seaside amusement parks

A Totally Original AU

Some months ago I had this idea for an AU where Yugi and Atem where merpeople, and I actually drew out Yugi’s design- merman with starfish in his hair and on other places of his body and fishtail.

•Anyway, the plot was something like this, Kaiba was going to open up a seaside amusement park. Atem and Yugi find out about this, and it pisses Atem right off. Yugi is worried of course about the amusement park and whatever plans he knows Atem has brewing in his mind.

•Everyday, Atem causes some kind of disturbance to the workers while Yugi tries to pull him away before they’re seen. The construction workers immediately tell Kaiba about the constant sabotage. It’s now Kaiboob’s turn to be pissed which leads to on all investigation after Kaiba tells them to stop letting these little things hinder their work.

•Mokuba engages in a plan of his own to find out what’s going on and comes across Yugi one night at the pier. Yugi is terrified and dives back into the water, leaving Mokuba to make himself believe that since it was dark outside, he was probably just seeing shit. The other investigation is going nowhere, and things continue to get messed up until Kaiba has had enough and becomes personally involved. There’s no way in hell that he’s going to stop this project just like that.

•Mokuba once again goes out at night and checks the pier for an signs of another stranger when he comes across Yugi…again. Determined to help his brother solve this growing issue, Mokuba confronts him and has no plans of letting him escape. Unfortunately, Yugi can’t speak in any human tongue and is just left a confused and whimpering mess at Mokuba’s interrogation. It continues on until Yugi needs to get back into the water, leading him to showing the human child his half scaly fish body and nearly slapping him with his tail in a desperate attempt to get back in the sea. When Yugi manages to get away, he pops his hand and head out and shows him the purple-ish webbing between his fingers as he waves at him. Then finally disappears.

•Mokuba is left standing there in confusion before it finally settles on him “Oh shit that wasn’t a human” and he just knows his brother won’t take it well.

•That’s okay because eventually, Atem and Yugi do show themselves to Kaiba. (Yugi fucks up first). And then the best part. “Lol nice costumes guys but get the fuck out of the water and stop playing fantasy creatures. Mermaids and all that shit aren’t real lmaoooo” and nothing happens. “I know you can understand me you little shits” still nothing. Kaiba is about to grab one of them but Atem lashes out and gets him first, hitting him with his tail. “Okay fuck you guys. You’re taking this too far. Don’t make me call security on you.” Yugi tries calming Atem down with their sonorous fish people language and Kaiba is just like “who the fuck is playing that sound.” Mokuba is face palming the whole time.

•Yugi hopes that this will make Atem stop but it just makes him even more interested in stopping that stupid fucking human.

•Hoping Mokuba or maybe even Kaiba will come back, Yugi stays on the pier with the plan to try befriending them. Of course this plan only works with Mokuba even with the limited communication between them.

•Meanwhile Kaiba is on the borderline of still denying that there are inhuman creatures right by his goddamn theme park construction and slowly giving in to researching these monsters. It gets to the point where Kaiba is out on the water in one of his boats, searching for them. Though it’s totally only to ensure that he is definitely right about their not existing. Oh wait. What was that-

•He can feel something hitting the sides of his boat and can vaguely make out the outline of what appears to be a large fish. No wait- That- Before Atem can complete his plans of trying to throw Kaiba overboard, he’s caught by the brunet trying to bring him onboard. At least one of their plans succeeded. Kaiba is left in complete awe at this creature- it’s totally still a human- laying in a net in front of him. He watches him desperately try to claw his way out of it and- oh god are those gills?

I really love how incomplete this is and I don’t know if I’m going to complete it