Beach in Saint-François city ( GUADELOUPE ). Guadeloupe is a group of 5 french islands localised in the Caribbean (West Indies). For more, read the blog :

I love how these holographic resin charms turned out 🌈💗 #kawaii #cute #hologram #holographic #laser #charms #resin #resincharm #resincharms #seashell #star #stars #seashells #diy #oak #pastelgoth #pastel #pastels #fairykei #decora #glitter #zefora #zeforacreations

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All I want to do

Is see you Turn into 

An Orange Woman

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Blue Diamond:

These will be available in prints after I finish more of the theme.

Okay but imagine your crush

  • Laughing so hard they can’t breathe
  • Snuggling up to something really warm and fuzzy at night
  • Staring up at the stars in pure awe
  • Hearing a joke and staring blankly for a few seconds before finally getting ait and laughing really, really hard
  • Watching fireworks on the fourth of July
  • Going to the zoo and observing the animals with a huge grin on their face
  • Laying on their bed and listening to music while just staring up at the ceiling
  • Laying down on the grass and cloud watching
  • Getting really, really excited about something dumb, like getting an unexpected present or being given an extra cupcake
  • Interacting with their pets really casually and sweetly, knowing all the spots to scratch and pet to get the best reactions
  • Sitting on their bedroom floor and looking through their collections of things, whether it be books, snow globes, seashells, etc.
  • Dancing around in their room crazily and singing along way off key to a song they absolutely love
  • Reading a fantastic book and just curling up as they get lost in it
  • Painting their nails weird colors and not caring if anybody says that it’s wrong/they shouldn’t do it
  • Cracking jokes/making really bad puns in class and feeling proud when people laugh

Like, just imagine