Sea witch 🌊🐚
Such a beautiful aesthetic and craft.. seashells have so many different purposes when it comes to your craft. They make such beautiful, natural candle holders, perfect divination runes to feel connected with the ocean, and they can be used in crystal grids to channel the ocean or just as a decoration to remind you of it.

🌊🌙🐚moon and ocean witch’s personal mermaid dust🐚🌙🌊

So I thought I would make a jar of mermaid dust to bring along with me wherever I go, also to put in my travel altar!

The point of it is to feel like I always have a little bit of the beach/ocean with me, as well as feeling close to my kin! 🐬

So here’s what’s in it:

✯(dry) beach sand

✯crushed various seashells I found myself

✯sea salt

✯incense ash

✯(dry) seaweed

How I made it:

✯spend a day at the beach 🏖

✯crush the seashells with either a mortar if you have one, or just use a rock (please be careful you get all the pieces as they could give you a nasty scrape on the foot if you step on it!)

✯mix in the sand, shell pieces, salt, ashes and seaweed (I bought mine at the grocery store!)

✯seal with wax if needed, or if you have a jar with a cork like mine, you’re good to go!

Happy swimming (: 🐚🐬🌊

Bonus: if you’re an Extra Sea Witch™, use a sea shell to scoop out your ingredients!

final product!

🌊  🌊 What to use for your Mermaid altar? 🌊 🌊 

As a sea witch, I love Mermaids! I know that I am not the only one and that a lot of you work/want to work with them. Here are my ideas for elements you can use for a Mermaid/sea magic altar:

  • seashells
  • sand
  • drifted wood
  • sea glass
  • pearls
  • aquamarine
  • turquoise
  • larimar
  • clear quartz
  • rose quartz
  • fluorite
  • moonstone
  • selenite
  • rose
  • jasmine
  • lavender 
  • cards you want to manifest (for example, from the Oracle of the Mermaids)
  • wishes to them written on a paper

This is not an exhaustive list, feel free to add up to it!

PS: @orriculum , I feel like this might interest you for your Mermaid post series?