roommate headcanons (part 2)

post-series au thing in which all the key kids live happily ever after together, bc why not :)

- Sora has a terrible habit of leaving the bathroom door unlocked/slightly ajar when he’s in there. He doesn’t want to be walked in or anything, he just… forgets a lot of the time. Ventus, on the other hand, has a terrible habit of waltzing into places unannounced. Needless to say, this has led to several unfortunate encounters between the two. 

– Bathroom door swings open. Both, simultaneously:

  • Sora: *screeching & flailing* W-WHOA, HEY, I-I’M IN HERE–
  • Ven: *recoiling violently* DUDE! What the– ?! 

– Ven backpedals rapidly, slams the door shut. A long, uncomfortable silence ensues. Then:

  • Sora: *rattled, to the point of embarrassed indignation* You ever hear of knocking? Sheesh.
  • Ven: *sputtering & equally affronted* …Yeah? How ‘bout next time you try locking the damn door?

- Namine, Roxas, Xion & Ven pulling random all-nighters together… Baking cookies, building pillow forts, watching scary movies, eating ice cream, talking and laughing about all sorts of things. They try to be quiet, so as not to wake the rest of the house up, but their efforts aren’t always 100% successful. o.o

- Sora joins them sometimes (when he’s not passed out on the couch already or bunked up with Riku & Kairi). Lea just shakes his head when he half-sleepwalks past them on his way to the bathroom, muttering something incoherent about ‘crazy kids’ and needing to get his beauty sleep.

- Aqua is totally the house mom, regularly checking to make sure everyone is home and safe at night (unless she’s been notified otherwise), that the doors are locked, stove is turned off, etc. Terra does this, too, if only to relieve Aqua from time to time.

- Dance Offs –> Almost always come down to a threeway battle between Aqua, Ven, and Kairi. Aqua kills it figure skater style, Ven’s a breakdancing machine, and Kairi can twerk swag it like nobody’s business. Riku’s actually a really good dancer, too, when he’s in the (rare) mood for it. Every once in a blue moon he’ll bust out some crazy moves that shock everyone and turn the competition in his favor. 

- Lea scores points for who-can-look-the-most-ridiculous, although Sora isn’t far behind. Namine doesn’t participate so much as end up giggling the entire time. Also, she’s the only one to consistently try & vote for EVERYONE; she just feels too guilty not to.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

- Xion spoils their pets so bad. Seriously (even worse than Terra, tbh). She’ll sneak them copious amounts of scraps under the table, rub bellies for an indefinite length of time, let them all cuddle up on the couch/in bed with her, and give them Lea’s socks to use as chew toys. …Okay, the sock thing was one time, to be fair. And they had holes in them.

 - Roxas & Ven have a(n unspoken?) twinning competition going on. Ven’s actually a little bit taller, to Roxas’s ultimate chagrin. Ven loooooves to rib him about this by resting his elbow on Roxas’s shoulder, reaching things that Roxas juuust misses, telling Roxas he better eat his veggies if he wants to catch up!, making short people jokes, and so on. Sora, who’s the same height as Ven is, gets in on the ribbing too a lot of the time. Poor Roxas.

- Both Terra and Sora love food, but neither are particularly skilled/motivated in the cooking arena. Hence, they’ll eat anything and everything readily available. (Terra has a bit more self control, and won’t really go for the super sugary/processed stuff, but still.) So, if you’re saving that leftover slice of pizza for later, you’d better explicitly mark it with a ‘do not eat OR ELSE’ note, complete with a signature and doodled angry face. Otherwise, chances are it’ll be gone by the time you get to it, courtesy of one of the aforementioned parties. Anything unclaimed is fair game! 

- Aqua is the only one who can truly be classified as a neat freak. The others will tease her about it, especially Terra (but it’s good-natured teasing, of course). Xion & Riku come pretty close to her level, but they’re not nearly as vigilant. Riku in particular though can’t stand clutter and keeps his room limited to the bare necessities. 

- Roxas & Namine are, overall, pretty good about not making a mess/picking up after themselves. Kairi can be very organized when she wants to be (which… isn’t necessarily all that often). At the very least, she knows where most of her belongings are at any given moment. 

- Terra is borderline messy, and tends to be oblivious easygoing about things like laundry heaps and dirty dishes– Until it reaches a point of near-disaster (or Aqua walks into his room and gets that look of barely-concealed-horror on her face, and… You really don’t want to be the subject of that look; believe him). 

