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Happy New Year, Broadway fans!!

In 2018…

May all your favorite shows stay open and have a wonderful run.

May your bootlegs be high-quality and free of audience members blocking the camera.

May your favorite Broadway actors appear in movies and TV shows.

May you make amazing new friends through mutual theater fandoms.

May the 2018 Tonys be less stressful than 2017′s (and be hosted by a less terrible human being).

May the casts you love post content that makes you smile on hard days.

May you fall in love with new shows and new actors, and fall in love with your old favorites all over again.

May good things happen to your favorite actors.

May they like your posts on social media.

May Nic Rouleau stay in The Book of Mormon. (Forever.)

May the understudies you adore finally get the appreciation and big opportunities they deserve.

May you realize that the Broadway community wouldn’t be the same without you. 

The First Snow

For @katymacsupernatural Christmas Prompts challenge.

Prompt- Looking at Christmas lights.

Author’s note- This is an AU version where Jensen and Daneel were never together. I have no hate for her, their relationship, or their beautiful family. Just can’t write a Jensen x Reader if he’s still madly in love with his wife lol.

Word Count- 1046

Warnings-Fluff, so much fluff

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Malfoy Manor Mischeif: Draco Malfoy One Shot {Requested by Anon}

Request: May I be able to get a Draco imagine where Lucius doesn’t approve of Y/N and he has a big argument with Draco about it and to make Draco feel better Y/N and him do the sexy times

Warning: Some smut. 

Your P.O.V

“But Draco, you have to understand!She’s not the right one for you!” Lucius’ agonizing voice whispered.

“Father, I don’t want to hear about this. Why can’t you understand for once? I love (Y/N)for everything that she is. Why is it so bad that she is only a half blood and not pure? What difference does it make anyway?” Draco snared back, turning his back to his father and mindlessly playing with a feather on the table.

Draco Lucius Malfoy! How dare you question my beliefs?” His father screeched, marching his way over to Draco and snatching him by the arm of his silky black suit.

“What’s gotten into you, huh?! Has Potter gotten into your brain?! You’ve changed so much over the course of 3 months Draco. 3 months! I’m honestly scared for you, son. I want you to be happy, and feel good in life.”

“But I am happy!” Draco defended.

“THERE’S NO WAY YOU CAN BE HAPPY WITH A FILTHY MUDBLOOD LIKE HER LURKING AROUND THIS MANOR!Lucius yelled, still clenching onto the fabric of Draco’s suit.

“What’s gotten into you, Draco? Why do you like people like her all of a sudden?” Draco’s father asked more calm and soft this time.

“Ever since she opened up my eyes to a light that wasn’t filled with hatred, unlike you.” Draco snared towards Lucius, yanking himself out of his grip and running up the stairs to find me.

I’ve been sitting in Draco’s room this whole time. Just two weeks ago, Draco asked me if I would like to have dinner with his parents over the school break. To my own interest, I said yes. I will admit that I certainly was scared out of my mind. The Malfoy Manor was surrounded by darkness and gloom. The house itself was black and grey and the only brightness you see in here is the microwave light when it goes off. But anyways, as you might tell, tonight didn’t go so well. Draco failed to mention to both of his parents that I am not so pure in blood. I mean, my father is a full born wizard, but my mom is just a bank teller at our local shopping center back home.

I’ve been silently crying to myself ever since the break out started. The yelling and screaming just tortured my ears. It felt like someone was chopping up my beloved books and throwing them into the fire, and seeing that sight over and over and over again. I didn’t really know how else to describe it. I just wanted to go home, and back to the soft environment that was indeed my room. Hogwarts always sweeps into my mind as well. I miss everything about it. The buildings, the classes, the people, and, of course, my house’s common room.

I am a proud and lawful Slytherin, unlike the other rats and squids that I rumble myself with every day. If you ask me, I’m the actual nice one of the group.

I heard a soft knock on the door, causing me to jump in my spot on Draco’s bed and hush myself up as quickly as I could.

“(Y/N), are you in there?” Draco cooed, while softly knocking once more. I could hear the sorrow and pain in his voice, along with the quiet and subtle sniffs from the light tears that were coming down his face.

