Ask Policy

From now on, I will not be accepting (most) research questions. That means I will avoid questions where the answer will be a list of links because you could have done the research in the same amount of time as me, and you know what you’re looking for better than I do. 

What will I answer? 

  • Writing-related questions (dialogue, POV, settings, etc.)
  • Character development questions
  • Science/History/Geography questions
  • MARVEL FANFIC QUESTIONS (specifically movie/tv timelines and trivia)
  • Misc. grab-bag of other topics

What won’t I answer?

  • Basic research questions
  • Anything that Google can answer in your first search
  • Magic/occult-related questions 
  • Questions about sexuality, erotica, or sex scenes
  • Requests that I read, review, or edit your work. 

If I do answer something that does not follow these guidelines it doesn’t mean my policy is changing, it just means that I happen to know about that topic or want to research it. 

If I do not answer something even though it fits under these guidelines it may be because:

  • Tumblr did not notify me and/or I waited too long to reply to a time sensitive question.
  • There are topics that I don’t feel qualified/equipped to talk about for various reasons. If I know of someone more qualified to answer, I will refer you to them.
  • My answering your question hinges on me knowing specific details from your story/outline/etc. particularly ones that you don’t give, I can’t answer your question.
  • You spent too much time telling me what your story is about instead of what your problem is, I won’t be able to answer. Only give me story information that is pertinent to your question.