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Sea witch 🌊🐚
Such a beautiful aesthetic and craft.. seashells have so many different purposes when it comes to your craft. They make such beautiful, natural candle holders, perfect divination runes to feel connected with the ocean, and they can be used in crystal grids to channel the ocean or just as a decoration to remind you of it.


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Chiara Vigo: The last woman who makes sea silk - BBC News
Silk is usually made from the cocoons spun by silkworms - but there is another, much rarer, cloth known as sea silk, or byssus, which comes from a clam.

brb found a new obscure jewish traditional mediterranean artistic handicraft to become obsessed with…

“You have to be respectful to the place you live in. You are just passing by, these places are here to stay. And the sea has its own soul and you have to ask for permission to get a piece of it,” she says.
Her chant, which mixes ancient Sardinian dialect and Hebrew, echoes off the rocks.
“I pray for what has been and what will be,” she says.


Heyooo!! Who wants to make their own seashell runes!? I did. Look at them. They’re fancy. Even got a fancy ass bag.
Steps to make them?
🐚Wash your new friends to make sure they’re ready to go. These little guys had glitter on them, as well as some other lint and stuff. So I washed them in some eclipse water I’d made earlier that day. Y'know. During the eclipse.
🐚Make a connection! What I did with mine was kiss them each after they’d been dried off, and then set them on the plate I was going to paint them on. One at a time.
🐚Nice! They’re ready to go. There’s a few ways you could get the runes on there, but I just used nail polish. This was the color I really liked and it just so happens it came from a dollar store. Nice, right? Two coats of polish for those suckers.
🐚Seal them. There’s like 8000 sprays you could use, but clear nail polish works great and I just happened to have some fancy stuff on hand.

The bag!
I’m lucky enough to have gotten a fancy ass sewing machine as a graduation gift. But the materials here were of the ‘I literally payed nothing for this’ category. An old blue t-shirt and the rope belt from a maxi dress I had ages ago and no longer wear. In fact I have literally no idea where that dress is. Where did it go???? Mystery for another time. Sewed this guy and then glued on this one shell I had that has a barnacle. (I filled the shell with hot glue first, to make sure it would have decent surface area to hold to.)

There we go! Fancy seashell runes and a cute bag! Now who wants some free one-rune readings? Gotta get in touch with these fellas. 🦋


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magician-symposium  asked:

How can I incorporate seashells into my craft? I know they can be used for protection and love spells– but I'm not sure what else they can be used for. Any ideas?

Abalone shell – general use
Clam shells – purification, love
Conch shell – love
Cone shell – protection
Cowrie shell – prosperity, money
Crab – protection
Moon shell – peace, psychic awareness, purification
Oyster – fertility, love
Scallops – travel, journal, movement
Whelk shell – positive changes, transformation