- Lea, if he’s being honest, in no way, shape, or form enjoys cleaning. And so, he chooses to not partake in that activity unless forced to it’s absolutely necessary. Ven is the same way, but takes it a step further by falling into the looks-like-a-tornado-ripped-through-here category. 

- And Sora, well… Sora is the tornado. Also (not so?) lovingly referred to by his roommates as The Disaster on Legs. <3


part 1

Drunk Headcanons (Trios + Namine & Vanitas)

Sora: The Insatiably Hungry Drunk

All Sora wants to know is where the food is at. It isn’t a party until there are serious nom-noms involved. Pizza, burritos, ice cream, sushi– he needs all of it, now. And yours, too. Please? :)

Kairi: The Holds-Her-Liquor-Surprisingly-Well Drunk

Kairi, despite her small-ish stature, remains relatively composed under the influence. She can do shot after shot without even the slightest hint of a grimace, and will most likely drink you under the table while she’s at it.

Riku: The “I’m Not Drunk (But No, Actually, I’m Wasted)” Drunk

Riku is still totally sober– or so he wants you to believe. “I’m fine,” he insists, trying to act all normal-like. But then he goes to stand up, or perform some other ordinarily simple task, and it becomes apparent that he is far, far from it.

Roxas: The Wandering, Stumbling Mess Drunk

Roxas just wants to explore. Everything. He’s there one minute, gone the next! Although he may be stealthy at first and difficult to track down, he can usually be found once he’s lost control of his basic motor skills, either passed out or rolling around on the floor somewhere.

Xion: The Feist-Meister Drunk

Xion gets super spunky when she drinks. And super scrappy. That weird side-eye you just gave to one of her friends…? Come at her, bro. She dares you.

Axel/Lea: The Straight Chillin Drunk

Axel is straight chillin. And drinking. And chillin… And drinking. You better turn that frown upside down, ‘cause it’s all good, man. It’s allllllllll good. As for the implications of that statement? Well, he’ll leave those up to your imaginations. ;)

Ven: The Dancing Machine Drunk

Ven is a better dancer than most, and he knows it. When drunk, his moves become even more gravity-defying and mesmerizing to watch, and he likes to incorporate said moves into whatever it is he’s doing… Until he has too much to drink, in which case he turns into a Stumbling Mess (see Roxas, above).

Aqua: The (Uncharacteristically) Uninhibited Drunk

Aqua, who’s normally very rule-oriented and self-controlled, unleashes the beast, so to speak. She has a wild side, too, dammit! An incredibly-embarrassing-after-the-fact kind of wild side that, without fail, leaves her feeling absolutely, positively mortified the next day.

Terra: The Touch-y, Feel-y, Affectionate Drunk

Terra is bear-hugging, face-squeezing, hair-ruffling, tackle-lifting, and all up in your personal space bubble. All he wants is for you to SMILE!, feel the love, and know what a precious cinnamon roll you truly are. So go ahead. Bring it on in. You know you want to!

Namine: The Can’t-Stop-Giggling Drunk

Namine can’t. Stop. Laughing! It’s pretty much impossible for her to form a complete sentence– or listen to anyone else form a complete sentence, for that matter– without busting out into a fit of hysterics. She doesn’t know why it’s all so funny. It just– *gigglesnort*– is!

Vanitas: The Emotional(ly Volatile) Drunk

Vanitas is on a roller coaster. Of emotion. So many feels, so little time. You can’t fully understand what the term “intense” means until you’ve watched him go from the highest high to the lowest low, all in a span of four minutes (or less). And if you bring up the fact that you saw him genuinely smile last night, he’ll kill you. In the most brutal, painful, horrific way possible.

none of the wonderful gifs here were made by me, unfortunately, and i’m not sure who to credit for them. the drunk categories and descriptions are my own. 

Dude I always think of Princess Tutu as a romance heavy show, but then it just hit me, what about aro Ahiru?

Like an Ahiru who thinks she has a crush on Mytho bc she cares about his well-being and that’s what everyone calls her feelings for him so it must be a crush

An Ahiru who is totally happy with Rue and Mytho being together and never feeling jealous of their relationship bc she never wanted to replace either of them and be with someone like that

An Ahiru who eventually realizes she has no romantic feelings for Mytho but continues to support and try to help him

A Drosselmeyer that gets absolutely pissed at this, ‘why aren’t you following the story right?  You’re doing this all wrong!”