“Can I come in?” He whispered, voice cracking with heartbreak and pain. My heart broke at the sound of his voice. I hated hearing him like this. It’s never any fun when someone cries, especially after their father just brutally beat them for loving someone who made them happy. Oh god, I can’t imagine what poor Draco must be feeling.

I walked up to the door and softly put my hand on the brass handle. I pressed my forehead against the door and whispered, “Come in love.”

The handle twisted and I met the sight of a sad, despaired Draco. His eyes began to swell, along with his jacket off and wrapped around his arm. The white t-shirt beneath was unbuttoned from the top, but stopped in the middle. His hair was messed up, I could tell that he’d been sitting out here for a while crying just like me.

“Y-You alright?” He cooed, wrapping his arm around me and kissing my temple as he walked me to his bed.

“Yeah.” I answered, wiping away a stray tear as I moved next to him on the bed.

“How are you?” I asked.

“My father is a total twat. He doesn’t understand anything at all. All he wants is glory, and his ways of order. It’s not even fair to me and even my mother at times.” He ranted, burying his face into the crook of my neck and quietly weeping.

“I know, love, I know.” Was all I could say. The pain searing through my veins blocked my ability to even think. This was all just becoming too much.

“I love you so much (Y/N). I don’t understand why he can’t see that. Why can’t he just accept that?” He raged, wrapping both of his arms around me and pulling me closer. I laid my head on his chest, softly drawing circles on the soft fabric of his t-shirt.

At that moment, I felt his finger at the bottom of my chin, and lifted my head up for my eyes to meet with his. His grey colored pupils were all of a sudden filled with lust, and anger, and a pinch of softness. They were staring deep into my soul, and I couldn’t look away. I was in a trance.

“Do you love me?” He asked.

“Of course I do, Draco.” I whispered, under the lock of the power within his eyes. I was speaking the truth, but damn, those eyes are mesmerizing.

“I’m so sorry for tonight.” He said, kissing my forehead. His hand grasped my back, while his other hand cupped my face.

“You don’t have to apologize for anything. I don’t care what happens with your father or your mother, I’m just glad that I’m here with you.” I said to him, smiling.

I could feel his smile on my forehead. A soft chuckle followed after it, while he made his way down.

“Have I ever told you how nice of a body you have?” He wondered while kissing down my neck.

“Only a million times-“My sentence was stopped by an unexpected moan that left my body. Draco was sucking on my sweet spot, gloriously sliding his tongue back and forth as he pulled me closer to him.

“I’m not kidding, you really do.” He whispered, making his way down my stomach. My mind tingled with him and the thoughts I was having in my head. Was he really going to do this when his father is downstairs?

“Draco, what are you doing?” I questioned, while nervously laughing.

“I want to make you feel good.” He replied.

“While your parents are downstairs?” I softly scolded, folding my legs towards my chest as I allowed him to rethink his decision.

“So what?” He said.

“I’d pleasure you even if there was a zombie apocalypse going on outside.” He chuckled, running his hands along the end of my dress.

“Oh Draco, you never fail to amaze me.” I moaned out while he folded up my dress, leaving a plain view of my panties.

He ran his fingers along the place where I wanted him the most; causing me to arch my back and whimper is both delight and desperation. My heart beat sprang into action as I realized how quiet I’m going to have to be in two minutes time.

“You like that, don’t you?” Draco whispered, applying just a bit of pressure to my core, causing a wave of heat to spread around my body. I moaned in response.

“Love, we’re going to have to be quiet now.” He whispered, coming up to my ear to place a soft kiss below it. I bit my lip and looked into his eyes, trying my best not to close them as he kept rubbing me outside of the cloth.

“Draco, please.” I whimpered, grabbing his bicep and closing my eyes as his rubbing picked up his pace.

“Tell me what you want.” He demanded. I moaned in response, I couldn’t get anything out.

“Tell me what you want.” He demanded, but this time, his pace slowed down, causing me to whimper and open my eyes, looking at him in sorrow and excitement.

I grabbed him by his loose tie, and said, “Fuck me with your fingers.”

“Your wish is my command.” He blissfully said.

Draco then took off my panties and threw them to the side, and immediately put two fingers in, barelys giving me any time to adjust.

“Draco!” I moaned out, covering my mouth with my hand.

