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Shell Armor Warding Spell (Pokemon Inspired)

A spell to ward yourself from curses and baneful magick and energies.

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You Will Need:

  • Small container that can easily be carried (jar, bottle, box, sachet, baggy etc)
  • Crushed Scallop Shells
  • Crushed Oyster Shells 
  • Sea Salt
  • Sandalwood


In your container add in your ingredients. Mix them together well if desired though not required. Seal shut the container to make sure it doesn’t open and spell its contents. Charge it overnight in the moonlight, with the ringing of bells (real or recorded) or with the sounds of ocean waves. Wear or carry it to keep you protected and negative, baneful energy at bay. Cleanse and charge it every few weeks.

When wearing/carrying it visualize it creating large shells made out of energy that encloses you safe and sound. Any baneful energy that tries to touch you is blocked by the strong shells and you are like a clam or scallop, safe inside. 

What the signs remind me of

Aries: bonfire night, disco balls, dark rooms, bright lights, walking in the moonlight, dancing in a storm, deep warm colours, singing your favourite song loudly, dancing like there’s no tomorrow, concerts, running at dusk, screaming for an echo, playing with your hair, toasting marshmallows. 

Taurus: sweet smells, the warmest hugs, hot tea, fresh dew in the morning, a hot breakfast, long hair, golden sunsets, poetry, wisps of red cloud, orchards of fruit, cosiness on a rainy day, holding hands, warm bread, the best burgers.

Gemini: a sudden burst of rain, tropical sea, sunlight shining through a window, lying in tall grass, giggling, hot chocolate, a sudden gust of warm wind, soft thunderstorms, finding everything to talk about, bright colours, wind blowing through your hair, travelling with all the windows down, sunshine, glitter.

Cancer: moonlight, sledging down a steep hill, playing in the snow, smoothies, beautiful illustrations, fizzy lemonade, swimming in the sea, a cold winter’s morning, climbing trees, smiling for no real reason, the smell of fresh rain, seashells, ice-pops, exploring the beach.

Leo: hot sand under your feet, chaotic painting, hot orange sunshine, cherries, cats with long whiskers, stroking soft hair, sunbathing under a big umbrella, getting a pizza late at night, shiny red apples, leather jackets, robins, fireworks at dusk, ice cream at the beach.

Virgo: waking up feeling fresh, tall buildings in big cities, navy blue, elegant dresses, sparkling wine, tripping over and laughing, feeling understood, a feeling of freedom after hours of studying, will of just thought of needing to study, big facial expressions, post it notes, learning new things, reading next to an open window, furrowed eyebrows.

Libra: Hanging out in pjs, having a bath and putting on clean socks, reciting poetry, camping, the smell of freshly cut grass, butterflies in your stomach, old radios, taking pictures, pink colours, baking cookies and cake, watching cars pass from your window, fluffy socks, making something, talking about everything but also nothing.

Scorpio: making pillow forts, swimming for hours, intense discussions, rolling down a hill, dancing like crazy, playing murderer in the dark, going upside down on the monkey bars, swinging really high, burning old photos and letting go, falling off your chair with laughter, electric storms, lightening, dark blues and purples, berries.

Sagittarius: running through long grass, bare feet, chocolates biscuits, laughing uncontrollably, late nights, balloons, sour sweets, hearing a song you haven’t heard in ages, bubbles, birthday cake, city lights, fluffy blankets, going on a road trip somewhere new, the light in someone’s eyes.

Capricorn: bubblegum, woolly jumpers, feeling understood at a glance, being reluctant to dance then losing yourself, taking long walks, clean sheets, sharing your thoughts and feelings, finding something new in somewhere you know well, splashing in puddles, swimming in a stream, journals filled with writing, finding a new song you love, purple stained fingers from blackberries, the smell of campfire smoke.

Aquarius: a feeling of inspiration, face masks, fairy lights, hearing someone describe a brilliant idea, skies full of stars, watching a balloon float away, neon lights at night, willow trees, a still lake, rowing in the evening, big warm hoodies, new inventions, confetti, sharing your discoveries.

Pisces: water fights in the summer, cloud watching, hearing birds singing in the trees, calm seas, bobble hats, a shiny coin, a new book, grinning constantly, making a new friend, getting a brown parcel tied with string, feathers, wanting to cry with happiness, bright blues, travelling the world.


✩*⋆ ☆Crystalline Mermaid✩*⋆ ☆

She’s just a prototype of a new mermaid mold I was working on. She is the first and probably the last of her kind for I have a new mermaid coming soon 

( O U O ) This under the sea beauty has a very transparent ultra glossy holographic shine with a cute pastel ombre coloring. The pictures honestly does no justice with the cute details you can see with the wavy goddess like hair and cute star and heart bow details. XD Store update is on the way cosmic cuties, so stay tuned. ( ; 3 ; )