An Ahiru who is faced with the future of her friends getting caught up with their romantic relationships and moving on without her and leaving her behind

And then a Fakir that promises to always be there for her, even if she is a duck, and Ahiru is more satisfied with that than any happy ending with a Prince

A Hunter Hunted

AN: Thank you thank you @josie-arts for letting me write this based on your art!! It just made me laugh so much I couldn’t stop myself! I hope you like it!

When the realization hits him, Lance stops breathing. Or maybe he’s breathing for the first time. It feels like wading in the water when all of a sudden a giant wave crushes you. Only it’s not water. If it was water he would know how to locate the sun and swim to the surface. It’s feelings. He’s having genuine, honest feelings.

What is he supposed to do with them?

Is there a return policy?

Whatever Pidge was saying, it sounded a lot like blah blah blah science. Pretend you’re listening! But he can’t. The only thing he can focus on is the way her amber eyes lite up when she got excited, and the flailing of her hands as she tried to explain some intricate computer techno babble.

Has she always smelt this sweet? Like peanut butter and chocolate?

And that stupid mullet with eyes is just staring at him with a smirk. Like he can read Lance’s mind. It’s that same cocky expression he had whenever he would out rank him on flight simulators back at the Garrison.

Pidge got a call from Coran to come help out in the Teleduv room. She wished the boys a farewell and ran off. And boy did Lance watch her go. His eye were glued to the bounce of her hair until the door shuts behind her.

“And so the hunter becomes the hunted.”

Lance groaned, pulling his shirt over his head to hide the blush he knows is tainted his flawless completion. “You…you just shut up mullet man. Go google your Mothman cryptic junk or whatever it is you do in your free time.”

“Normally I’d be offended, but I’ll let it slide. What’re you gonna do?”

He flopped onto the ground,“I don’t know! I haven’t had a crush since like…what kindergarten? And offering to share your glitter glue and crayons doesn’t exactly work in your teens. Also I bet the Altean version of a crayola probably eats you and uses your insides as pigment!” Okay so maybe he’s panicking, but with reason! “Keith, what do you do when you like someone? If you’ve ever actually liked someone.”

“Blow up some stuff in the middle of a desert, steal them from the garrison and then somehow get launched into space and pilot a giant red alien robot lion under their command.”

Lance snorts, “That’s oddly specific, buddy.”

Keith smiles and nudges him gently with his foot, “All part of a ten step plan. At the end of it, I die without ever having admitted my feelings.”

“Really helpful. Thanks.”
It had been one week, three days, seven hours, and thirty six minutes since Lance was on the floor of Hunk’s room bemoaning his new found feelings for the green paladin. One week, three days, seven hours, and thirty six minutes of watching him get shot down with every failed flirting attempt in the book.

“Are you from Tennessee?”

“Lance I was born in New Mexico you know that.”

“Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?”

“No but you’re stupid questions are hurting my head.”

At this point it was getting painful to watch. And lately, Pidge had gone as far as making sharp left turns to avoid him. If they so much as made eye contact she was sprinting down the nearest hallway in sight. Hunk was a patient man, or at least he liked to think so, but this was starting to be too much for him.

“Hey are you and lance okay? I think he’s worried you’re mad at him.”

They were working together on a Galra sentinel they captured. Seeing if there’s any way to rewire him into giving them vital information without being a giant rat. It’s risky move, but sometimes slow and steady doesn’t win wars.

“Yeah I’m kind of avoiding him,” she said it so nonchalantly, not looking up from her computer, “I think I might be allergic to his shampoo or something.”

Hunk raised an eyebrow, “What makes you say that?”

“I don’t know, whenever I’m near him I get all red and feverish and my stomach gets kind of fuzzy and weird and my brain kinda short circuits and I get kind of jittery and-”

He cut her off before she can embarrass either of them more, “Pidge. Come on.”


Watching the realization dawn on her was almost as painful as everything before. Her eyes got wide, her cheeks flushing darkly. She sat on the ground, staring up at the high ceilings of the castle.

“Oh my God I like him.”

It took another thirteen hours to calm her down after that. Getting these two together was going to be a lot harder than he thought. At least Hunk had Pidge’s diary on his side.