“Shhh, love.” He said, picking up his pace.

I arched my back in complete pleasure as my head soaked in all of the good in this moment. I was feeling incredible right now, and no one could stop it. I was being one with the person I love, and I couldn’t ask for more. Well, it would’ve been splendid if his parents weren’t home.

He arched his fingers, and began to pump faster inside of me, sending me over the edge.

“Fucking hell, Draco!” I whisper shouted, twisting and yanking on the bed sheets. I looked down to see the expression on his face. He was so concentration while looking into my eyes, and I could tell that he loved every single bit of it.

“You know, (Y/N), there’s many things that I love about you. Your smile, your laugh, your personality, and basically everything.” Draco whispered into my ear and his pace raced forward, causing me to be caught off guard and cover my mouth with my hand and moan out.

“But one thing that I love the most is the face you make when you come for me.” He finished off.

I didn’t need to be told that twice. That sentence alone made me go over the edge and spill out everything that was bundled up inside me before.

“Oh my god.” I huffed out, sliding into Draco’s embrace as I went into my orgasm.

He held me close until I was finished. He hummed songs into my ears, while softly playing with my hair that made me a bit drowsy. His touch made me feel like I was in paradise.

“How are you now?” I asked him after some time.

“Better. I’m happy that I’m here with you.” He said, planting a soft kiss on my lips.

“My father can suck on that.” He chuckled. Oh lord, that smile made me swoon.

“Or I can.” I winked at him.

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Laurel Goldensnarl?

10 Facts for Laurel Goldensnarl!

  1. Laurel is a Big. Damn. Charr. She’s huge. Her canon size is basically what the Embiggening Tonic does to charr and caused by a blend of good genes and an excess of magic.
  2. She’s a gladium living in the woods out in Iron Marches by herself in a little pre-Searing, stone-block farmhouse that’s been reclaimed by the woodland surrounding it. Needless to say, she’s much too big for the human-made shelter. But that doesn’t stop her.
  3. Her nickname within the Legions is “Iron’s Spectre” and she is infamously well-known through idle chatter. The nickname was pinned on her after surviving a total of three different warbands within her career wherein all other members died horrifically.
  4. Laurel has a collection of scars from her service. The most striking one is a ghostfire scar that mars the right side of her face & neck and extends down along her right breast. Fur doesn’t grow in very well or much at all there anymore.
  5. Laurel’s surname is a meta reference to the character “Goldnharl” from The Ballad of Edgardo which doubles-back to reference her uncanny ability to just not fuckin’ die.

    > His name was Goldnharl, and the dude was basically invincible.
  6. Despite appearances as a cold, mean individual, Laurel is a very kind, patient charr. Her resting face just tends to be very sullen or reserved. She rarely finds reason to smile these days.
  7. Laurel loves animals. Housecats are a favorite…
  8. As a former Iron Legion charr, Laurel has been as much of a mechanic and engineer as she has been a soldier. She is just as skilled with a work hammer as she is a war hammer and has built her own bike (which she continues to maintain) out of scraps while off duty.
  9. She is, however, just god awful with handling devourers.
  10. Laurel tends to split her time between fishing, working on her bike, and visiting some of the local outposts and townships in the area. She’d rather be marginally bored than risk working with another group of charr again. Not that anyone would take her with her record.
Same Old Routine (Part 5)

(A/N: I love this part. Mostly because well… don’t always assume you know what’s going on. And writing a badass reader is my favorite thing ever. So this is a badass reader and that’s really all you need to know going in. Also I love writing Crowley.

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1500

Warnings: Language, violence

Catch up!: Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4

Tagging: @little-red-83 @andwhenitwasclear @jodyri @adaisinwonderland @iwantthedean @torn-and-frayed @growleytria @growningupgeek @sassysupernaturalsweetheart @beriala @youtoldalie @mamasam67 @writingthingsisdifficult @holywaterbucketchallenge @ohfora67impala )

When you woke up, the world felt woozy to put it lightly. For a moment while you came to everything was in doubles. Including the man dressed in a dark jacket before you. Hands tucked into his pockets, his head was tilted to the side, “Wakey wakey, darling.” He withdrew a hand to wiggle his fingers at you in greeting.

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