Poetry by star light


she’s falling through the atmosphere
shattering onto the earth like cascading stars
scattering stardust fresh from heaven
a baby at war
this is just the beginning
she is completely out of control
untamed and inspiring
a ruby glow inferno
i will never let you go
she spins her lucid Alice in Wonderland
imagination into a live playground
spiraling down the chorus of cosmos


a crown of flowers wrapped around her head
the sweet perfume of daisies
dripping down her neck
she inherited a palace
a dainty treehouse in the woods
and she would sit and drink tea
and read books like she should
good night
and sweet women, gourmet, and wine
serenity and life
there is a kingdom inside


every time you open your mouth I see fireflies of luscious
language flow forth like radiating confetti
like that golden helmet on your marvelous mercury mind
…i see you wield words like they are ingredients in spellbooks
and you feel alone with your thoughts
and you don’t know what’s louder, the world outside
or the chaos within
the madness created by your twin
and you write invitations with your mind
to birthdays that lead to wonderland and poetry tea mixed
inside ~
i can hear and see and feel your voice everywhere


she writes poetry on sheets of moonlight
with a pen that pours out ink from the whole
night sky
it’s her creamy words made of moisture beads and dreamy
composition, she can create an orchestra
with lunar lyrics and love notes written by the stars

everything i see in the world
it all comes back to you
because you are my mother, my lover
my daughter and my sister
i can hear the stars whisper
stay wild
my dear
moon child


if i was a psychic i’d say to a leo that their heart was carrying too much weight.
i’d say you are so involved in the moment that i can hear
the violins of your heart playing and you leave it wide open
and that this is your curse and your gift.
i know you go home and you can’t stop leaking
you can’t stop leaking
the gods are watching you crying
but those tears that fell down the cheeks of great leos like napoleon, max heindel, amelia earheart, helena blavatsky and carl jung
are the ones glistening from your eyes
the gods know how marvelous you are ~ even when you can’t shine


shaking and rapidly exhaling, don’t crush your wings
against the weight of your own mind
they were so perfectly, pleasantly, patiently crafted
like the way you use your hands to delicately
thread and rewire and repair
they are like instruments the way they touch everything and leave a
frosted glaze
i always know when you have been because
you leave nothing behind
like you want to be invisible


she rises from the aroma of a flower
dainty as a forest fairy, honorable as a warrior
fighting for the cause that captures
her musical heart
she’s always on the threshold of a fairytale
she is some delectable mind and figure of
abstract beauty to behold
life is her dance
across cards gently placed
she twirls on imagination and spins in reverie,
a performance of abstract movement,
a tightrope display, a true portrait of balance
and artistry


I want to destroy these monsters
But devastating them
destroys a part of myself
I feel more alive in the shadow
than the light
I prefer the creaking hollow in my bones
to the noise of people, the static, the show
I have been violated
by poisons from hidden valleys
I have been stung by leaking ink
dripping dark words from unconscious levies
Sometimes my body is just a floating
Trying to contain century’s memories
Between my legs the monsters crawl
Trying to perforate every part of me
And I was only just becoming used to this skin 


she hears wisdom from the mountains
and songs from the sea
she sings the music of every language
and tastes of every herb and spice
something is sultry and glowing in her gaze
she is sunkissed and filled with dreams
that seem written constellations
her mind has wandered everywhere
it has left footprints in every valley and
book, every mind and philosophy
she is like sunday everyday, a vacation
a getaway
a sail into the horizon, a cruise through the stars
a freefall into nature’s arms


look how much you’ve grown
i’ve seen you slowly fill in those eyes
that belong to an old soul
i’ve seen you stretch into those bones
that were always too big for you
and you keep waking up every morning
because you know one day you will be
you hold onto the knowing that
things will get better
and you will feel less sicker
and your work will finally be done 


you try to read your own puzzle like a book
with a magnifying glass
as if you are disconnected
on the outside staring in
you are not an abstract entity
i feel you
your body pulsates like electrons exploding
like bubbles of blue foam
your feelings are turquoise crystals over the sea
never tainted but reflecting shades and hues from
unknown galaxies
don’t hide what was crafted so exquisitely


there were times she stayed in bed for days
i couldn’t touch her without her bleeding
she had third degree burns
every sense hurts
then she would laugh with god
or angels or something invisible
i am not dealing with a girl
but something magical


She had a porcelain face
The kind you’d see
On the other side of the grave
I let her body bounce
On top of mine
Like a small boat
Rocking over the sea
She dissolved onto me
Howling as to wake the dead
To reap these two souls
Lying in this bed


A girl has no place in the heart of the sea.