(Ending note: I take requests! If you have anything you want written, any pair I’m more than happy to write it! Hope this was good!)

You know what I love about Yuzu that’s rarely talked about?

The fact she has multiple bonds with people besides Yuya and how important these are to the plot

Like in Standard alone, we have the You Show kids, Yoko, Yuya, Shuzo, Gongenzaka, and Masumi

The first two think she’s a remarkable, her relationship with Yuya is a big aspect of the show, she probably has the best relationship with her father out of any Yugioh character, Gongenzaka also treats Yuzu as his best friend on the level with Yuya, making similar sacrifices during his tag duels with both, and while Masumi in the overall plot was a minor character, their rivalry is key to Yuzu’s development

Then we add the likes of Sora, Yuto, Serena, and Yugo 

It’s due to befriending Sora that he gets the idea to turn from Academia, while he cites both Yuya and Yuzu’s friendship, we get a lot of time showcasing their teacher/student relationship in the first and second season in comparison to him and Yuya, Yuzu and Yuto don’t get much time together, but the fact he cares enough about not wanting her to get hurt (even when he knows she isn’t Ruri) helps the protagonists and the audience learn more vital information about the dimensional war, Serena was dead set on staying with Academia, unswayed by Reiji’s suggestion, but Serena was able to appeal to her moral code and kickstart her turn from Academia, when Serena learns the truth about Academia, she not only joins the Lancers to stop them, but to repay her debt to Yuzu

Personally her friendship with Yugo was one of the highlights of season 2 for me, in a short time they both comes to care for each other, and without Yuzu’s friendship, Yugo would have been an even wilder card to the plot, the only time he ever works with anyone else is due to both of them sharing a connection to Yuzu, and considering how he acted before meeting Yuzu (killing Yuto during his first real appearance) who knows what harm he could have brought to the protagonists

And all this works separate from being a bracelet girl, even without taking into account you know the major plotline, Yuzu has staying power as an individual, there is no case of sexy lamp or protag’s personal cheerleader going on, when the plotline of arc v turns towards ‘let’s save Yuzu’ it’s believable so many would wish to do so after she touched so much of the cast

zirijava  asked:

Prompt: rainstorm and cats :)

Rainstorm isn’t a name I knew was used for Plance but now I am OBSESSED. (That and sea salt might be my two favorites I’ve seen). Thanks for the request! I’m seriously LOVING doing these for you all! This is heavily based on my headcanon that Pidge and Lance are ultimate fur parents who make tiny houses for their animals. Hope you like it!

When Lance came home with a box of kittens, Pidge nearly ripped his hair out. Her girlfriend was some sort of Disney Princess. Last week he’d “rescued” a bird from the Petco, a month ago they had fostered a rabbit. On top of the two dogs they already owned: her apartment was starting to feel like a zoo.

“Come on Katie they don’t have anywhere else to go! They were just sitting in a box on the side of the road like…like Oliver and company!” He pleaded, setting the kittens down.

There were two baby Russian blues left in the box, curled up around each other for warmth. Pidge tried her best to freeze her heart. They did not need any more pets in this house. But gosh dang if the way they mewed wasn’t winning her heart a little bit.

Lance picked up the bigger of the two, holding him inside his oversized jacket. His blue eyes lit up as he nuzzled the creature.

“This is my son. I will name him Blue.”

Pidge snorted and rolled her eyes, dropping on her knees to gently stroke the other one’s fur. “Fine I’m naming the other one Green.”

“YOU NAMED IT WE GET TO KEEP THEM! That’s the rules sorry I don’t make them I heard Hunk made the rulebook I guess you’ll have to just take it up with him. Too bad guess we have to make a trip to the store tomorrow.”

She groaned, rubbing her temples. The cat hair apocalypse was in her future. Cat fur in every nook and cranny. On her computer. In her computer. It was a nightmare waiting to happen.

The little blue ball of fluff licked her hand gently. She was done for.

“I can’t believe were parents again,” Lance sniffled, rocking the tiny fur ball as their pit bull Princess curled up by his feet, “Shh children Daddy loves you all.”

Pidge thought for a moment, petting Princess’ head while cradling the new kitten in her arms. “Does this mean we can finally use the Harry Potter cabinet under the stairs as a house for our animals?”

“God I love the way you think.”

