havre de Grace, MD. but WHY.)
  • “A stuffed muskrat in a top hat and bow tie named Marshall P. Muskrat is dropped” (Princess Anne, MD. he can be friends with Spencer the Possum from Georgia.)
  • “Snooki from MTV’s reality series Jersey Shore” (Seaside Heights, NJ. yes, actually her. inside a ball. ah, new jersey.)
  • “A three-foot tall, thirty-pound wooden flea is dropped.” (Eastover, NC)
  • A plexiglas pyramid containing a living opossum” (Brasstown, NC. what the actual fuck north carolina.)
  • “A walleye fish named "Captain Wylie Walleye” is dropped" (Port Clinton, OH. I….. I have no words.)
  • A 100-pound yellow illuminated Peep made out of fiberglass. ”(Bethlehem, PA. well. that’s. yes. very.)
  • A ten-foot Crayola crayon is dropped at 8 pm to accommodate children’s bedtime” (Easton, PA, is very considerate.)
  • “A 600-pound illuminated Moon Pie” (Mobile, AL. Alabama, living up to all expectations for Alabama.)
  • a car-sized potato” (Boise, IA. another shocker.)
  • “a Giant Tortilla Chip” (Tempe, AZ. …ah, sweet corporate sponsorship.)
  • “an 80-pound decorated cheese wedge from a 100 ft. ladder truck” (Plymouth, WI. as expected from Wisconsin.)
  • “A carp (real but dead) caught by local fishers and weighing between 25 and 30 pounds is lowered. A carp was chosen to represent the area's fishing industry and because the carp is considered one of the luckiest fish in Chinese culture. The carp, nicknamed “Lucky”, is lowered onto a throne. Each “Lucky” has a tree planted where it is buried with a commemorative plaque listing the carp’s name and year.” (Prairie du Chien, WI. …..okay that’s…. less…… expected.)