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Night rather than day

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A/N: so i was working on the witch!jimin fic and my best friend (my #soulpartner) was having a terrible day so i told her i’d write her a yoongi fic since he’s her bias and this was what happened. this explores the witch!au a little more and i hope y’all like it!

wc: ~1.8K

witch!Hobi | witch!Jimin | witch!Tae | witch!Jin

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CUPS - Day 6: Poison

One of the whumpweek fics I managed to repair and finish.

This is also a tribute to an irl person who is one of the sturdiest and most reliable people I know and whom I admire very much for it. One of the only people I know who could safely drive anyone home with a raging fever through sheer power of will.



[Fandom]:Voltron: Legendary Defender

[Rating]: Teen Audience/ Gen

[Genre]: Friendship, Hurt/Comfort, Whump, Poisoning

[Warnings]:mentions of drug use (medical purpose), character willingly poisoning themselves

[Word count]: 4.400

[Status]: completed


Ümyt’mar Kezar – that was its scientific name in the Altean language. A name that not many knew by heart. It was no wonder seeing as its other, much more sensational designations, were far easier to remember. Sweet Death. Last Pleasure. Altean Deathbringer.

Coran could still hear himself asking his grandfather about that last one. And despite the time and his lack of presence, he could almost pretend to hear the throaty chuckle as the man paused his work, staring at his grandson with barely hidden seriousness.

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here is my first overwatch fanfic its really gay 

if yer into that give it a read i guess. it aint a monster but it isn’t exactly a drabble either. also ya can interpret this as like either rly close buds, or romantic, or queerplutonic i love all of the above. 

SUMMARY: Genji is very touch-starved and will turn to questionable methods to get attention. Including getting stabbed.

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