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Algy hopped over to the rocks, where the incoming tide was surging and gurgling through a narrow channel in a most delightful way. For a short while he perched on a rocky seat in the sunshine, just watching the water rushing backwards and forwards, although he knew that he would not be able to stay there for long…

“Perambulate through your heart,
bedazzled beach make out spot,
we almost drowned, when we kissed.

I’ve been locked in your heart ache,
and the flat you meant to sell.
Faithful, forever your girl,
in your lovely, dirty dreams.

The storm pulls us in, closer.
Sailors pass, blush like our souls.
The sea is ours, murky magic.

I don’t understand the slots,
but I keep winning, daily.
Gold cascades to good pirates,
and we run this little town.”

Coral Island - Jennifer Juan