(Inspired by a post by @justpidgance)

Day 4 of Pidge Ship Week. @pidgeshipweek

he has no memory of his former life

he assumes it was for the best

he swims aimlessly around 

at night he is strengthened by the moon’s glow

at dawn he sinks into the deeps and tries to sleep

it never works

one day he sees her

alone on a tiny skiff

hair blown this way and that, strands sticking to her face as she is pelted by sheets of water

she screams names into the wind, cursing the skies

and then the clouds take what they are owed

and she is swallowed whole by the sea

he swims slowly toward her corpse


he finds he feels warm inside

warmer than he has in a century


he leans in and presses his lips to hers

She feels so cold.

he tastes for the first time in a century

and he suddenly wraps his arms around her waist and drags her 

down, down, down

into the depths


She wakes.

he kisses her, runs his fingers through her hair, caresses her face

and promises that she is his forever

and she stares at him with large, golden eyes

and he feels so, so warm

he teaches her to swim with him at night

and he sees her flowing locks and eyes like jewels

and kisses her

and tells her she is his forever

he cannot give her a tail like his

but she is still so beautiful to him

pale white, shining in the light of the full moon

blue, like the depths of the sea


but one day

a stormy day

he finds her gone from the bed he has made her

he searches frantically through the sea

she is nowhere

and then

as he swims in the shallow waters

he finds her lying prone on the sandy bottom, legs tangled in a net, eyes closed

(he can hear someone calling a name, but he ignores it)

“i wanted to go there.” she says weakly, eyes fluttering closed

her outstretched arm points to the way of the land

and he sweeps her into his arms and dives 

down, down, down 

into the depths

he wonders 


if she loves him

he will sometimes find her watching the land

when he asks her what she is looking for

she answers

“i cannot remember.” 

he feels guilty

one night, he takes her by the hand and leads her to the edge of the water

“it’s time for you to go home.” 

and he imagines tears on her cheeks

and her begging him to let her stay

and his heart sinks when she does not

and he kisses her one last time

and tells her

she will be his forever

and let’s her go

She finds herself lying on the shore.

There is a pounding in her head, and as she struggles to sit up-

“Katie!” Someone yells, and there’s a pounding of footsteps and she feels someone on top of her.

“You’re alive.” The person breathes, and she is met by violet eyes.

“Who are you?” She whispers, but….there’s something so familiar.

There’s a flash of pain in his eyes. “Y-you’re hurt.” The boy in front of her struggles to his feet, and pulls her into his arms.

“Come on, I’ll get you to the house.”

And as she leans into his chest, she feels…..warmer than she has in a century.

no one notices the eyes seemingly melting into the water following the two figures as they become smaller in the distance

and despite time’s soft alterations

she salts the wound

                                                               with provocations

they say, “love is a luxury, you know?”

then why             do I keep             waltzing into the past


                          perpetual heartache?

my heartache,                   your indifference. my life flutters inconsolably

while you continue to salt the wounds times soft alterations could

not mend

I think,                  why do I empathize with your pain

when you cannot perceive

               the land has forgotten what to do with rain

               lavender scrawls

                                               the sides of hills

there is nothing more ­­­­­­­­________ than a deceived woman


in the Kongo they struck a nail into the flesh for every wound

caused by King Leopold’s regime over the Belgianese Kongo

for every wound a retaliation,                    a promise

but where are those promises now? wooden bodies rot

in museums full of nails and statues

                               copper blue


is this the world we live in? bloodlaw. promise of meat.

we wish the sea would deliver us,


but we are obsolete, and the sea

she only knows what is                                 and has always been

she may never be mastered, though she has been ridden, sifted, mined

gored,                   dyed

though she may carry a belly full of stars, indifference, bonefulls of-

silent hands

                                                            in a black


do not dare, she would say,

                                                minimize the burden of a noble grief

                                                because you have never loved

                                                or known the heartache of a

                                                patient sea

what has become your grave, has been my cathedral

                    the ancient skin

                    does not keep score

                    memory is sharp

                    it refuses to rot

How Far I’ll Go

From Moana

Lyrics from “Moana”
Music and lyrics by Lin-Manuel Miranda and Mark Mancina
Performed by Auli'i Cravalho as Moana

I’ve been standing at the edge of the water
Long as I can remember
Never really knowing why
I wish I could be the perfect daughter
But I come back to the water
No matter how hard I try

Every turn I take
Every trail I track
Every path I make
Every road leads back 
To the place I know
Where I cannot go
Where I long to be

See the light where the sky meets the sea
It calls me
No one knows how far it goes
If the wind in my sail on the sea stays behind me
One day I’ll know
If I go there’s just no telling how far I’ll go

I know everybody on this island
Seems so happy on this island
Everything is by design
I know everybody on this island
Has a role on this island
So maybe I could roll with mine

