searing spear

jhoslayer  asked:

What's the design reasoning behind reprinting lightning strike over searing spear? Both seem generic enough.

Two issues:

1) Which is a better fit for the creative?
2) Will having two different copies of the same card (allowing eight to be played) cause a developmental problem in any format?

Salt and Kisses (Yoosung/Reader)

Tried my hand at another Yoosing/MC fic but this time in second person. Totally inspired by this RFA HC done by @juminssi so totally check them out!

Rain pattered against the windows as you snuggled deeper into the couch. Yoosung shifted beside you, tugging the fuzzy blanket further up over you both. It was a warm, lazy evening in his apartment that you decided to spend watching a scary movie.

A brilliant idea, it turned out to be.

Yoosung was more than eager to cuddle right up against you, cradling a bowl of chips in his lap. You snatched another chip as he jolted on cue with a crash from the TV. His eyes were wide, glued to the screen as the action unfolded. He had no idea you were more entertained by watching his reactions.

He hadn’t been kidding when he said he couldn’t stand horror. You stifled a snort, holding back bubbles of laughter in your chest as a faint whimper escaped his lips.  He was so cute, he didn’t even know.

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Waking Up

MikeNana Week Day 07: Dreams | Word Count: 1667

The Smith House: Nanaba is at odds with herself, making a decision that breaks Mike’s heart, and her own.

“You’re not yourself tonight.”

Nanaba sighed. Her tea had gone cold, and though she remained fully dressed, and the fire blazed in the hearth, she couldn’t shake the chills that ran through her body.

“I should go.”

Mike Zakarius looked up to the clock with a furrowed brow. “Darling it’s been all of twenty-four minutes.”

She didn’t say anything, sighing again and avoiding his eye, tracing nonsensical shapes on the lace tablecloth.


“It’s too dangerous,” she cut in, “This. you and I.  It’s just…too dangerous.”

Mike sat firm in his place, observing her in her nervousness. After just over seven months of appointments that extended upon hours, piling up over multiple days in a row, dangerous had never been something she had considered them before.

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White Lies (CS AU)

This was a little idea that got way out of hand. Now it’s a multi-chapter fic with bad cover art. Oops.

Summary: Twenty-eight years ago, an unexplained explosion in Storybrooke, Maine left the survivors with equally unexplainable powers. Some chose to use them for good; others, for evil. Now, as a war between superhumans rages in the underbelly of society, Emma Swan - alias Savior - meets Killian Jones - alias Hook - and the line between good and evil begins to blur. (CS AU)

Rating: T (M in later chapters)
Status: WIP (1/21 chapters complete)
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Index: (Chapter 2) (Chapter 3)

Chapter I: Swan Maiden

… … … … … … … .

Considering how often this hero business seemed to boil down to sheer dumb luck – being in the right place at the right time, or more importantly, not being in the wrong place at the wrong time – and the fact that bad luck seemed to be the only kind of luck she ever had, Emma Swan decided to take a moment to regret her life choices.

That moment was rudely interrupted when the wall above her head exploded in a shower of plaster and splinters as she threw herself flat against the ground to dodge a burst of semi-automatic gunfire. The bullets whizzing overhead sent a familiar chill running through her veins, which could only mean one thing - cold iron bullets. Where she could stop a copper or steel bullet dead in its tracks, cold iron cut through her magic barriers like tissue paper. The entire set-up had been a trap from the very beginning, but they had gone in anyways that because there was no other option; it wasn’t like they could just leave all those people to die. She could only hope that her partner made it out with the hostages before these goons turned her into Swiss cheese.

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