“The difference between my sins and your sins is that when I sin I know I’m sinning while you have actually fallen prey to your own fabricated illusions. I am a siren, a mermaid; I know that I am beautiful while basking on the ocean’s waves and I know that I can eat flesh and bones at the bottom of the sea” 💀 my altar / crystal and seashell arrangement from last nights full moon rituals and cleansing 🌿🔮🐚✨

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My largest pond piece so far is finally finished!

This was a commissioned piece for a coral reef themed pond. I had free reign over the placement and fish, as long as I made it colorful. Well, I certainly think it came out really colorful. :)

This pond contains: an eel, a stingray, regal tangs, yellow tangs, clownfish, starfish, dottybacks, anemones, corals, and (real!) tiny seashells.

All pieces (minus the rocks on the outside, the sand bottom, and the seashells) were handmade with polymer clay. The water is resin which was applied in a total of 9 layers.

The pond itself is roughly 5.5″ in length. It took around 23 hours to complete.

This was a very fun commission, and I think it’s my favorite one to date. I love playing with colors. :D