I can lead with pride
I can make us strong
I’ll be satisfied if I play along
But the voice inside sings a different song
What is wrong with me

See the light as it shines on the sea
It’s blinding
But no one knows how deep it goes
And it seems like it’s calling out to me
So come find me
And let me know
What’s beyond that line
Will I cross that line

See the light where the sky meets the sea
It calls me
And no one knows how far it goes
If the wind in my sail on the sea stays behind me
One day I’ll know
How far I’ll go

How Far I’ll Go (Reprise)

There’s a line where the sky meets the sea
And it calls me
But no one knows how far it goes
All the time wondering where I need to be
Is behind me
I’m on my own
To worlds unknown

Every turn I take
Every trail I track
Is a choice I make
Now I can’t turn back
From the great unknown
Where I go alone
Where I long to be

See her light up the night and the sea
She calls me
Yes, I know that I can go
There’s a moon in the sky
And the wind is behind me
Soon I’ll know
How far I’ll go

I Am Moana (Song of the Ancestors)

Performed by Auli'i Cravalho (Moana) & Rachel House (Gramma Tala)

(Gramma Tala): I know a girl from an island
She stands apart from the crowd
She loves the sea and her people
She makes her whole family proud

Sometimes the world seems against you
The journey may leave a scar
But scars can heal and reveal just
Where you are

The people you love will change you
The things you have learned will guide you
And nothing on Earth can silence
The quiet voice still inside you
And when that voice starts to whisper
Moana, you’ve come so far
Moana, listen
Do you know who you are?

(Moana): Who am I?
I am the girl who loves my island
I’m the girl who loves the sea

It calls me

I am the daughter of the village chief
We are descended from voyagers
Who found their way across the world

They call me

I’ve delivered us to where we are
I have journeyed farther
I am everything I’ve learned and more

Still it calls me

And the call isn’t out there at all
It’s inside me

It’s like the tide, always falling and rising

I will carry you here in my heart
You’ll remind me

That come what may, I know the way
I am Moana!

Know Who You Are

Performed by Auli'i Cravalho, Matthew Ineleo, Olivia Foai, Opetaia Foa'i and Vai Mahina

I have crossed the horizon to find you
I know your name
They may have stolen the heart from inside you
But this does not define you
This is not who you are
You know who you are

An Alphabet of Samcedes Stories ~ Masterpost

Full series on AO3

beta by the fantastic hkvoyage

This is 26 one-shots (one for each letter of the alphabet) of Sam and Mercedes. They are AUs though a few could be considered ‘future fics.’ Each stands alone as its own story, but if there is one you particularly like, say so, I am open to taking prompts for follow-ups.) 

All the Good Ones
Mercedes has some new neighbors in her apartment complex. They are really friendly, and really cute. It’s too bad they’re dating each other. Because you know what they say, all the good ones are either taken or gay (or both)…aren’t they?
3083 words, T

Blind Date
Dani has watched a lot of blind dates go down. This one is different.
1011 words, G

Catching Love
Their first baby is on her way. It’s going to be quite the day.
2434 words, T

Doctor Jones
Sam is going to the dentist. A lot. He seems to have something on his mind…
1313 words, T

In some universes a soul has more than one lifetime. Sometimes they remember the former time clearly, sometimes it is only echoes… (Please read warnings)
860 words, T

Finding Psyche
Sam is falling for Mercedes, but it’s complicated. Like, really complicated.
Title refers to the Greek myth of Cupid and Psyche.
1867 words, T

Guy’s Guide to Awkwardness: A Cautionary Tale by Sam Evans
Sam has a crush, but frat boys are cool about this kind of thing. At least, they’re supposed to be. But Sam has a secret: he’s not nearly as cool as he pretends to be, and unfortunately, that may cost him the girl.
2980 words, T

Hold Each Other
When the days get short and the nights get a little bit colder, we hold each other.
609 words, G

In The Sea
She was. He was. And then they found each other and were something more.
217 words, G

Just (Best) Friends
They’ve been friends since they were little.
Just (best) friends.
(Just) best friends.
1676 words, T

Mercedes can see the future, and it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.
667 words, T

Lady M
She is an assassin. He is in the way.
595 words, T

Sam proposes to Mercedes. Repeatedly. One of these days he’ll be satisfied with the answer, won’t he?
979 words, G

Neighborhood Watch
Mercedes wasn’t planning for this today, but when there’s a crime underway she can’t just ignore it.
1020 words, T

Once Upon a Time
In the spirit of classic storytelling, I present a fairy tale. Warnings for wildly impossible stuff happening and everyone accepting it as normal.
2795 words, G

Play Me
Mercedes is a singer. Sam is her songwriter. Together they make more than one kind of music.
1344 words, M

