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PSA about Warped Tour:

Hello friends I know it’s summer time and Warped is upon us and we’re all excited, but I wanted to make a little list of things to be ready for/expect when going to Warped, especially for the first time.

Attire: NO JEANS OR LONG SLEEVES Pease don’t wear long sleeved clothes at all. I promise you you will be miserable or pass out from heat exhaustion. Wear shorts and a t-shirt or tank top, and put sunscreen on any exposed parts of your skin and reapply every hour or so. you’ll thank me for that in the morning.
I wouldn’t recommend flimsy shoes as a lot of flimsy shoes get lost and come off in pits, crowd surfing, walking. I’d suggest shoes with laces, and socks. Please keep your shoes on. In florida some of our grounds get muddy and nasty since it’s rainy season, don’t walk barefoot just cus everyone else is doing it or your feet hurt, you could get ring worms or cut your feet open and get an infection.
Don’t wear any kind of jewelry that you don’t want to lose. If you’re having second thoughts about losing it you’d best leave it safe at home. It sucks losing your favorite jewelry at warped.
Bring hair ties, you’ll need them.

it does get dirty at warped tour, plan your clothes so you don’t ruin shirts or shorts you really like.

Hydration/food: drink lots of water the day before and the day of to ensure you’re hydrated and won’t pass out. Eat a good breakfast, something light like toast, eggs, fruit. Don’t eat anything sweet or milky because it may upset your stomach. And for the love of god please don’t starve yourself all day during warped, get snacks and keep drinking water, I had a friend vomit several times our first year going to Warped because we were least prepared in this area.
If you feel too hot or like you’re going to black out go find shade (there are also water misting tents you can sit under) and water to drink and sit until you feel okay. If it’s drastic enough or you have a condition please don’t hesitate to seek medical attention.

What to bring: some things that I suggest you carry along with you are a simple backpack, like a string bag or small Jansport type backpack to hold things. A brush, sunscreen, cash/wallet, cellphone (keep it in the backpack so you don’t lose it tho), an extra shirt (trust me). Hat/visor/sunglasses, Water bottles/refillable bottle, a lunch (food and bottled water can get pricey at warped, if you know you can’t afford to buy expensive food, pack a non parishable lunch) any medication you need to take throughout the day, an inhaler if your asthmatic. That’s all I can think of that’s normally necessary.

What to expect: it’s going to be hot. There’s going to be a LOT of people there. A lot of those people are nice, some ARE NOT NICE THOUGH I CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH that some people at warped aren’t as friendly as others. I’ve been cussed out and yelled at before by asshole strangers so it is not uncommon to see it or have it happen. The nice people, in my experience, do outweigh the assholes, and there are more nice people than mean people. But please be careful on how you speak to people and how you carry yourself around them because YOU NEVER KNOW HOW SOMEONE WILL REACT!!! Say excuse me and be polite to others so you can avoid negative lashes from people and potential scuffles. Don’t ask people at the tents “when is this band is playing” or “do you know where this is” because a lot of them will get sarcastic and/or look at you and laugh at you, I didn’t know this a couple years ago and was pretty embarrassed a few times when I asked. Be polite (please, thank you, excuse me) ABOVE ALL ELSE!

Finally, try to go with friends or find a nice group of people that are willing to let you hang with them at warped if you are alone. In my opinion, it is always more fun and so much safer to go in groups or be in groups, so if something happens to you it can be reported. Stay with your group especially if you are a younger teen. Warped is a dangerous place for young teens who are alone, don’t let anyone talk you into anything or get you to go with them. EVEN BAND MEMBERS. it’s rare that band members come and ask you to go off with them, but even if it’s a band member PLEASE PLEASE DONT BE ALONE with them. Because you never truly know someone.
This about ends my warped PSA. Sorry it’s so I long, there’s a lot to cover for first timers and I wish I could’ve read something like this my first time a few years ago. Stay safe out at warped but most importantly have a good time!
If anyone has any questions or anything to add to this post please be my guest (: