More size charts for a few of the dragons. Some are far larger than I thought they would be (I’m looking at you Speed Stinger) others are smaller than I thought (Flightmare)

Dragons include:

The Fireworm Queen, Flightmare, Seashocker, Skrill, Speed Stinger, Stormcutter, Rumblehorn, and the Thunderdrum

All images found on the how to train your dragon wiki

they can also be found on the Dragonpedia on the HTTYD website.

can I just say, toothless lost is the best scene i’ve ever seen, in any movie. for me it beats forbidden friendship. it’s the scene were everything just becomes thrilling. The lighting, the emotion in hiccup’s face. the camera angles, that fucking amazing score. its just so amazingly artistic and well done. And just the speechless dragon rider and the seashockers that take toothless. and just the look on hiccups face when he realises it’s not stoick. and that wonderful shot of toothless growling as valka rises from the clouds. and its just this sea of clouds, from horizon to horizon ASDFGHJKKL I LOVE I SO MUCH I COULD WATCH IT A MILLION TIMES.