Mercedes was the star of her high school choir, until she went through a serious illness and lost her hearing. Now she can’t sing and she’s lost most of her friends. Mercedes is the opposite of cool, so why does that new transfer student keep following her around?
1247 words, G

Renegades (Firefly crossover)
There’s a spaceship full of people. They’re good people, but sooner or later they all aim to misbehave.
1648 words, T

Sam and Mercedes both work in a strip club: she waits tables and he’s on stage. They’re both very professional…until they aren’t.
1883 words, T

Tango Maureen
“I hear you’ve taken up with my ex,” he teased. “She’s really hot but she’s sort of hard to live with.”
1345 words, T

Underground Railroad
“I didn’t think you were going to make it tonight, Mercy,” he murmured as he pulled his wide-brimmed hat tight on his head. “I was about to put out the lantern.”
“The road is never predictable, Samuel,” she replied softly

1086 words, T

She knows what she wants: it’s him.
297 words, M

Witchy Woman
Mercedes is a solitary witch and a single mom. Neither of these things is a big deal, until she meets a single dad and his singular son, and has to consider a whole set of new things.
2612 words, T

High school sucked.
Until the day that the notes started
2231 words, G

Young at Heart
When you love each other, age is just a number.
446 words, G

Winter temperatures in the midwest are nothing to to sneeze at, especially if the power goes out. It’s a good thing Sam’s neighbor has a wood stove…
1655 words, T


the saltwater holds all her memories. like waterfalls
her thoughts cascade into melting imagery
reflections and crystals over the sea
she is so romantic with the night sky that she will never love the day. ocean’s daughter. the container of mystic waters. her pain haunts her. the howls she hears that nobody else can.
the feeling that she is just too much, but then again, nothing at all. in the river of her veins i can swim to treasure chests. i am lead into oceanic heaven, i am free of my body and my worries. i am following a sovereign of the sea

Maya’s locker

I just thought it was really peculiar that she has the sheet music for the “The Girl from Ipanema” taped to the inside of her locker. Yes, Maya has been shown to like music from that era [1960s] (see Beatles and other band t-shirts), so maybe this is just adding to that and emphasizing her artist side. But while I could see people her age knowing the song/hearing it before, I don’t know. It’s not really the type of song I picture young people voluntarily listening to from that era in their spare time.

So the song was inspired by a Brazilian teenage girl who would stroll by the cafe every day in Ipanema (near Rio de Janeiro). The songwriter later described the girl as: “a golden teenage girl, a mixture of flower and mermaid, full of light and grace, the sight of whom is also sad, in that she carries with her, on her route to the sea, the feeling of youth that fades, of the beauty that is not ours alone—it is a gift of life in its beautiful and melancholic constant ebb and flow.”

And here’s the lyrics:

“Tall and tan and young and lovely, the girl from Ipanema goes walking and…
When she passes, each one she passes goes… ah…
When she walks, she’s like a samba that swings so cool and sways so gentle that…
When she passes, each one she passes goes… ooh…
Ooh… But I watch her so sadly
How… can I tell her I love her
Yes… I would give my heart gladly,
But each day, when she walks to the sea
She looks straight ahead, not at me
Tall, and tan, and young, and lovely, the girl from Ipanema goes walking and…
When she passes, I smile, but she doesn’t see… doesn’t see

[Not gonna lie, this sounds so Lucaya in terms of ‘Lucas doesn’t think she would ever see him like that’]

I’m still on the fence whether or not it’s significant or just a “look how much an artist Maya is” prop. What do you guys think?

anonymous asked:

What are your must haves to be in a girls bedroom? please list heaps and heaps! also, what are some cheap ways to make your room nicer and also are there any things like with how to set your room out that makes it look better? thanks queen bean xxxx

If you like plants then they’re he cheapest/easiest way to go, you can hang them yourself and they range from 1-6 dollars each. (6 for the large ones). It really brightens up the room, my room would look lifeless w/o plants. flowers are also great, I go every Sunday and get some cut from the market and my mom puts them in an old glass jug for me for my room. You can pin things to you wall that you like (bands, music, pictures). If you have any Polaroids, you can get a long twine string and hang It on your wall + pin the Polaroids to it, it looks cute. You can get colored ribbons (or follow a spec. Color scheme) and put them in front of your windows by tying them to curtain rails (it looks really pretty + casts colors into your room). You can make beaded strings using seashells, seaglass, wooden beads, etc. and hang them. Remove anything that you don’t like in your room (I removed lampshades, don’t ask, I just hated them and I think bald bulbs have more character). Watch out for little things in markets + stores that are cheap and would look good in your room, good luck xx

‘African Lillie’s’ by WAK