AU where Roxas has this huge crush on Axel but is too shy to confess and instead writes at the back of his chair “I want to have seasalt icecream with you someday”. The next day, his classmate hands him an icecream and points to Axel whose smiling and waving at him and says “He said just make sure you’re not afraid of heights" 


Kingdom Hearts - Twilight Trio
These are the pictures from our Twilight Trio Cosplay :3

Axel: _Prinz on Animexx
Roxas: _Prinzessin on Animexx
Xion: me

Thanks to Hono for the pictures of me and Roxas

This or That kh


1. Fave kh game: kh 1/ kh com/ kh 2/ kh 358/2 days /kh bbs/ kh coded/ or / kh ddd

2. “Worst” kh game: kh 1/ kh com/ kh 2/ kh 358/2 days/ kh bbs/ kh coded/ or / kh ddd

3. Trinity trio/ destiny trio/ seasalt trio/ or wayfinder trio 

4. Simple and clean or Sanctuary 

5. Seasalt icecream or Paopu fruit

6. Heartless/ nobodies/ unversed or dream eaters 

7. Donald or goofy 

8. Beginner mode/ standard mode/ proud mode or critical mode

9. Terra’s break time/ aqua’s break time or ventus’ break time 

10. Sora/ Riku/ or Kairi 

11. Terra/ Aqua/ or Ventus 

12. Roxas/ Xion/ or Axel 

13. Xemnas/ xigbar/ xaldin/ vexen/ lexaeus/ zexion/ saix/ demyx/ lurxord/ marluxia or larxene 

14. Sora’s room/ Roxas’ room or Ventus’ room 

15. 7 light or 13 darkness

16. Sword/ Shield or Staff 

17. Ansem or Xemnas

18. Xehanort or eraqus 

19.  Short haired riku or long haired riku

20. Gummi ship or deep dive

21. Terranort or venitas 

22. Master form/anti form/ wisdom form/ valor form/ final form/ or limit form 

23.  Oblivion or oathkeeper

24. Sora’s outfit: kh 1/ kh 2/ kh 3d or kh 3

25. Kairi’s wayfinder/ Aqua’s wayfinder/ Terra’s wayfinder or Ventus’ wayfinder 

26. Final fantasy characters or twewy charactes

27. Cinderella awakening/ snow white awakening or sleeping beauty awakening

KH 1.5 Remix [358/2 Days]

- Axel ♥

Do you want to have some Icecream?

This amazing Xion Rper came up with the lyrics and I just kinda belted out like a herp derp c:


Do you wanna have some ice cream?
It’s really warm today.
I just wish that I could see your face
I’m gone without a trace
Your memories fade away
We used to be best buddies
And now we’re not
I swear I’m not going to cry-
Do you wanna have some ice cream?
It doesn’t have to be with sea salt.

Okay, bye…

Do you wanna have some ice cream?
Or go and play out in the sea?
I think some company is overdue
I’ve started talking to
the strangers here with me-
(Hang in there, Ven!)
It gets a little lonely
Locked in Sora’s heart,
Just watching your lives go by-

Please, don’t leave me in here,
I want to see my best friends grow
You said you’d save me, and I need you to
I’m waiting here for you, but you don’t know
I’m glad you have each other
But you’ve forgotten me
What are we gonna do?

Do you wanna have some ice cream?


How to make seasalt icecream =O