A lot of these theme sites are actually doing Sam and I a huge favor. Damn, i don’t even HAVE to make themes anymore. Their dumbasses steal my coding and claim it as their own so i can pretty much place their shit up on my site since it’s basically mine. Sigh, i guess they weren’t around to read that message i posted when i said if i see my coding stolen, i will place your themes up for public use. 

Thanks for making Sam and I’s work load much easier. I really truly mean that.

1am RANT.

in my eyes, i am a king, not a queenand i live my life that way. i personally don’t care what anyone thinks about me minus my actual friends and my family. they are literally the only ones i’ll even consider listening to. i’m a strong woman who has been through so much in my life. i do what i want and live my life with very little boundaries. i may come off as rude but i’m actually a super nice, hard working, dedicated, and caring person. if i’m rude to you trust that there’s a reason behind it. when i’m in the wrong, i ALWAYS apologize. i can be your best friend or a complete bitch towards you if you break my trust and piss me off. i will never ever allow anyone to tell me who i am or talk down to me so if that makes me “dramatic” then fuck that shit, so be it. call me whatever the fuck you want, you will not change my personality.. EVER and that is a guarantee. i love myself too much for that. i’m blessed to have the friends and family that i do have, even though i’m a handful to them they still support me and back me up 100% on everything. i’m just at the point where i’m satisfied and happy with how my life is going. sure things get tough, but having a good support system is what helps me get through the tough times. to all the bitches who’ve been dismissed from my life, you can stay there.. in the past. there’s no room for you in my future. rant over. <3

i miss my bff

it has been one whole day since i have talked to her.. can you guise believe that? AN ENTIRE DAY WITHOUT MY CHIPPY. i almost died. you all do not understand.. we’ve talked everyday almost 24/7 for the past year. sam is literally my best friend and i can’t wait to see her this summer and talk to her today. ^.^

i’m going to put girlyythemes back up in a few moments. mainly because i have over 200 color schemes to upload lol and i made a new tutorial. plus i wanna upload my past 2 themes. sam will not be happy with me tomorrow. :( 

still on a hiatus so i (as well as sam) will only update the site whenever i (we) feel like it which probably will not be much. 

girlyythemes' updates
  • i have three new themes that i’m going to upload tomorrow bc i’m way too tired from finishing the last one.
  • also we’ve added 50 new color schemes and adding 50 more tomorrow.
  • probably going to redo the brushes section tomorrow.
  • we have two amazing new co-owners sierra (who will manage resources) & safyia (who will do themes and resources) so expect way more updates now.

going to go play WoW with sam now, byeee.  :)