Hello darlings 😘

Since I’m broke as a joke and still kinda in the broomcloset I improvised and made a tiny little maypole for my undercover windowsill altar.
Made out of a pencil stuck in a ball of dough (with some herbs and intent in it), ribbons I cut from clothes, dandelions and random bits I found in the garden. After beltane I will bury the doughball in the garden as an offering.

I figured this would be an excellent crafty idea for spoonies because this took about 10 minutes to make, 15 if you count in rummaging through my garden to nab some dandelions and leafy shit. My adhd brain just kind of vomited out this idea and I rolled with it in a flurry of chaos and incoherence.

Here’s how to make it:

- Mix some flour and water until it’s dough-y. Channel some intent into that muck.
- Add some herbs to it. Whatever you have. I added basil for abundance, rosemary for well, everything 😂 Some thyme since spirits tend to dig that shit, rosepetals for love, a pinch of seasalt for protection (not too much since I want to bury the ball later) and some majoram to tie stuff together in a gentle and loving way.
- Smack doughball on plate.
- Stick leafy shit in it. Some flowers if you have them. I went for dandelions since that’s the only thing that grows in my garden atm.
- Tie ribbons around a pencil. I attached a cluster of tiny pineconethingies on top because I thought it looked nice.
- Stick pencil in dough.
That’s it. Easy peasy lemon squeasy.
Now go forth and make it yourself!

Happy Beltane and brightest blessings to you all! ❤

The Plance oneshot none asked for

It’s 5 am and I don’t know what I’m writing, but I hope I didn’t make any grammar mistake. Since I’m Italian, it would be nice if someone pointed out my eventual mistakes :3
Looking forward to add this oneshot on ao3 when I’ll get my account

Anyway, here it is

Somehow, the paladins managed to get Pidge and Lance closer. How? By simply playing hide and seek.

With an excuse, they got Pidge and Lance to hide in the same place, which happened to be a very small closet that could barely contain two people.

So here they were, all alone in a dark small closet with something they had to tell each other.

Both of them tried to stretch despite the small space, and they ended up making too much noise against the walls of the closet, so they decided to stay still and wait for the game to end.

“I think the others did this on purpose. Like, they probably aren’t even searching for us and we’re just staying here for no reason at all.“

“So you’re giving up Pidgey? You want to be found? Go on, but I’m not following you, I have Keith to beat.”

“Whatever you say sharpshooter.”

Pidge gave a small sigh and turned around, realizing that her body was too much close to Lance’s, just a few inches and her head would rest on his chest.

“This game better finish already, I can’t move and my legs are starting to ache.”

“Mine too-“

Suddenly, a sound made them silent.

“I think it’s Keith, stay quiet or he’s going to find us.”

Keith entered the room and tried hard not to laugh, knowing that in the closet were two blushing idiots fearing to be found.

Suddenly, Pidge noticed that there were some holes for ventilation on the closet right in front of her, and realized that if she didn’t move from there she could be easily found.

“Don’t say a word.”

She almost jumped on Lance and wrapped her arms around him for balance, turning of a red you can never imagine.

Lance blushed too, beginning to sweat nervously.

After Keith went away from the room, they both relaxed and sighed with relief.

“Uh Pidge? Keith is gone so you can…”

“Uh I-I’m sorry I-“

“D-Don’t worry! I mean, we can stay like this if you want.”

Neither of them said anything after that.

Lance too wrapped his arms around the small of her torso and pulled her closer, closing his eyes for a bit.

Then, to his surprise, Pidge spoke up.

“Actually, there’s something I might want to tell you.”

Lance’s eyes went wide and he tried to move to look Pidge in the eyes, only making the closet tilt with his weight.
The closet fell and with it the two paladins, who were now one on top of the other and outside the closet.

Their eyes fluttered open and made contact for a second, before realizing that their faces were too much close from one another.

With a jump, Pidge stood up from Lance and began running away from the room.


Lance stood there speechless, eyes wide and his face going on fire.

Keith rushed to the room and lowered to Lance’s level.

“You still playing?”


“Good. Because you just lost.”

  • What I mean: These two have an interesting dynamic, and I wished we could see more interactions between the two, so we can learn not only about the romantic side of their relationship, but the platonic side, the emotional side. How do they help each other grow and change? Do they make them act better? Worse? I want to see more of the intricacies of their relationship and how they affect each other's lives, both as a couple and as friends
  • What I say: my otp needs more screen time